A Haunted Hotel in Johor

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Author’s Note : Some may find this story somewhat familiar as I took it out sometime back due to some unforeseen circumstances. I’ve however took out some of the details that would perhaps get me into trouble but most of the part remains accurate as per what I have been told. Enjoy!
This happened to a girlfriend of mine who used to stay at a hotel in Johorl when she has business trips to Johor Bahru. It was rumored that this hotel in Johor Bahru had a suicide case a few years back where a girl killed herself in one of the hotel’s room.

I used to travel a lot with during my previous job and that included Johor Bahru. Me and my other 2 male companions knew about the suicide case that happened not long and always cautioned this hotel staffs not to put us at that particular floor where it happened (I forgot if it was the 13th or 15th floor, let’s just assume that it was the 13th floor). I would always stay at the non smooking floor which would be located on the 15th floor and above whereas my other 2 male colleagues would stay at the smooking floors. Nothing really happened at everytime I stayed at the there, that is, until that particular day.

It was like any ordinary day and it did not occur to me the slightest when it happened. Co-incidently, I was taking the lift back to my room. Usually, I would be accompanied by my collegeagues but so happen that day, they could not accompany me and I decided to walk back to the hotel room by myself. I pressed the number to my hotel room floor and the lift started to move upwards. As sudden as it seemed, the lift stopped at the floor where the suicide case took place. I thought nothing of it and waited for the lift doors to close. I have to admit that I was kind of puzzled when the lift suddenly stopped at the floor without any warning. That was not the only thing puzzling me, there was no one at that floor at that particular time! I shrugged it off as perhaps it was just some naughty kids playing with the lift buttons.

I pressed the close button again and again but the lift doors just wouldn’t budge. I gave up and thought that maybe it was malfunction (it was a pretty common thing) and decided to walk to the 2nd lift that was located on the other side of the building. I have to briefly explain that this hotel’s design is pretty funny. There are 2 lifts and both lifts are located on either side of the building separated by a long corridor of rooms. So, bravely here I was walking along the corridors.

I was just looking around at the hotel room doors, “Room 134…”, “Room 136…”, “Room 138…” then suddenly, something stopped me. I was staring at a locked room. I mean really locked. I couldn’t recall what’s the room number but it was obvious that the room was locked from public because the rooms all had eye hole except for this room! Not only that, the slit which was used to slot the card key was sealed and there was no door knob! It suddenly hit me that instant. Could it be the room that the girl committed suicide? I thought no further and quickly walked to the 2nd lift. As the 2nd lift came to my rescue, I quickly stepped into the lift and pressed the floor number to my hotel room. As the door closed, the lift was suddenly jammed. It would neither move up or down as I pressed the “G” button. I panicked and pressed the “Open” button but the door did not budge.

As I pressed the emergency button, I couldn’t help but to feel little goosebumps running down my spine. I was stuck for a whole 5 minutes. By the time someone answered my distress call and fixed the problem, I was fuming with anger. By the time the lift got to the lobby, I made it a point to complain to the hotel manager about their service. To my shock, the hotel manager told me that they immediately responsed to my emergency call but no one answered for the first few minutes. As for me, I was pretty sure that it took practically a few minutes for someone to answer the call.

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8 Responses to “A Haunted Hotel in Johor”

  1. Navinesh Says:

    remember if there is any case of suicide..murder..bla..bla..in the area.. stay alert.. when you feel uneasy.. say sorry to the four sides and get out of the way.. some of ‘it’ doesnt like u in their place.. maybe ur not clean.. btw.. she was really brave !!

  2. Matley Says:

    wow exactly the same thing happening to me and my friend… ok the story begin when my friend asking me to accompany him to Kota Bharu because her father have got something to do with a hotel launching there. So I agree since i was free because we just have finished our SPM and do nothing.
    So we went to stay in a hotel in Kota Bharu that is near to a river. That hotel i think one of the most finest hotel in KB. Then, his father got us a room while he got another (we want our own room so that we can freely smoke cigarette coz that time we are considered school boy although SPM was over). So across our room there was a room that really make me feel curious. Not in a scary way though (As it for me i never scared to a ghost ever, im cold hearted).The thing is that hotel we stayed was kinda 4star hotel but the room across us is crossed (like an X) with a old and ugly wood. It was too obvious that something wrong with that room. So the second day, we decided to investigate on our own. And guess wut, the room is doesnt even locked. So we just shouted from outside and decided to crawl in. But it was pitch black dark, we decided to retreat. Then after that, his father came and we off to diner. As we in a lift to go downstairs, the lift stopped and the light of. Then suddenly an overload light blinking. What the hell was happening. We only 3 people and it is certainly impossible to overload. We are panicked so as my innocent friend father that have no idea what we have done before. So as a Muslim, we recite all the prayers we know and hope thing back to normal. Luckily, after 5 minutes, the lift back to normal. After that we explained everything to his father and we altogether find explanation from the hotel worker. It is true that the room was a murder victim and it is haunted so badly that they have to seal the room. I was lucky to experience all this exiting thing.

  3. Vidya Says:

    May be there was some problem with the lift

  4. Leo Cherng Says:

    I have the same thinking with Vidya. The lift having problem Sorry but no offence . I willing to challenge any haunted place myself . I’m a free thinker. Name the hotel location and i will be there to prove…..

  5. Blane Says:

    I think this story is about Hotel at The Zone, JB.. I forgot the name. I once go there and i used to stay there, at room 1331, luckily, i miss the room.. not like i care about the little thing like eyehole or the knob, lol. Nice story anyways 😉

  6. yuukisatoru Says:

    @Matley : I think i know that hotel,since i live in Kota Bharu and the only hotel i could think of is Riverview Hotel since its located near to a river.
    And yes,that location was also well known for its haunting. 😉

  7. unsightly Says:

    The story teller is a joker, he can remember other details like which floor he is on & which floor his colleagues are on. He can also count the room numbers leading to the other lift but come to the haunted room, he suddenly cannot remember the room number. And u didn’t bother to ask the hotel people either. Btw, the hotel u stayed in is probably old and everything that comes with it are probably old too incldg the lift and the lift emergency machine or whatever u call it. I am guessing u r old too for staying there.

  8. Abdul Yunus Says:

    You could have asked for loterry numbers lah!!!!

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