Through a Child’s Eye

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Author’s Note : In the many years that I have written this blog, I have by far never personally met someone gifted with 3rd eye. Although I might have included some stories about friends or associates of mine that has encountered supernatural forces, but those incidents were always and often by chance and luck. When Emily told me about her experience, I realized that this gift is perhaps what we call fate or a stronger word, of destiny because it made me wonder, why did she have to “see” some and not “see” some of them? Here was what happened to her when she was about 7 – 12 years old

My first experience was the most vivid to me because I was old enough to know what was happening. This single incident made me thought that it was just a case of bad luck but as time passed, it still kept happening and it still is even when I’m already now in my 30s.

When I was studying in primary school, my routine was taking a school bus back to my grandma’s house in Setapak and after that running to tuition every other day. My parents would take me back after their long day at work and it would begin all over again the following day and the rest of the school days. I could not recall if I had any ghost experience before this so I have always and assumed that this was my first experience.

That day, like any other afternoon when there were no tuitions to attend, I would take my short nap in the middle room. This room was located smack in the middle of the house and because its called the middle room, there were no windows to allow the natural sunlight to penetrate into this room. My bed was situated next to wall in the corner so the head and one side of the bed were parked right next to the walls. My bed was also facing the bedroom door so while I was sleeping that day, I could hear my grandma and my aunt chit chatting loudly in the small living hall located just outside my room. Although the door was wide open, I could only hear murmur of words but not the entire conversation. I remembered feeling safe and drowsy from my sleep. After my nap, I recalled feeling the need to wake up after getting the much rest but as I was trying to sit up, I suddenly felt a pair of hands putting its arms around my neck. I did not have much time to react and I panicked. When I glanced down, I saw what sent shivers down my spine was a pair of hands strangling me holding me and pulling me towards the wall. The strength was so great that I suffocated from the grid lock and I started screaming. But there was no voice coming out from my mouth.

I screamed silently and helplessly and while panic was running through my mind, I could clearly see my bedroom surrounding and hear the lively chat going outside the room between my grandma and my aunt. I was so desperate that I tried to pry myself out from the gridlock hands. The touch of the ghost’s hands was so cold that if felt as if I was touching a ton of ice with my bare hands. The icy touch was so cold that my hands were shaking and shivering from the cold. I struggled persistently trashing and screaming but the gridlock came on tighter that I could feel I was slowly choking.

And then, my sister came in the room. Of course, she couldn’t see a thing and when she saw me with my eyes opened, she scolded me for lazing around on the bed. The instant she walked into the room, I was released from the unknown hands. I was so afraid that I did not dare to tell my grandma for fear that she would not believe me and would scold me for creating stories. That night after reaching home, I told my mum what happened and to my surprised, she did not scold me but instead went to the nearest temple and requested for some protective charms for me.

A few months later, a Buddhist nun who happened to me be staying at my grandma’s neighborhood stopped by and told my grandma that there was a ghost living in her house. It was then I found out that the ghost that was trying to strangle me was actually her child that she had when she had a miscarriage some years back. Since she and my grandpa were not aware to send prayers to her unborn child, the child had no place to go and was stuck in this dimension and roaming around the house homeless and hungry.

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