Haunted Office in Malacca

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I had a friend that used to work in Malacca, near the Bunga Raya Road. During his tenure at Malacca, he often heard of stories and experienced some himself. I guess afterall, this historical city of Malacca, does hold not only histories but also some spooky ones as well. Here’s one of the stories that will get your spines chilled.

When I first started out working at this office in Malacca, I only noticed that this building was a very old building. According to some, it was more than 100 years old. After a while, my colleagues confided me that this office was haunted but I did not really believe. That was when he told me an experience of his that, well, let’s just say I did not dare to stay any later after 8pm.

The company I worked in was a logistics company that deals with many countries across the world including America. Therefore, it wasn’t uncommon that some of my colleagues would come over to the office in the middle of the night to fax documents to America since it was daylight there. That was when something happened to my colleague, KC. KC was just suppose to fax some documents to America and arrived in the office a little after 2am. The company’s structure was divided into 2 parts, the front part and the back part (both parts of the office has the fax machine). Since the front part of the office was locked, he decided to walk to the back part and fax the documents instead. Afterall, it was easier than to open the locked doors and everything.

While the documents were on its way faxing across America, his handphone suddenly rang, “Ring! Ring!…. Ring! Ring!”. He looked at the caller ID and saw that it was the front office number that was dailing him. Since it was a common thing that we often come back to work in the wee hours in the morning, he suspected that someone must have seen him walking by and called him. Then suddenly, he recalled that the front office’s lights were not switched on when he was there. Could it be that one of our colleagues came back after he walked over to the back part of the office? He decided to investigate.

When he walked over to the front part of the office, he discovered that the office was pitch black like how he had seen earlier that time. Shocked, he peeked through the glass windows and saw the very phone that was dailing him. He could clearly see the blinking red lights indicating that the phone was in use. This time, he was scared and quickly ran back home. The ringing stopped until he was out from the office building.

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12 Responses to “Haunted Office in Malacca”

  1. Boss Lepton Says:

    Wah sai, scary, I likey 😀

  2. Ic3Que3n Says:

    my hairs started to stand when I heard this story!

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    Well… one thing I felt quite funny, now days the ‘thing’ also follow the technology, very updated and know how to use the telecommunication system. Anyway… I got few mysterious call before in my old office too.

  4. Ic3Que3n Says:

    kenny, yes! I’ve read that as well. It really funny but I think that’s cuz they know how to use the phone when they were living!

  5. evie Says:

    this is creepy….. -_-‘, luckily he didnt see the thing while holding the phone

  6. Ken Says:

    He should hav answered the fon, remember the movie “One Missed Call”

  7. denim98 Says:

    logical explaination – some phones can be programmed to dial a number and send fax at a certain time and date. Someone might have mistakenly programmed the fax phone to dail your number.

  8. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    This is very creepy…. and great ghost……. how could it press the button????? was’nt it was supposed to be like kinda ‘invisible’????

  9. night shade Says:


  10. barreneye Says:

    it’s scary when thinking the possibility;the ghost chcking out through phone ..nway,i heard haunting on 4 wheels too.. I think it could be an error/defect in the communication system, ..like denim98 said it.

  11. the Lulz Says:

    My spine chilled in the first sentence. Lulz!

  12. Bosco Says:

    Some spirits have the power to do things that is impossible to us. If they do not reborn, they will reform into a devil. I used work in a haunted company where a male spirit will wake me up if I doze off during my ot.

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