Mysterious Footsteps at Hotel Gua Musang

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Author’s Note : This story is told by a friend of mine who is now a mother to a boy. Last time, she used to work with a cigarrette company selling. Because of this job, often she has to travel outstation for adhoc projects. Here is one of the eeriest experience that she encountered. Til today, she still can’t figure out what happened.

This project took me and a few of my colleagues out to Kelantan, Gua Musang. At first look, I’ve never thought of the place as scary. With beautiful mountain sceneries and lush landscape, the air was cooling all the time even at the afternoon because of the trees surrounding the area. Me and my 3 other colleagues have always travelled together in a team and this time around, this particular function required people from other teams as well which includes boys. As young as I was, I loved to party til dawn and party was something I do at that time crazily.

This trip required me and my colleagues for 2 nights and in order to save up money, we stayed in this hotel which looked more like a wooden long house. All the other teams both from outstation and local (Kelantan) stayed there too. At first glance, I saw the place as authentic and it never crossed my mind that there was something more sinister in that place. Because the room could fit 4 people but there were only 2 beds, me and my other colleague offered to sleep on the floor for the first night. That night, after a long day’s work, we were all too tired and my other roommates were soon fast asleep.

Me, on the other hand, could not sleep because by the time I was about to fall asleep, I heard footsteps walking up and down the corridor. You see, being youthful and all, there were certain points where we know some of the other teams of boys and girls mix around rather “socially”, I would say. So, naturally, I thought that the footsteps were those of a couple trying to “get together” for the night. However, the footsteps grew more irritating when it kept walking up and down the corridor. Because the whole hotel was made mostly of wood, you could hear the sounds of the footsteps rather louder than usual. Whatsmore when you are sleeping on the floor!

Because I couldn’t stand it, I started scolding aloud that if you want some quickie go do it but stop disturbing other people from sleeping. But that didn’t stop the footsteps, instead, the footsteps grew quicker, pacing up and down the corridor. Finally, I started scolding bad words and all but still it didn’t stop it. I could hear the footsteps going into the next room where another team stays and could hear it pacing up and down the room this time. I kept scolding partly because I was irritated that my sleep was disturbed and scolded even louder but somehow, this time I could the sound of people jumping on the bed up and down. I was at that time really angry and was ready to barge into the next room. This went on for the whole night.

The very next morning, having breakfast together, I complained to my roommates of the disturbance at night and surprisingly, no one heard a thing. When I saw the other team members from the next room, I scolded them for making havoc at night. They all denied and said by the time they hit the bed, they were all fast asleep. Of course, I did not believe and kept scolding them but they kept denying. Something in the voices, in the end convienced me they were not lying but at the same time I had no doubt in my mind that I was not imagining things

The funny thing was when I scolded the ghost, it seemed to have heard me and was somehow irritated and went on irritating me even further instead. The footsteps grew louder and faster and even went to the extended of jumping on beds as my scolding grew more nasty. Til today, I seriously can’t figure out what happened that very night.

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5 Responses to “Mysterious Footsteps at Hotel Gua Musang”

  1. lilian Says:

    Wah…you posts all so scary wan…

    Just want to tell you hor, the URL you gave not working wor. I added but I get an error. Let me keep trying, ok?

  2. Kenny Ng Says:

    Gua Musang is an isolated place, I’m not surprise if really got the ‘thing’. Wooden house always got this kind of problem which I’d experienced it before. But usually after I scold it, it will stop. This incident I got no idea why after scold it and getting even more angry. That’s really strong.

  3. Ic3Que3n Says:

    lilian, hehe.. solli la, my rss feed is wrong! its should be
    Thank you!

    Kenny, yea I also kinda shock cause I heard ppl say “they” are usually scare of bad words but seems the more my fren scold the more “terror” they are!

  4. J Says:

    quite scary…my brother and his friends have the same problem. It was happen when they are in Genting -Ria apartment. They took a lift suppose to 7/8 flr but the lift stop at 4th floor. The door keep open and close a couple times. So my brother and his friend got scared and started to shout out the bad words….but it got even worse. After 10 mins trying..the lift still stuck at 4th floor. Then they give up…just shut their mouth. Then lift door suddenly close and went up to their foor..Weird right!!

  5. I Like Tities Says:

    Lol, of course if you scold it the thing will get more louder or..or make more noise and stuff…even ALL HUMANS BEING are like that. Isn’t it obvious guys?? XD

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