Voices at the Cemetary

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When I was about 15 years old, studying Form 3 at a local high school, I had to take the SRP test, a local government test that all young Malaysians had to endure (back then, PMR is not introduced yet). Since I am a buddhist, I strongly believed in ghost too. You see, I have this very strange hobby which is, I like following my relatives to pay visit to my grandparent’s burial ground every year! Moreover, the year I took the SRP was and important year, therefore, it was even more important that I must go prayed so my grandparents can looked after me! This is what I believed….

As usual, as soon as we have arrived at the cemetary, my relatives would start setting the temprorary altar. My aunt would light a whole bunch of joss sticks so all of us (me,my siblings and all my cousins) could put the jossticks to all of my grandfather’s “neighbours” as a sign of respect. Since there are more than 10 of us, I went all the way down hill to put the joss sticks (my aunt would advice me not to put twice for one). Everytime before I put the josssticks, I would prayer and ask them to “looked after me” since I have a big exams coming up.

To this day I could still remember looking at this photo on the tomb, the picture was an old lady and of course, the picture was staring straight at me (like any other pictures) and I did the same thing. After I put the joss sticks, I turned to walk away. After about 3 – 4 steps, I heard a lady’s voice saying “bye-bye…”. I quickly turn back to see who was there. Nobody was there. I just stood there and thinking to myself that the voice sounded really very similar to my aunt’s voice. I thought immediately that they are leaving but as I glance towards my grandparent’s tombstone, I saw my aunt and all my other relatives and cousin were still around my grandfather site….THERE IS NOBODY AROUND!!

After 2 – 3 minutes, I felt a sudden chill and immediately knew something is wrong. Without second thoughts, I ran back to where my relatives were. After I arrived home, I recounted the whole incident to my mum and she told me not to worry, it might just be the old lady just thanking me for my joss sticks. After this incident, I still continue visiting my grandparents grave but not dare to go wander far alone.

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12 Responses to “Voices at the Cemetary”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    The word of ‘bye-bye’ was no harm. It just like a appreciation to you. Anyway, I don’t feel scary in cemetery, but I really fear of empty house.

  2. _butt Says:

    just wondering.. I’m a buddhist too, and for sure my house would set up a place to pray to the Gods and all. So, as long as you’re in the house, you’re sort of ‘guarded’ from the spirits outside rite? Like what they portray in the shows..

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Kenny, seriously, I’m beginning to think you’re not scare of anything reading all your stories…

    _butt, er, technically you are right about the guarded thing. But I also heard that it depends if the spirits are what religion also wor… so..

  4. J Says:

    _butt, to my knowledge, the Gods in your house will protect your family and your house. But don’t forget, Gods are not always stay in your home…lah..too many belivers…have to take turn…But don’t worry, besides Gods…if your home have an altar for your ancestors are also ok…They will always looked after they next generation… The most important thing is doesn’t matter where u go..God is always in our heart….

  5. _butt Says:

    Thanks J! now I know 🙂 yeah, I believe God is with us wherever we are.. 😀

    ic3 Que3n, depending on their religion? really?

  6. Bengbeng Says:

    Yes, you do not have to fear the other spiritual realm..they are real but they just live in a separate but parallel realm to us. We have a life force : called chi by the Chinese : which is too strong for them…..however when we r low or weak, our chi is low…that’s why yr stories abt hospital ghosts, when ppl are sick etc…they see such stuff 🙂

    We cannot deny their existence….all the major religions and minor ones acknowledge their presence…they just use different terms and expressions. So there is no conflict of interest here : different cultures, different ideologies, different beliefs but one common thread : they all see it and believe in it.

  7. Reen Says:

    Nice experience… pretty interesting…. Btw, how’d ur PMR go? 😛

  8. Leia Says:

    Why he so kiasu want to pray to the people he don`t know?

  9. Leia Says:

    Hey i have third eye.I really when i see ghost nah i will vomit or not have fever.

  10. Leia Says:

    Anybody scared of ghost,go buy some crystal can already.

  11. Leia Says:

    Im Buddhist too.Eh,tell you what happen to my mother after my great great grandmother passed away.While me,my two brothers were asleep,my great great grandmother visited us without me and my brothers knowing until the next day.The same thing happen to my mother`s mother and my mother`s sisters and brothers.Spooky….

  12. Augustine Towonsing Says:

    Greetings in peace, in divine love and light to all. You have a very intereting experienced and that is not just a good night story but a reali life experienced. Nevertheless, for those who has never been experienced such experience might says that its full of crap stories. However, there is nothing that we fear in the dark or even in cemetery.

    Furthermore, there is no harm to give respect and reverence towards the spirit of the dead. In fact, the dead would be appreciated our respect towards them. Ghost are just like you and I that they retained every single memory and intelligence. Unfortunately, most of us that has no clues what is exist beyond the grave most often labeled the departed soul to be demon as demon has nothing to do with with a person spirit nor spirit is demon.

    But, the truth is that in this new era demon as associated with the dark side of human intelligence that is in line with the freewill concept. To be a good person or to be bad person in action is truly a choice and is not a destiny but yet at the same times we need to hold our mind as what is in our mind then become an action. The action then become our habits while the habits become our characteristics that further become of life and our life as a destiny. The truth in life is not what we read or what we heard from people but what we experienced in the spherical journey of life to return to the source of life.

    Therefore, what I have experienced for the past 7 years as a paranormal and ghost researcher that; I found nothing but truth and love always care every single fabric of living enery as every one of us are connected in God’ love within His ultimate mind.

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