The case of Ghost Hunting in Haunted School

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This story is contributed by Navin

This ghost hunting expedition happened few years back and the ghost hunting expedition happened to a friend of mine. They were a group of teens loitering around and one of them has ability, a third eye. The ability of seeing the presence of ghost is truly a rare ability. He does not really see ghost, but he can feel the presence of it. He would usually feel a sudden chill and see shadows of people and a black figure moving. Because of this ability, the other friends named him “Constantine”.

One day, the group was in a car somewhere (which I didn’t really ask where it was) and crossed some old school building which was not demolished. Not really big but just one big block. One or two of them before heard rumors from people that the school was haunted. Young and naive, all of them planned for a ghost hunting expedition to enter the school grounds and just to be on the safe side, they decided on going in at broad daylight.

The following week, everyone carried cameras or hand phones to record video just like how we see on Discovery Channel. That afternoon, they parked the car by the side of the road and entered the school gates. The building was very old, probably about 10 or 15 years and there was dogs in the compound but the dogs didn’t harm or barked at them. As they were walking, Constantine stopped short for a while. Everyone looked back, calling him to proceed on but he went on and told them that this place is not safe, “let’s just leave” “Why? Are u afraid of these things, lets go in!” said another friend. Constantine begged them to go back but some of them were challenging him to go in.

After a while, my friend told them to turn back and leave after looking at Constantine. In the car, while starting the engine one of them tried making fun by waving goodbye to the school. Constantine shouted at him telling him not to do it but the guy retorted by asking, “What its gonna do? Wave back? SHUT UP!!” .However, Constantine told him that after he waved, he saw from inside the car that a lady with very long hair was sticking her head out. He could only see the head but after the guy waved, the ghost spanned its head up to down moving its head round and round. The hair was moving together with its head.

After hearing that, the guy that waved got freaked out and kept quiet all the way back home.

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5 Responses to “The case of Ghost Hunting in Haunted School”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    anyone fall sick after that?

  2. Spooky fan Says:

    …..if you dont mind,can we know where is this school located??

  3. pisang Says:

    aiyah dun go la…..
    asia ghost are very different from western ghost………
    western ghost sked of gsrlic but asia ghost sked of garlic anot?

  4. castiel Says:

    i thought garlic is against the vamps.

  5. unsightly Says:

    Wouldn;t it be more interesting if the head came close to the car & wave itself up & down. Now that’s food for tot…..

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