UITM, Malaysia haunted?

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Author’s note : University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia also known as UITM holds a lot of students yearly. Unknown to public, UITM also holds another side of the story for education. The otherside that is majority unknown to public. For those students that have graduated there, some swore that their stories are true. Here are some that a close friend of mine experienced.

university.gifI would not have believed in any of the stories my friends tell in the middle of the night until I’ve personally experienced it before. Many time, you would asked? Not really but enough to ensure that believe in their existance.

You see, there was this once when it was late. After band practice at about 11pm, all my room mates were already asleep. I crept quietly into the room to ensure that I had not awaken anyone. Since it would be insensitive of me to turn on the lights, I just crept around in the dark. You may wonder how could I see in the dark? Well, the truth was my bed was situated near the windows the nearest to the dorm’s door so the floating lights streaming into my room helped me to get a better sight of things. I got myself changed and prepared to lay asleep when I saw a white shadow passed the window. Assuming it was just my imagination, I did not bother. But when the second time the shadow passed outside my window again, I thought twice. It could have been anything, perhaps a bird? But that was first encounter with the extra-terrestrial.

After a few months, I forgot about the incident. Exams were closing in and everyone was stressed. It was already past 12 midnight when me and another group of my room mates decided to call it quits. As soon as I touched my bed, I was knocked out due to the extra curricular activities and exams. I could not feel anything that happened throughout the night. The next morning, my roommates looked tired, as if they did not get enough rests and complained if I could hear anything that night. I was as fresh as a daisy and told them I could not hear a single sound! By roommate, sleeping on the lower bunk, told me that all of them were disturbed by the singing voice coming from my bed. I was shocked.

Another encounter I had was during the night as well. Why does all these things happen at night you ask me? I have no idea. But as usual, everyone was already sleeping soundly. I suddenly got up in the middle of the night. I had no idea but I felt that something was staring at me. I turned my back and there was my room mate right across the bed staring pearly eyes straight at me. Initially, I thought it was because she wanted to ask me if I wanted to accompany her to the ladies (for she was always afraid of the dark). But when I whispered her name, she did not react at all. I whispered a few more times just to make sure she heard me but her face remain expressionless and her eyes did not blink. Scared, I turned my back against her and tried to calm myself down. The next morning, she complaint the tiredness of her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. When I related the whole incident to her, she had no recollection or whatsoever of waking up in the middle of the night.

There are many more encounters during my many years there but to list down this are just the few that really made my hair stand thinking about it.

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30 Responses to “UITM, Malaysia haunted?”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Well, many things can be happened in a hostel. When I was studying in Politeknik and staying in the hostel for the 1st semester, I can heard weird sound like children playing, someone jumping or running at corridor. When I open the door, there was nothing. The weird sound can hear it almost everynight.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    ew, you just made my hair stand up! Ya, I got lots of friends telling me about all the hostel stories. Luckily I didn’t have to stay in one myself!

  3. Farith Rezza Says:

    Well…things does happened.. I heard many stories at UiTM and kinda-same-version stories at other universities as well.. Its weird to say, the one who tell stories were mostly not the one who experienced it.. -.-” Anyway, I never encountered any mysterious events after almost 3 years in UiTM…but I would not want to! ;p

  4. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Farith, you’re absolutely right! Most of the hostel ghost stories are almost the same. Not much creativity at all, I would say. Frankly, I also wouldn’t want to experience any of these myself! Sometimes, I wonder how would I react if this things do happen, then, I think, I wouldn’t be like that. I’ll most probably faint or die of shock or sth.

  5. aieyda anieys Says:

    HI there… UTIM…hheheheh .. sure happens…. it happens to me…. i wasin science applied course.. my hostel is in C3 – meaning Cempaka campus in Uitm shah alam.. i think stress of exam.. i was restless..couldnt get to sleep… in C3 its like a long narrow dorm.so we have the bed against the wall facing the tall closet and by the window we would have our long study table…

    at that nite.. around 3am.. i woke up..listen to a gurl voice that i cannot even recognize at all…i can hear flipping of papers.. but it was dark!!!..but still i can see because of the street lights in front of our dorm… i listen carefully at her voice.. right infront of my bed.. meaning she was sitting at my desk.. i was wondering.. who was it…suddenly she said…. ” susah lah soa lan ni…saaaaapppeer blom tido ek??” followed by giggles…. it really freak me out… i got goosebumps all over…

    i quickly covered my face with my blanket…i was shivering & sweating like hell..i can sense a figure in front of my face & breathing hardly in front of me..i couldnt dare to open my eyes & blanket. then i heard the chair …dragged from end to the other end.. i took a peep as it reach in front af my bed area..but i coulnt not see anything..( the street light was actually quite bright..it was our nite light)…

    i didnt sleep untill morning…. the next morning i told one of my seniors.. then she revealed a story..my bed was double decker..on top..second end of the left room… the last bed..exactly against the wall ..the lower bed… a gurl student suicide becoz she was frustrated with her BF….she cut her wrist.. they realize when they smell blood & see pool of blood…no wonder my senior didnt allowed anyone to stay in that bed…

    starting from that day.. i stayed at my mom’s where actually its near by itm… i was totally freakout… i cannot study i cannot concentrate.. i actually dismissed from applied science… then i continue in Uitm perak..the story continues… but not as bad as this…

    just keep in faith in ur believing & God… everything would be alright….

  6. ic3_Que3n Says:

    your experience sounds exactly like my friend’s experience!

  7. AiEyDa AniEyS Says:

    hehe ice, i might be ur fren… 😛

  8. ic3_Que3n Says:

    haha…. i don’t have any friends that are interior designers! 🙂 but now i have one 😉

  9. fiana_alfiana Says:

    i have experienced one like yours but in cempaka 1. It send a booze of goosebumps when i think of it.. Thank god i already finished my degree there..Your part you closed your eyes..But for me, i had opened mine..Imagine the sight that met my eyes…

  10. Farith Rezza Says:

    This is weird, I was here 3 years ago and somehow something got me back here! Now that’s scary!! LOL..NAH! Well Aieyda, what I can say here.. your story did make my hair stand coz hearing from the one who really experienced it. And yeah kolej cempaka uitm does look a lil ‘scary’ but same thing for perindu kolej. I was there for a year, but never did encounter anything. Lol, i can remember stories of makcik jual karipap kt tepi tingkap upper floor n stuff and it was great time when us roommates chill together at midnight telling ghost stories.
    Anyway, ladies I believe, drop by at my blog n leave some trail so I’ll remember my replies here, or else it’ll took me another 3 years! Hehe ;p

  11. Kai Says:

    OK. i was an UiTM Shah Alam graduate and it is known for ghost stories..The famous spot is always the good old Tower ..THE MENARA,…and the Perindu Fraternity.

    1) When it reach Midnight…The Menara (The Big old main tower building on the hill of the University) is off-limits for humans!!
    I heard the story my own dad and he is the ex-student of Uitm .In the 70’s, there a lot of bizzare things happened during its constructions.it seems so hard to complete it.many challenges like, wall suddenly disappeared,missing tools,and construction workers face mishaps and injuries.And the most told stories is, whenever the external layer of the building is being painted with colour..,the colour will suddenly vanished on the next day..like no one paint it before.So, the Administration asked a help from an Ustaz ( An Islamic Preacher) (Btw, Legend said, that ustaz was the Ustaz Haron Din, the famous Ustaz who deals with Paranormal in Malaysia).
    So, The Ustaz ,who was believe have made the negotiation with ‘The Unseen’..requested the Administration not to paint the whole external layer of the building (Menara). WHY?..there’s no specific reason ..No one know the reason until today..they admin followed what he said, and it succefully completed.
    So, if u happened to go to UiTM Shah Alam or just passing thru Federal Highway in day time..you will see the Menara is still left unpainted..until now…the colour was the same as it was 1st complete , 38 years ago.dull grey. not like other buildings which is being painted with the Uni Colour of purple and maroon.

    But then after the completion,..there were a number of case where students lost in the Menara (tower) and it happened at midnight. In the 70’s , The main Library was in the top level of the Menara and students always stay up until midnight to do revision. The recovered victims will mentioned the same thing that cause them to went missing in the Menara : They were distracted by a voice calling their names and followed the voice into ‘a maze’..
    Since then, the Admin closed the library and moved it near the Business School,now know as Tunku Abdul Razak Library(now opened until midnight and 3am during Exam week) and other portion were moved to the ground floor of the Menara (which is until now will immediately closed after 9pm). And since then, the students were forbid to go up to the Menara after 10pm.The lectures held in the Menara will end at 10pm.

    There’s no solution or reason why..until today.

    2) and then , if u lucky enough..at night , try to stare at the top of the Menara . If u are in perfect time , you will see a visual of girl jump of the Menara..
    The legend said, in the 80’s there was a female students who commit suicide by jump to the ground from the MENARA ..dunno why she did that.but if lucky,we can see the ‘renactment’ of her committed that..like watching a replay video ..

    Perindu Fraternity:The haunted room.
    In the 80’s..Perindu is a sorority( Hostel for female)..but a female student commit suicide by wrapping her neck with a long cloth , tied it to the ceiling fan then turn the fan on and strangling herself to dead. Countless stories were heard about the room where now It being sealed.NO ENTRANCE.

    So, now..PERINDU is part of Fraternity for ROTU the Army Reserved Officer training Unit.

  12. Farith Rezza Says:

    Wahh..kai banyak cerita die tau la 😉 best btul, jom bile2 lepak mamak cite lg :p Anyway, here I am again, responding to yet another reply..best la kat cni… wat Kai told is true..the building was never painted… I often wonder why..so was this one foreigner (not mat saleh la), he’s from mid-east, a freshie here at UiTM, and he asked me,

    “Why they leave the building unpainted.. what do you think about it? Do you like it that way?”

    Blank for awhile, then I answered, “I think la they wanna preserve the original texture, material of the building so it gets the look of an old and majestic”. Then I said, “I like the color tho, it gives the creeps n all”.

    See. I get the creeps just by looking at it. The menara memang menakutkan, but then again i think its ermmm very gah. Sebenarnye skrg ni tgk online kat PTAR..yg kat menara tu la.. jap lagi around 9pm, i’ll go up to highest floor menara, see la if got meremang bulu roma ke 😉 I’ll reply back asap..kalau dlm 3 hari x reply, plz plz get some help, mana la tau kan..MIA ke ;p

    p/s: i dont think we hav greek system (residential) here in uitm..how i wish we hav frats and sorority ;p its more like dormitory..

  13. RAZE Says:

    soooo…. it’s past 3 days now, do u think…. er…. perhaps….. nah…… or something. . . . . . . . . YASSIN…….

  14. Farith Rezza Says:

    RAZE…jgn la baca Yassin lagi…gua hidup lg beb..lupa nak reply! huhu.. Malam tu pegi, xde apa2 pun, risau je hehe.. Ada jumpa port baru kat menara tu, sapa2 yang berani nak join msg2 me k..i’ll teman u guys pegi tengok dan rasa ‘keindahan’ dan ‘kedamaian’ tingkat tertinggi menara berhan..UiTM XD hehe

  15. tasha Says:

    Hi.. after reading the story from aieyda anieys, i suddenly remember that i experience almost the same thing.
    i woke up in the mid of the night and then i suddenly hear ‘someone’ was flipping papers very rapidly. but then she didnt say anything.. at the same time i heard some sort of a cry.. but weird cry.. like a cat’s crying or a baby’s crying or a dog’s crying.

    from that night onwards, i slept with my buddy sharing bed everynight until semester finished.!!

    btw, i stayed in kenanga 5 before…..

  16. Shawna Cother Says:

    Hello dude , This is amazing posting for my homework from university Do u have twitter account ?? i want to follow your twitt . Good bye

  17. helmy abdullah Says:

    Any leads regarding the allegged sightings of P Ramlee ghosts purportedly at Putra LRT?

  18. zaza Says:

    I realise this post is already over 2 years old but I can’t help being creeped out by commenter aieyda’s story. that’s actually quite a prevalent and well-known urban legend in UiTM. Being a UiTM graduate myself, there’s been scores of story that seniors would relate (most of them the friend-of-a-friend variety). and one of the more famous ones was the ‘Budak Sebelah’ (person next door) legend. it goes like this:

    late at night, as you’re about to fall asleep, there will be a knock on the door. and when you ask, ‘who is it?’, the answer you’ll get is ‘budak sebelah’. thinking it’s your next door neighbour coming over to hang out, you open the door only to find a person (ghost) but there was only half of him/her! (sebelah can also be interpreted as one half so budak sebelah=one-half kid).

    and an actual thing that happened to me and my friends was when we were doing our mass comm diploma at puncak perdana (we were the first batch to stay there). puncak perdana was this apartment-style hostel so we like to hang out downstairs at the marble table and chairs until late at night or right into the early hours of the morning. one night (or morning, depending on how you look at it) all of us saw two fireballs streaking right above the hostel roofs. and they were flying low so they’re definitely not meteorites or whatever. according to my friend, this was a pelesit sent by someone to harm an enemy.

    also, paranormal occurences would peak as exam season approaches. once, there was this ‘hysteria pandemic’ that the JPK (hostel admin committee) announced ‘perintah berkurung’. we all had to lock shut the doors and windows come night time while the hysteria breakout was being taken care of. we also had these study rooms in one ground unit in each block. sometimes my friends and i would study there until morning come exam time but once, i saw a long-haired woman in white floated right outside the balcony doors and i never studied there again.

    there were also the usual knockings on windows (even though my room was on the fourth floor and there was no ledge to stand on), glimpses of little toyols playing in the living room, noises coming from the bathroom even though no one was inside and various other incidents.

  19. NakCerita Says:

    I was a student in ITM (now aka UiTM) back then in 1993. My hostel was in Perindu 4, Room 2003. The sealed room in Perindu is actually just 40 meters from my room. Sometimes there would be crying and screaming heard coming from that room. I stayed in in the same room in Perindu 4 for 3 years and got used to it but the story about the girl who hang herself is true, told to me by the hostel warden back then whom is En Halim.

  20. zaza Says:

    speaking of hanging, when I was in my first semester, I was staying in UiTM Arau, Perlis. There was one whole hostel block in Arau that was closed off (this was in 2004). I think it was Kempas, because my friend was staying in Resak, which was opposite Kempas. Anyway, our senior told us that one or two semester back, a girl committed suicide by jumping from the top floor. after that, for some reason, Kempas was converted into a boys’ hostel (which was weird since it’s facing a girls’ hostel). maybe the hostel admin thought the place was a bit ‘keras’ for girls to stay in.

    however, it was not long before stories of hauntings began to surface and the hostel was then left completely empty. since I was only there for one semester, I don’t know what happened to the hostel now. UiTM is increasing their intake every semester so I think maybe Kempas is occupied again now.

    Regarding Perindu, well, until now I feel that the hostel is very creepy. it’s always so gloomy there no matter what time you pass by that place. Maybe that’s why they put all the ‘tough’ ROTU guys there 😀

  21. barreneye Says:

    wow … this is cool..next to Ria Apartment Genting.

  22. Madmosielle Unknown Says:


  23. Ex Uitm Says:

    hahahahaah I have experienced this UiTM creeps before. I was a mass comm outcampus students which i had to attend classes from 6pm- 10pm 3 days a week. Ok, there was time when we had to take our exams in Menara. One fine day, me and my friends was waiting for the lift to Tingkat 14 to take our exam. When we all first entered the lift, yeah it was creepy as there are surah ‘Yassin’ pasted on all the four walls of the lift. One of my fren press the 14th floor button. While the lift goes up, i think between grd flr and 1st floor, all of us giggle and make fun of the ghost stories we have heard before. And all of a sudden, the lift stop at 3rd floor when none of us press the 3rd flr button. When the lift opens, all of us suddenly became quiet as we can see the 3rd floor is empty, dark, and the door is closed with wooden planks. Two of my frens who is very ignorance went out of the lift as they thought that we have reached the 14 flr, without noticing that it is the 3rd floor. Then as soon as my frens went out of the lift, the lift door closed. Then we heard our frens screamed. we was so worried in the lift as the lift goes up to the 14th floor. When we reached 14th floor, We waited for our frens to come up as none of us are willing to go down to 3rd floor and search for them. Later, our two frens finally came up to 14th floor and we asked what happened and why did they screamed. They told us that they screamed because when they are out of the lift, they were shocked to see that the floor is empty and dark and when they were trying to press the lift button so that the lift door opens back, there was no lift button at the 3rd floor!! So they have to climb up the stairs to 4th floor and take the lift. So who press the the lif’st button that makes the lift stops at 3rd floor??? theres ghost at the 3rd floor which wants to take the lift to the next floor? or perhaps the ghost took the lift from the grd floor and stops at the 3rd floor?? Nobody knows…

  24. solo_wing22 Says:

    u guys very geng wor…i stayed at perindu 4 and perindu 2 before.the place said famous with haunting, but nothing happen also.
    i sometimes roam around to these locked rooms but never see or heard anything. and now, perindu 4 is closed for renovations and u can see that they’re opening every rooms including locked ones for renovation, so maybe the ‘things’ have gone huh?

  25. Alsaeris Says:

    Interesting story…too much story about Perindu. How bout Mawar? I’ve been here for a month and have heard a lot of stories which is happen to my friends and yeah, I’ve experienced one too.

  26. J Says:

    care to tell us your story, Alsaeris?

  27. Ammal Dzulfiqar Says:

    i was there in puncak perdana too when the story of that fireball took place..lucky for us the health science students to be shifted to Alamanda not long after that=PP

  28. Ammal Dzulfiqar Says:

    and i remembered too that there were some stories that some of the mass comm girls experienced some unnatural forces meddling with them in the night by knocking on the room doors and played on-off with the light switches. i myself, with 2 other friends had once heard like a tapping sound from the balcony door and seen a white figure at 3 am when we stayed up studying for immunology test..lol

  29. Alsaeris Says:

    After almost a year~ I’m back to this forum 😀

    Well , I stayed at Mawar block 1A. And luckily, I just encountered two experiences that I don’t wish to face again.
    But it will be no fun to tell here!! I’ll post one about my experience and Mawarians moment when we saw banshee on top of Engineering Faculty.
    If DSB, I think I’ve faced one during the 211 debate. But I’m not sure if it’s something…..super natural.
    I think it just my feeling.

  30. J Says:

    Well, if it is UiTM, my brother used to have stories about it, there’s one in Skudai right? (not so close with him so not so sure the location as I never really care about him), this stories happened to his dorm-mates, not to him, as he is the “unlucky” one as in some chinese’s saying, if you encounter ‘things’ from the beyond, you are considered lucky. The dorm that he stayed in back in the days were supposedly to be closed but due to the crowd, it was opened back. Rumors has it that the building was already haunted and that is why it is closed but because there is no where for them to stay, they just put up with it and stay there. Well, the story started with a friend of my brother woke up late in the night to go to the toilet and passing the hall, he saw a group of people carrying a coffin, like the one you see when someone passed away (Malay’s ceremony). There is also this once, another friend, or to make it more exact, all of the dorm-mates could hear people walking in the area with chains on their legs! And guess what my brother was doing the whole time, yes, sound asleep! XD

    There is also one story of a friend of him, not sure in which college or university but I remembered it was in KL. This particular friend have a shower alone late at night until someone come in to the next bath/cubicle for a shower, knowing that someone was there as the water was flowing, the friend just ignore it. This friend was singing to a song, ‘kalau aku kaya’, when the next door guy sing along, with ‘kalau leher aku panjang’ and the guy next door just expand his neck to peek at this friend.

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