The haunted Karaoke in Bangi

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My friend, Tom, used to help his friend in his own electrical wiring company. Because of the nature of the business, his friend used to accept jobs that require such skills like in pubs, discos and karaoke entertainment outlets. Tom was warned before that he may encounter weird incidents but his friend always told him that there is nothing to fear. So Tom did not bother much when funny things happened. Not until the incident at a newly renovated karaoke center in Bangi.

If any of you have visited a karaoke outlet, you will not be surprised that anything is lurking behind the shadows because a karaoke is the best place to hid for anything that is afraid of daylight. Dimly lit corridors and lack of natural sunlight almost and always bring the spirits closer to home. This newly renovated unopened karaoke outlet was no different.

That night, Tom was supposed to be testing the surround sound speakers with his buddy on the second floor. A total of 3 of them were working at that particular time while his boss friend was out for drinks. It was already past midnight and Tom wanted to quickly finish up the testing before anything unnatural happened. So far, this outlet proved to be a non-ghost existence outlet. So all 3 of them tried to work quickly

Like I mentioned, Tom and his friend were working on the speakers on the second floor while his other friend was working on some wiring on the third floor. As both of them were trying for the last time to test the wiring on the main server room, they noticed that none of the rooms produced any sound. Wondering if there was something amiss, Tom volunteered to go to each and every room to check on the cables. Upon reaching the Room 1, Tom saw that the cables where not plugged in, and without much thought plugged it in and called upon his friend to try testing Room 1 again. Tom then proceed to Room 2 and again the cable was not plugged in. He then repeat the same process of plugging in the cables into its socket then went to Room 3 and then Room 4 each time finding the cable unplugged and then plugging it back into its sockets. By the time he reached Room 5, he heard his friend called him. What he saw sent goosebumps all over his body. He saw his friend holding a bunch of unplugged cables while shouting, “Ooi! What are you trying to do? Why are you asking me to test the system while the cables are left unplugged?”. At that point, Tom just remembered grabbing his friend and fleeing from the second floor. At the same time, they also bumped into their friend who was also running down the stairs. All of them did not talk to each other until the left the place. They even left their shoes behind!

He found out later on that his friend from the third floor also experienced something supernatural himself. He was testing the cables and wiring on the stage when he felt something grabbed his leg. He tried to leave the stage but couldn’t. He could feel those invisible hands refusing him to leave so he started shouting bad words. This went on for a couple of minutes until he felt a release and quickly ran downstairs when he bumped into Tom and his other friend.

After that, they tried avoiding contractual jobs that involved these entertainment outlets the best they could.

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3 Responses to “The haunted Karaoke in Bangi”

  1. Kaykie Says:

    I can say that 70-80% of these entertainment outlets which use to operates only night time is a heaven for the lost soul. One of my friend who has the special ability to see ghost told me he saw many of them in karaoke, disco, casino, cybercafe and pub. Most of the “thing” is a male one that like to sit alone at the corner or stand alone near the wall or pillar. And he told me that was very common, those without spirit is uncommon!! Seriously,

  2. TheStoryReader Says:

    Okay, this is scary :/
    Ive only been once to a karaoke entmt But i guess, will be more careful to choose a suitable time :/

  3. Ash Says:

    I have a personal experience that would support this story. A friend of mine was actually possessed by the spirit of a boy after we finished a karaoke session late one night. We later found out that the spirit came from the area right outside the karaoke center. We were already at a mamak having a drink when we realized that my friend was giggling to herself and acting really creepily. When my friends and I were trying to persuade this spirit to leave by talking to it nicely, the spirit said that it wanted to go back ‘home’ to ‘sing k’ (sing karaoke)!

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