Haunted Parking Lot at Subang

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Author’s Note : If you have read Carpark Copy Cat Ghost, then I’m telling you right now that it is the same car park, same parking lot, same building that I’m about to tell you. Although both stories are not related but I guess some of you might want to know where is it exactly locate, which is at Subang. I can’t disclose the exact building but someone recently committed suicide in that building recently. I was told by other people that a building would be really “dark” if people choose to commit suicide there. “Dark” or not, I’m not so sure but I prefer a more logical explanation to it which is that this because this building has an open air carpark, it is easily accessible for those with that intention. But as for what I’m about to share with you, perhaps you can shed a light to what happened

So it was one of my days where I’m in a mood for hunting ghost stories to hear. If you notice recently, I’ve ran out of stories to tell. Of course, I also had not much time on my hands the past few weeks so please spare me some consideration. Just a few days ago, me and my colleague were talking about that building when he shared with me about an experience his staff  went through about a month back.

As I mentioned before, the building has 2 types or parking lots. The open air ones that are located on the rooftop and the basement ones where you can park your just one level below ground. Because of the weekend crowd, his staff who was suppose to be working there part time had to park her car at the basement carpark.

To all that knows where this building is and where its located, the basement carpark is indeed a little scary and dark. Its not well lit and sometimes there one or two florescent lights would not be working.

So back to my colleague’s staff. Aileen just wanted to report to work that day and after parking her car at the parking lot box. She switched off her car ignition and collected her stuff, getting ready to leave her car. Suddenly, the car engines started and rammed itself into the wall. She was so shocked that she sat there for a good minute before her sense came back. I didn’t ask what happened next but apparently the car was pretty badly damage.

What do you think? Could it have been her feet suddenly pressing on the pedal without her realizing it? Could she have day dreamed about switching off her ignition when the car was actually in the running mode? I asked all these questions but my colleague only replied me that she had the car keys in her hands when the whole thing happened.

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10 Responses to “Haunted Parking Lot at Subang”

  1. Bowie Says:

    OMG!! I will make sure I will not park my car in that basement ANYMORE no matter what!!

  2. mick Says:

    Subang? any hint? near whr?

  3. Rhinna Says:

    That’s some scary shit!

  4. MR.Troll Says:

    damyummmm, That shet iz scary. But in the same time it’s obviously fake.

  5. JESUS Says:

    Mr.Troll, why you wanna read when you know its fake already? perhaps you should go experience yourself one day?

  6. labrat Says:


    just reading abt it doesn’t make it real. and why he want to read – well, how to know a story is fake if he doesn’t read it first? stop talking nonsense. could have been ignition problem, more likely because she is a woman driver lah.

  7. 7 Says:

    any idea where?? I grew up with Subang but cant seem to put this so called parking into place…only 1 basement level? N with open air roof top parking??? Ermm…
    Subang jaya or usj???

    The closest is subang parade…carrefour…..ermm the rest has only either one…so plz shed abit more hints…

  8. 7 Says:

    ohh…another one would be the muti-level between sjmc new wing n subang grand dorsett….

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The car park may have been the multi story car park in Taipan USJ or the other FOC multilevel parking in USJ 21 which is a super creepy car park.

  10. 7 Says:

    But he wrote subang jaya not usj……

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