Malaysia Urban Legends – Genting Highland’s Guest

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This is more of a horror story that’s circulate some 10 years ago about one of Genting Highland’s hotel. I’m not too sure which Genting Highland hotel is it as there wasn’t really one particular hotel mentioned in the many version of stories I’ve been told but some swear by its authencity. Afterall, this is one of the most told Malaysia Urban Legend I’ve heard for many times

It started out as a group of high school friends decided to make Genting Highland as one of their holidays destination. Genting Highland’s hotel, was afterall one of the most affordable-ly priced hotel with its location easily accessed (buses and cable car is one of the most widely used mode of transportation for students that do not own a car)

To make the holidays affordable for everyone, this group of high school friends decided to cram into a single bedroom which has 2 single beds. There were about 5-6 people sharing the room and with the cost of a RM300 or less a night, it was a reasonable price. Happily, the 5 friends joked and hanged out at the room. When noon came, they even visited the indoor and outdoor theme parks and had a great time enjoying themselves. As night approached, they were really tired and decided to call the day off.

Discussing how 5 people could sleep comfortably in 2 single beds, they decided to pull off both the mattresses so 2 single beds could turn to 4 instead (the remaining person would have to bunk in with another friend). As 2 of the friends pulled the upper mattress, they were shocked to find a dead body of a woman beneath the mattress. Horrified, they called the security and hotel management to explain the situation.

The story goes that because the management did not want negative press and rumours spreading around the hotel, they payed each of the friends a considerable amount of money as fees to “console” their un-happy visit. The condition was also not to publish their experience to any newspaper agencies or re-tell their experiences to other friends and relatives (apparently if this is true, someone must have talked or this story would not end up in this blog!)

Now, some told me that after this incident, Genting Highland has an unspoken rule that one MUST NOT pull the upper mattress.

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35 Responses to “Malaysia Urban Legends – Genting Highland’s Guest”

  1. pisang Says:

    i also heard 1 story that 1 lady head remove by 1 of theme park machine.
    the owner pay huge amount of money to stop the family to report to public and close the case…..

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    pisang, yeah i heard of that rumour as well. pretty scary come to think of it

  3. evon Says:

    Erm.. stayed in one of the hotels past few weeks ago and heck* i really did tot of pulling off the upper mattress since there were 3 of us.. gOsH~ THAT kind story would put me away from genting at least for a period of time.. >_

  4. Kenny Ng Says:

    I heard that story before during my school time too. Genting Highland really is a place full of mysteries.

  5. ic3_que3n Says:

    evon, that happened to me too! I was so scare of removing any mattresses for a period of time

    kenny, that makes the 2 of us. I heard this story during my school time too (which was about 10 yrs ago)

  6. Corbazone Says:

    Yup… there is a kind of pohbia to pull Genting’s mattress. As for the head off thing… one of my ex – collegue told me, her sis was in the scene. She said it is like rain drop falling from above, only to find it is red and bloody… when she touched “the rain drop” on her face and looked up. She got shocked !! She got paid too.. for the same reason.. Shhhhh…

  7. anonymous Says:

    Hey guys and girls, I’m not sure bout the rest of you but I’ll give this story a pass. I wonder if any of you have go anywhere near a rotting flesh before. You can smell the stench from very far away. If you guys were to see how a bed was prepared, I’m sure you’ll notice that the hotel staff would need to lift the side of the bed a bit to tuck in the bed sheet. Unless you were to mention that the dead body was inside a super air-tight plastic bag, then I would give a bit more consideration for the story. But I’ve heard about the beheaded lady in the theme park story. They’ve make it safer nowadays.

  8. Dreamer Says:

    Hei this happen to someone I know think he is one of them he also told me that 1 of his friend fainted….

  9. Rushden Salleh Says:

    The mattress story, apparently has happened a few times around genting. From what i heard from my girlfriend it happened to her friend’s older sister and her bunch of girls quite a few years back.

    I was there a month or so ago, and honestly even though i’m not the type to get spooked easily, it just gave me the creeps. I did move the beds but i just made sure nothing was about to pop up in the middle of the night. What more i got a room right at the end of the corridor, so i have the view of the edge, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that the adjacent block looked creepy as well, even if they we’re all connected. Everytime i walked by the main hallway and looked out at the gap between buildings i can’t help but feel i was being watched. What more on the first night i was there, at around 4am the phone rang and i stupidly answered but there was just silence so i put it down.

    Honestly Genting is just plain creepy, its the fact that its old and there is so much ‘history’ there. I have friends who work there and stay in the hostels and tell me similar things.

  10. kjtoon Says:

    Do you like RU health? i do not like. See it please tut :),

  11. Nancyew251 Says:

    I heard of doors being knocked at this particular hotel but when opened you will find no one there.

  12. raydenleo Says:

    Probably pranks..
    I did that when i was a kid..haha..

  13. Icequeen Says:

    raydenleo, how mean! imagine that room guest freak out!

  14. raydenleo Says:

    Hahaha…Just Joking Okie?
    After all, i never did that anymore…it’s not fun…

  15. icequeen Says:

    🙂 really? i tot u did tat because it was fun at that moment? haha..

  16. watermelon Says:

    pisang was rite about dat one…which one of the machine i guess u guys oredi knew…

  17. Independent Queen Says:

    I heard the same story but different VERSION leh~!! It was a group of auntie came to Genting for Gambling and sharing the room, pulled out the matress and there the dead body. And now your version is a group of students… hurmmm spooky.. ( i mean the changes in version are very spooky..) hehe.

  18. Sarah Says:

    The smell of a dead body would stink up the whole hotel as if you wouldnt know till you lift the mattress!

  19. Potato :) Says:

    yea, the machine abt a lady’s head is removed, is kadda true, i guessed.
    I tink it happened at the machine call ” Space Shutter “.
    The lady, she didnt tied up her hair.
    And the hair was sort of entangled with something from the top of the machine,
    and when it came down , (which means, her hair is still left entangled at the top) ,
    her head was kind of ‘chopped’ off.

    hmm, i wonder what was the reactions of those who sitted at the same machine with her.
    blood should be splatted onto their face ?
    ewww.. im getting freak out here.

  20. nadya Says:

    owh…crap!!! i read this after i did that!!we pull the upper mattress to combine it, make it more spacious…if i read this before went there, i WILL NEVER, EVER, PULL THE MATTRESS ;/

  21. roses Says:

    true or not… bout the lady’s head? wah.. make me scare. must not to go genting anymore.

  22. ETO Says:

    bout the same case as what happened a few years back..

    my parents went to stay (forgot where) n it was opposite a apartment/condo with these bunch of teenagers (i think it was Awana) but i forgot….

    anyways, these teens were all came over the same day my parents were in Genting. n in the evening… they saw some police cars n etc out there n went to enquire…

    apparently the condo/apartment (2 story..upstairs is the living/kitchen n downstairs there’s 2 bedrooms) that these teenagers were staying had corpse under one of the bed. the gals took one room, the guys took one room. the gals pulled the mattress apart n saw a couple of bodies hugging one another. basically wat was left was just bones..

    kinda disgusting to think bout it.. imagine of u didn’t know n u’re sleeping on top of the bed.. u’re sleeping with corpse under u *urgh*

  23. funkfuzio Says:

    the girl that had her hair stuck in the theme park ride case was not covered. it came out in the newspapers. i read the bout this in the newspapers. the ride was called “solero shot” named after the newly launched ice cream. apparently the girl was an indian girl with long hair. and her hair got entangled at the top of the machine. the sudden downforce of the machine had ripped her scalp out of her skull. she was not beheaded. but the massive tug on her head had “unplugged” her head from her spinal chord. she died on the spot.

  24. calcilis Says:

    lol genting? haunted?!

  25. calcilis Says:

    when u guys said about the lady head cut off at theme park attraction
    reminds me of detective conan
    when he was still shinichi he solve a theme park case

  26. XD Says:

    in chinese my friends and i sometimes joke around and say genting highland’s name is 肯定害人 (pronounced “ken-ding-hai-ren”), which means “surely harm others ” (sorry for bad english, i’m only a student)

  27. janice Says:

    is it truethtgenting realy haunted?…i once been thr wit my family……few yyrs ago….
    but dint hear abything about heard tht genting is haunted?…wats the story behind the girl body was found under the bed in the hotel room?
    then wat story about the woman head got remove by the theme park machine?…when was tht?

  28. flyboy Says:

    did u guys notice that the ride that i don know what is it called, the one goes up so high and drop down very fast. anyway the ride have been close down many years until it recently reopen again. i heard from my friend many year ago, there is this girl who had a long hair and refuse to tie her hair when the worker ask her too, becuz she think she look better that way until the ride reach the highest point of the ride and her hair got stuck in to the machine and when the ride drop her head and her body got torn apart, her head is stuck there till someone took it off.

  29. jessica Says:

    Flyboy, that ride is called space shot and I do not believe it has never closed down for such a long time, as I go to Genting regularly.

    Also I find it strange how anyone can get their hair tangled in anything on the space shot as from what I have noticed, there is no way the hair can get stuck. There isn’t any gaps with gears. Then again, I cannot remember if there have been changes to it since it first opened.

    Anyway, I have always been fascinated about this space shot hair tangling incident. I have tried looking for official news sources but found absolutely nothing. Does anyone know of a link to a proper source rather than blog posts or something?

  30. Ferr Remy Says:

    Creepy… whatever if its real or not, it still creeps me out.

    Must be a headless ghost will show up then in the Space Shot in the middle of the night. Damn!

  31. Edward Says:

    Another story heard from friends, 15 or 20yrs ago couple drive down around 2am from Genting top hill just about 5KM car stranded because out of fuel. Husband get down from car and asked wife to wait in car and he said will walked up to get some petrol. So the wife wait in car, she kept waiting about 2hrs then suddenly all cars from either direction going up or down switch high beam towards her but she doesn’t bother 10mins later a police car stop in front of hers car, 2 officer got down from car and asked her slowly get out from car and walk towards them and don’t look backward she did what the officers told her but she looked backward because of curiosity and she saw her HUSBAND HEAD ON TOP OF CAR ROOF! No one know what happened and who did this…. why the killer put her husband head on top of car roof but didn’t kill her also…

  32. Algoree Says:

    I don’t know bout Urban legends, just that I’m aware many many people committed suicide, especially in First World, due to gambling loss. Genting is in shambles, games outdated, while the owner continues to reap massive profit. GREEDY owners should rot in hell with those suicides. Often I’ve seen bodies being dragged off too, in sheets, then the next family would checkin without knowing what happened the previous night. Sad place, coverups, deaths, all for profit.

  33. victoria Says:

    @Edward my teacher recently told that story to my class too. Except his verdion wad they were a singaporean couple driving on a higway.They drive pass a village to a highway. After which they ran out of fuel. Husband told wife to stay in the car while he walk back to the village to get fuel but he didn’t return.some drove slowly towards the car then speed off once near their car. A man then parked his car further away form their and signalled the lady but she refused to leave the car. Then another couple drove pass and joined the man and did the same.the lady then rolled the windows down and decided to listen to them bit wheb she came out of tue car she turned back to see the car! Her husband hed was on it .some say he was killed by some pontiyanaks in the village (his body was never found and the wife went mad instantly she turned and saw her husband head. And if im not worng she’s still mad.

    Well that was what my teacher told my class.
    I dobt know if this is true but its just such a pity to see people’s life becoming unpredictable:(

  34. NEWS Says:


  35. KayBee Says:

    The story of the body found inside the bed board happens to a group of students. If i remember correctly, it should be some where near Chinese new year in year 2002 or 2003.

    Just too many happenings up in Genting and many stories and encounters been told. I frequent Genting regularly since the early 90s. Thank God I hav had no experiences in the hotels except for one in 1999 in Ria apartment.


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