A North American Ghostly Encounter

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This story is contributed by Esther

I’ve been an avid reader of your blog since I discovered it in 2004. Your stories have brought back memories of my personal yet worst ghostly encounter, and so I thought of sharing them with your team and perhaps your readers as well. Perhaps, this experience of mine is another example that ghosts do exist outside of Asia as well.

I’ve had my share of ghostly encounters in Malaysia. But my experience with nasty, lingering spirits at my apartment in Canada truly sent shivers to my bone. As far as I can remember, I did not personally come face to face with the actual spirits in the living world. They were only encountered during my subconscious state but it was gruesome enough to force me to stay awake in the night time.

After graduation in Edmonton, I relocated for a job to a small city called Red Deer in the province of Alberta. It was a pleasant city, with friendly people and safe neighborhoods. I found a spacious, but older one-bedroom apartment to rent on the third floor of a four-storey building. The lease contract was for a year. At first, everything was going quite well. I always dreaded the cold winters there, especially when I had to endure it for 5-6 months each year. I do remember getting sick quite often, and would have very fierce arguments with my boyfriend at the time. Three months into the rental period was when things started to get real spooky. First, it started with waking up in the middle of the night, and the hour was always around 3 A.M.. At the time, I didn’t think it was a warning sign. Only later did I discover that the 3:00 hour is the peak of negative forces. For the first two weeks, my sleep was never good. Then one night, it decided to show itself in my subconcious state of mind.

I remember being half awake, half asleep in my room. When I looked towards my feet, there was a white figure with long black hair, just standing quietly at the edge of the bed. I wasn’t sure if it was looking at me or it had it’s back towards me because at the time I had freaked out so bad that I started chanting Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum to chase it away and hopefully “wake up”. However, the harder I tried to chant, the harder it was to wake up. That’s when I felt something very heavy was pressing down on me. I couldn’t move my limbs. I tried to yell but the sounds seemed to be suppressed each time I tried harder. I didn’t know how I woke up, but was very thankful that I managed to do so. I knew it was not a nightmare, especially when it kept recurring once a month. There was no reason for me to experience these weird things in a periodic fashion. I had no traumatic accidents or encounters in the real world prior to this. Unfortunately, I continued to see this figure, experienced the “freezing” of my body in bed about once a month, and each time at around 3.00 AM.

Naturally, I did try to mitigate all this in small ways such as leaving a tape recording of chants on throughout the night, and saying prayers everyday. Perhaps, this really sparked its anger or it decided it was time to show its true force. There was one night, after seeing the figure and just seconds after I started chanting, the tape recording chant in the living hall started to grow louder and louder, to the point where it became deafening! When I finally woke up with cold sweat all over my body, I thought maybe it was trying to mock me and my chants? What a fierce spirit! The final straw was very different. This time, in my so-called “nightmare”, I actually “woke up” from the bed and walked outside the room to figure out why the shower was turned on in the bathroom, which was located at the end of the hallway. When I looked down the hallway, I saw a fuzzy figure, dressed in a red shirt and blue shorts, walking into the bathroom. As I approached the bathroom, the shower head (with water spraying out) flew out towards me, chasing me all the way out into the living room. I had nowhere else to run but outside on to the patio. I opened the sliding doors to get outside. Once outside, the doors slid shut and locked on its own. I was so scared that I took my cellphone out to call my mum (somehow I had my cellphone with me), but there was a girl figure who pushed me over the railing. As I was about to hit the ground, I woke up in the living world … again with cold sweat all over my body. Scared out of my wits, but also exhausted from all those sleepless nights, I returned to bed only this time, with the lights on for the rest of the night.

And those lights stayed on during my sleeping time for the remaining 3 months of my lease. I had to use an eye mask to help me get by sleeping in a brightly-lit room. My boyfriend’s parents did visit me after that incident, and since I did not know who to turn to for help, I told them about my dilemma. His mom said to move out as soon as possible. There was no point staying on when the conflict is already difficult to resolve with “whatever that lingers on in this unit.” Firstly, we do not know the history of the rental unit. Perhaps, someone did pass away there? Perhaps, it was not a peaceful death? After that scary night, I came to realize maybe it was trying to chase me out of the place. There were many warning signs previously, of which I never considered. There was a huge tree right outside my room. There is a belief that old trees house spirits. My mother, who visited me once at the apartment, said my room felt very cold, even when it was at the peak of a hot summer day. Perhaps, it was the shade from the tree, but to her something didn’t feel right whenever she walked into my bedroom. The wall mirror from IKEA broke (according to my dad) strangely by itself while he was vacuuming the floor.

I acknowledge that there is a whole other world out there who do not believe in the supernatural. And truth be told, I will never be able to find out the real reason or scientific explanation behind this experience. All I know in my heart, it was not just some bad dream. It was not my imagination or hallucination. I respect people’s opinions, but always share my two cents – you’ll continue to deny things and not believe in them until it happens to you.

I was happy to move out of that apartment. And when I moved out, nothing of that sort ever happened to me again. And I hope it stays that way.

Thanks for reading my story. Have a nice day!

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2 Responses to “A North American Ghostly Encounter”

  1. Always Believed Says:

    This is a bit too much! Spirits that intent to kill onstead of chasing you out from da house, such like girl spirit pushing you to the railing at the patio. Once fall down, you finished. Clear indicating that foreign spirit does not fear of your chanting, I guess. Seem like moving out is the only choice.

  2. meet Says:

    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂
    tell me abt it, i hate ppl who dont believe these kind of stories.. pfftt

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