Karaoke Ghost or Conspiracy?

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Foreword : This is one rumour I heard from a known aquiantance of mine. She mentioned that it happened to a friend’s of hers but after hearing the exact story once again from another friend of mine whom also told me it happened to her friend, I was a skeptic to what degree of truth is there to this story. Anyhow, I’m sharing this story for everyone’s benefit of the doubt.

Karaoke! A place where people go to relax, enjoy and have some fun. In the recent years, karaoke centers are getting more popular and most visited by both teenagers and adults of different ages. With the recent boom in this industry, everyone wants a piece of the cake and the most popular and frequented karaoke centers happened to be RxxBxx, Malaysia (supposedly to be originated from Hong Kong)

May’s friend, Jolin, and her 2 friends decided to spend the boring weekday by going for some singing sessions. She and her friends like any other teenagers have the fantasy of one day becoming a successful singer like their idols. By going to their favourite karaoke spots at the center of the town, they’ve always thought that practice makes perfect. That is, until that unfortunate day.

It was just any other ordinary day except that they had really a lot of fun singing for at least 3 hours. After that, they decided that they had enough and asked for the bill. To their horror, they saw the receipt billing them 4 people instead of 3 (this karaoke center bills per pax).

In their anger, they called on the manager of the outlet and demanded for an explaination after the cashier refused to change the bill. They asked the manager why are they billed for 4 when there’s only the 3 of them. Jolin even asked if the manager knows how to count!

Still refusing to change the bill, the manager showed them a camera footage of their room when they were singing their lungs out. There, the manager pointed another figure of a person sitting at the corner of the room and insisted that they brought along one of their friend.

The girls were shocked and quickly paid the bill and left.

The thing was, some thought that it could be one of the karaoke’s scam to trick people into paying more so they could earn even more during the slow hours. But then again, could the girls really “smuggle” another friend into the center without being noticed by the staffs there whom were mostly in and out of the room serving them drinks and food? You be the judge.

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16 Responses to “Karaoke Ghost or Conspiracy?”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    I don’t think a well-known karaoke center did this trick to make people pay more. Try to think on this way, KTV room always dark and gloomy, I’m not supprise got 3rd party in there. I felt ‘something’ before in a KTV room.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Dunno wor, but this is some of the theories I’ve got from some people as well. But ew, lucky I seldom go k!

  3. ghost Says:

    I felt good about this post. It confirmed for me some of the things I’ve been thinking about.

  4. ch3r Says:

    Its a little weird that those girls cannot defend themselves that 3 of them were in the room.
    I heard somewhere on the internet about this ‘case’ that the video of the “ghost” was idle. So i dont think it is “it” bcoz ghosts are not static.
    and maybe there was some dirt on the camera lense that had a form of a person.

  5. aieyda anieys Says:

    auwww..my officemate just ask me to go out for karaoke..now i’ll think twice!!!

  6. axa Says:

    I have little experience with Karaoke but I remember the fee is inclusive of maybe a drink or two, food, etc. Their personnel makes frequent visits to the room to fulfil these obligations. It is not likely that they add head count without serving the stuff in the package.

  7. Sephiroth Says:

    in my place, Sandakan I think in SRC karaoke-ing is free

  8. DanSiowGui Says:

    yeap.. those place are quit spooky one… especially the Gxeexbxx Karaoke in Golden Triangle area.. brother of my fren has made booking but they accidently release their room to other guest… so the manager ask them to wait for another room…. but this room is veli cool even air-cond switch to d minimum…..and there is always a backup singing voice…it noes every song that u sing..so scared after i heard this story and not dare to go tat karaoke liao

  9. A.yako Says:

    this story i heard it from my boyfriend before . only that he say the same thing happen in singapore .

  10. Vasily_Hknen Says:

    I think that it was true. Devils like to stay around places such as karaokes, toilets, abandoned buildings, pubs etc. Music, unlimited entertainment, human wastes are some of the sources that attract these beings.

    I’ve been to an average karaoke before, but not a “5-stars” one like in KL or anywhere ;D

  11. MANUTD Says:

    Actually it happened to my friends before. I was supposed to join her gang for a karaoke session at Pavillion. The thing is the video footage shown a girl with long hair was following them into the room. They were supposed to be 6 people but the bill came to 7 people but after much arguments with the manager *my friends do not believe in ghosts* they got their bill right. But it did leave them wonder who was the girl because they didn’t recall going in with a long hair girl.

  12. Amen P Says:

    this seriously happened to my sister and her friends in pavillion….they were only four of them…the waiter came and ask what would they like for drinks….they said all of them want cokes….the waiter came back with 5 glasses….they took advantage of it….and the second time the waiter ask…they did the same thing…..and the story goes the same as the others except they only pay for four of them

  13. Kaz Says:

    i heard the same thing happen to my boyfriend..my boyfriend and his friends were at that particular karaoke joint u mentioned in The Curve and the same thing happened to them..they asked the manager to show them the security tapes and they saw a girl with long hair sitting quietly at one corner of the room..she was sitting so quietly that you’d barely notice she was there..regardless, it freaked them out so bad they never went there again..

  14. Motorolla Says:

    I’ve heard the song ‘Cindai’ by Siti Norhaliza was banned in some karaoke centre because the song is haunted. This is because another meaning for Cindai is banshee or pontianak.

    Can anybody confirm this please….

  15. Cryyz Says:

    i heard the story before from my friend. but i think the karaoke center has been closed down .i somewhere kl

  16. Roger Says:

    I even have the same experience. It happens in the same company too.

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