Haunted Hotel along Langkawi Island

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I just found out recently one of my colleagues used to work in the hotel line many years back. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it was true that every hotel has their ghost stories. Being a religious Muslim, she told me she never saw anything out of the 7 years she has been in the hotel industry although she has heard quite a few. I probed her further but she couldn’t recall any except 2 short ones which she remembered clearly because she when she heard the stories from her then colleague, goose bumps were all over her skin.

The first incident took place at a hotel in Langkawi way back when the hotel was called Sheraton Perdana. As Langkawi was one of the favorite destinations for many foreigners, this hotel in Langkawi had it shares of foreigners. Her then colleage told her that a western couple had complained early in the morning that they wanted to switch rooms. Although they weren’t angry, the husband went to explain to her colleague that after spending a few nights in the hotel room. He found out something amiss.

On the first night, he had slept on the right side of the bed but the very next morning, he found himself awaken on the floor. Surprised, he thought perhaps he fell on the floor while he was sleeping but of course this thought would be quite ridiculous giving the circumstances that if one were to fall out of the bed, you would immediately get up. So on the second night, the couple continued sleeping in the same room. The next morning, the husband found himself this time on floor but at the foot of the bed. But as they did not believe in such things as ghosts, they decided to continue their stay in that room.

That same night, his wife suggested that they should swap sides of the bed instead. So, the husband slept on the left side of the bed. The next morning, the husband once again found himself not on the bed but at the couch. They finally decided that something was really wrong with the hotel room so they requested to my colleague for a different room instead. My colleague found it amusing as her then colleague told her that the couple was not even remotely angry or shown any signs of fear.

The second incident happened at another hotel located about 45 minutes away from the Langkawi town center, Kuah. As the hotel was quite remote, surrounded by forests and its villas were built nearby the forests in dense trees, my colleague was not surprised to hear supernatural stories.

This time, this incident happened to a Japanese couple. The Japanese couple were staying in one of the beautiful villas that the hotel offered and on the second night of their stay, they brought to my colleague’s then colleague who was working in the front desk that they saw a stranger in their villa. The Japanese couple was really understanding and excited when they realized that they saw a woman ghost. The woman ghost would appear out of nowhere and disappear into the walls. Sometimes, she would just float around the room but otherwise she was harmless. The Japanese couple was pretty fascinated and tried to take photos of the ghost entity but of course, they did not get anything. Being free thinkers, they suggested to the front desk officer that they should find priests to pray for the lady.

As they were really important guests in the hotel, the hotel staffs called upon all sorts of religious holy man from the Ustaz to Priests, shamans and even monks. My colleague at that point of time was unaware of the requests from the Japanese couple and only found out when she saw people whispering and holy man walking about in the hotel reception. It was rumored that when the hotel built its foundations, the villa coincidently sat right on top of the ghost lady’s house. She had committed suicide then and as her house was already no longer there, she wondered around aimlessly searching. My colleague was not sure if the spirit was finally at peace.

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