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Haunted Places in Australia

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

We’ve previously covered Haunted Places in Malaysia and Haunted Places in Singapore. And now, we are about to explore a little bit further into Australia, the land of the down under. Be ready to be spooked out by some of these locations

The Alkimos, Western Australia
The Alkimos is from the beginning haunted after the death of numerous welders who were sealed between the hulls on the first day of construction. Bizarre happenings and eerie apparitions plagued the vessel for years after that and even when it is finally ship wrecked off the coast of Perth, the ghosts there did not give up. Built in 1943, the ship finally was sold as scrap. Not only were the wreck’s salvagers too terrified by the haunting to continue their operation, all 8 buyers of the wreck claimed an inexplicable run of bad luck until they sold it away. There were reports of footsteps head on ladders and following the salvage workers at night, cooking smells and noses from the galley and tools being moved around. With vanishing divers, even the horses refuse to pass the wreck on the beach.

National Film and Sound Archive, Australia Capital Territory
The National Film and Sound Archive did not used to be a nice archive like it was now and was previously the National Institute for Anatomy where human bodies were sliced and diced. The archive is said to house a few raucous souls who likes to be seen and heard. There were reports of people being pushed up against the walls and feel like they were being choked. There was also a spirit of a Lady who stands on one of the balconies in the present Library and watches on. Continue reading Haunted Places in Australia »

Australian Born Chinese Ghost?

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Read more about Emily here

When I went to further my studies in Australia, it never crossed my mind that the sightings would follow me there as well. When I was studying here, I met a classmate who I could really click with so when we needed to further our studies in Australia, it was only natural that we were both roommates. We rented a double bed dorm and to maximize the small bedroom, we pushed both the single beds to one corner together. The arrangement was that my friend cum roomie Jeannie would sleep on the inside bed (next to the wall) while I slept on the outside.

That day was the last day of our exams and like any other students, we were pushed to the brink to study as much as possible during our exams week. Each day, we only slept about 2-3 hours and when the last paper was finally submitted, we both headed back to the room without any food and crashed until the next day. Continue reading Australian Born Chinese Ghost? »

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

My friend Alex was working as a trainee doctor a few years back at St Vincent’s Hospital at Melbourne. He has special skills which most people would probably which not to posses. He could see ghosts. As much as he disliked his special ability, he could not control when he can or cannot “see”, which in return would scare the hell out of him when his ability was “turned on”.

On one incident that scared him the most was one night when he was on duty. Alex was on the midnight shift and as any other hospitals, St Vincent’s Hospital was no different. It was pretty quiet and he was at the staff’s dorm trying to get a cup of coffee. Continue reading St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne’s Ghost Story »