Car Park Copycat Ghost

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Author’s Note : We were just doing some office gossip one day when somehow we went to the topic about car park and that’s when one of my colleague spoke about a rumor she just heard a few weeks back. It goes like this

You know just how old habits are hard to die? You have a favorite toilet cubicle you would always go to no matter how urgent you needed to finish your business or even your favorite seat at the restaurant. Its not much different when it comes to parking spaces. Our office car park has 2 basement parking and in the morning, not many people would have their car parked there as the management did specifically mention to all staff that the basement car parks are reserved for customers only. As usual, there are always those stubborn people who would not take the management’s advice and would park there.

Carol was one of those staffs that preferred to park at the basement car park every single day. And like old habits, she would specifically park at that same location every morning. Everyone that usually had the early morning cigarette break at the car park knew her car and that location were specifically “reserved” for her. So the story goes that Carol realized something was amiss when in some mornings (office hour starts at 8.30am), her colleagues would comment why she had waited in the car park for so long (some 30 minutes) when she had arrived early or some had asked her what was she doing in the car for so long. Carol would reply to each of them that she just reached the office. The funny part was it wasn’t just once that people saw her in the car. In fact, it had happened many times. These people usually came in as early as 8am and would see her car parked at her favorite spot but when they asked her why she waited in the car for so long, she would deny the fact.

Carol did after a while admitted it was sort of strange as she wasn’t the kind that would arrive in the office early. So who was it that these people saw in the car park basement in the early morning then? Or was it just a simple prank she made before the leaving the office for good?

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