Sepang’s Back Passenger

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When mentioned the “Sepang” word, everyone assumes the circuit which has made the Sepang area famous because of the fast and furious car racing track. However, in the recent years Sepang has named itself for another reason, its Sepang’s back passenger. Here’s one experience my friend would never forget.

The Sepang road is one of the most commonly known highway to use as a shortcut between KL and Port Dickson. It was a dark and lonely drive along that highway towards KL. Me and my boyfriend was just making a holiday trip back from Port Dickson that very night when something strange happened. My boyfriend was driving while me sitting next to him being bored, took out my handphone and started playing with the camera.

I remembered particularly that it was really dark since there were not much road lights around. Playfully taking pictures of myself and my tired driving boyfriend, I suddenly spotted a women sitting behind our car. My eyes did a double take as I could see clearly her figure from the passenger’s side view mirror. Immediately my senses told me to stop whatever I was doing. My boyfriend suddenly sensed my hyper-activeness has ceased and queried me. I kept quiet and told him nothing of what I saw. Off and on through the road I could still see her sitting quietly behind us.

It was not until the brightly litted crossroad junction that I found out that she disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared. It was not only when we reached the busy KL highway that I told my boyfriend what I saw. I was afraid that I would have only frightened him out of his senses. Afterall, although I posses what they call as a “third eye”, it is only on very rare occasional reason I could see them. I could still get frightened easily as “they” always caught me off my guard. That’s only because “they” look no different from “normal” people.

After some months when I related this incident to my friends only did I found out that she was always the back passenger along the Sepang highway.

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11 Responses to “Sepang’s Back Passenger”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Well… I did passed by Sepang at night few times and I really felt uncomfortable with the environment there, now I know why.

  2. MostHunted Says:

    I like Sepang highway! It was big! Comfortable to drive..i couldnt believe you guys can meey at ghost. haha

  3. Alfred Kok TL Says:

    Probably you are haunted by your BF’s olde flames and imagined that she is still following him. Apparition of self projected prophesy. Its pretty queer you didn’t goes hysteric like most others, hence I guess you may be staging too.

  4. Santa Maria Says:

    It won’t be a bad idea to invite her to Penang for some Mamak Gourmet.

  5. Santa Maria Says:

    TARC is full of porn hantu actressess

  6. The Sceptic Says:

    well i don’t know wether you trully have the third eye or not,but as a bona fide physician,in my professional opinion what you experienced seems like a typical case of visual hallucination commonly seen in paranoid schizophrenia,plus the delusional perception that your special in some way supports this.i suggest you seek psychiatric help soon.

  7. Grace Says:

    I had a sister lived there.When it is night,the road is very dark.Beside there were coconut trees
    along the road.I always had an eerie feeling there.

  8. BoeBot Says:

    Nothing much to say to writer.. on ly good for you taht you didnt jump your seat.

    The Sceptic : Its really good that you’re a non believer (if I may say so).. however, one thing i can tell about psychiatrist, docs, etc on such line of work.. respect & understand the unexplainable. Coz the one time you actually see one, could be you last.

  9. june Says:

    lucky that it did’t harm two of u ~!!

  10. barreneye Says:

    boebot – u the man !!!! 😉

  11. hana Says:

    i always go sepang circuit play go-kart with my friend when night , when 3rd time go there play go-kart after second corner i hear somebody call my name very spooky la . I saw ghost at outside the track aiyaaa that time i only one on that corner very dark then i drive more fast , then my friend say wow why you drive so fast lol then i past my friend . They think i’m bully them , i just keep quiet that time but i never told to anybody . I think that ghost like me hahahahahaha…. But i never scared with them again after many time i play go-kart at sepang , so i will say sepang is haunted and never scared with ghost when go there. Spooky story

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