Australian Born Chinese Ghost?

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When I went to further my studies in Australia, it never crossed my mind that the sightings would follow me there as well. When I was studying here, I met a classmate who I could really click with so when we needed to further our studies in Australia, it was only natural that we were both roommates. We rented a double bed dorm and to maximize the small bedroom, we pushed both the single beds to one corner together. The arrangement was that my friend cum roomie Jeannie would sleep on the inside bed (next to the wall) while I slept on the outside.

That day was the last day of our exams and like any other students, we were pushed to the brink to study as much as possible during our exams week. Each day, we only slept about 2-3 hours and when the last paper was finally submitted, we both headed back to the room without any food and crashed until the next day.

While we were both sleeping like dead logs, I remembered turning to face Jeannie’s side when I felt something in between us. Thinking that it was her, I automatically tried to turn to the other side of the bed when I was suddenly pushed back harshly to my bed. I felt a cold rush of wind and subconsciously I knew something was wrong because it was winter and we had the windows shut tight and the heater blast on. I suddenly was forced to face a Chinese guy who took his time staring back at me. He moved towards me slowly and because of this, I could see him clearly. He was wearing a hood and his face was darkened. The funny thing was although I could only see a vast darkness inside the hood, in my subconscious mind I could “see” the details of his face. After that, I couldn’t recall anything at all because I’m not too sure if it was because I was too tired that I blacked out after that.

The next day, I was the first to get up and I proceed to wash up myself. The whole entire episode of last night was forgotten so when I got out of the bathroom, imagine my surprise when I saw Jeannie sitting upright on the bed silently shocked. I asked her what was wrong and Jeannie asked me if I remembered anything from last night. Digging my memories, I suddenly recalled the episode I had with the hooded Chinese man. We both talked about it and imagine our horror when we could both describe to each other the exact details of the man’s face right up to what he wore and how his nose or eyes looked like. Let me tell you that Jeannie was even more “at luck” than I am in terms of meeting up with ghosts and so we concluded that perhaps the Australian Born Chinese Ghost perhaps did not find much luck in disturbing Jeannie and thought of disturbing me instead.

When we shared this incident with my other housemate a few days later, she told us that the Australian Born Chinese Ghost was a common sight to the previous tenants. The previous tenants had also complained of mysterious locked doors becoming unlock or luggage placed in the room but only found in the common living room incidents. We never knew what happened to the Australian Born Chinese Ghost or why he chose to haunt our particular room but he never came to disturb us after that incident

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