My Sleeping Friend

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Author’s Note : The first impression I had when I heard this story was funny! Although my poor friend who related this story to me said that it was the most horrifying experienced she had I could not help but laugh. Let’s see if you are entertained by this story

You know how hostels are since you have been writing and hearing ghost stories for the past 7 years right? Well, when I stayed in the hostel, I had my share of ghostly experience as well. Well, you see, we stayed in a 4 bedroom dorm that for obvious reasons 4 of us shared. Every evening, we would study until late and night and no, my story is not those normal ones that you usually hear where people could hear chain sounds at the corridor nor about catching glimpses of floating white apparition. Mine was more frightening!

The fact is, I actually I did not even realized when it first started until one night I woke up from my sleep and found my roommate sleeping in a standing position. In the beginning, I thought that she was awake so I asked her what she was doing so up late at night. But since there was no response from her, I fell back to sleep. The next morning, I asked her what was wrong as she did not reply me but she had no recollection of waking up nor heard me talking to her the previous night. Surprised, I did not pursue and thought nothing much about it.

The same night, I was once awaken by shuffling sounds and imagine my surprised when I saw my roommate walking around the room with her hands on the ground and feet above! The first thought that occurred to my mind was that she was either having some sort of sleeping disorder or she was just trying to exercise. When I looked closer, suddenly, I shuddered with a feeling that this wasn’t exactly a normal thing when it was already 4 in the morning. I tried to ignore and continued sleeping but she just kept walking around and proceed to open our dorm room and walked out into the corridors. Perhaps I was just plain selfish but I just couldn’t bring myself to chase after her so I pacified myself to sleep. The next morning, I asked her if she had woke up in the middle of the night. My roommate gave me a crazy stare and told me that she did not wake up in the middle of the night but she felt a sore tired feeling on her arms. She then confided in me that she always had the sore feeling for the past few weeks. Not knowing how to response, I just told her that perhaps it was just her sleeping position.

Later that day, I confided to another of my roommate and only to discover that this roommate had been sleep walking upside since a few months back and my roommate actually bumped into her one late night. She noticed that there was something abnormal with our roommate as she was really “walking” very quickly, unlike a normal person walking with their hands would have a much slower speed. I was shocked at asked my roommate why she had not told any of us but she shrugged and told me it wasn’t something serious as our roommate was still acting like herself. Well, yeah, except when the sun is down! I insisted that we should at least warn her so a few days later we both broke the news to her. Our roommate was of course quite surprised but since we were all pretty close to each other, she believed us. That same day, she moved out and never came back. Last I heard she went back to her hometown to get some help and that was all I knew. Why it happened to her or when it happened to her still remains a mystery to me.

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  1. jason Says:

    very interesting and scary story, thank you

  2. Spooky guy Says:

    Story copy from 校园鬼故事

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