Sri Aman Damansara’s Haunted Toilet

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This is one story that my friend told me teaching me never ever, ever to toilet alone in a place that you are not familiar with, erm, especially in the early morning!

I’m not really the kind of person that always experience any ghost or haunting. Not especially when this incident happened still left me feeling doubtful about it. Til this day, the sounds I heard is still clear in my mind although it was already past 2 years. It happened in a very early morning. Me and my sister have decided to go for some international marathon run that was organized every year. Without fail we would join the run just for the fun of it. Since I was staying in OUG, I would drive to my sister’s place at Sri Aman, Damansara where the location of the run held was nearer to her place. This year, however, was slightly different. Her friend decided to join us and since she could not drive, the plan was me driving to my sister’s place then we would car pool to her friend’s house in Kepong.

The plan was going accordingly when upon reaching my sister’s friend’s house my dear sister realized that she forgot to bring her running shoes. Thinking that we still had the time, my sister decided to head back to her house to get her stuff. When we reached Sri Aman’s condominium, me and her friend waited at the car while she took the lift and came back with her shoes. As we were driving out to the guard house, I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet. My sister suggested that I could take a lift up to her house since it was nearby but I thought that it was pretty troublesome since I had to wait for the lift and such. Then my sister suggested to use the toilet located near the swimming pool. I agreed and she stopped nearby.

The toilet had only 2 cubicles, one for the guys and one for the ladies. The toilet for the guys was on the right whereas the toilet on the left are for the ladies. Behind the toilet was some sort of storage area and since it was still early, the place was quite dark. I turned on the lights and headed for the ladies. To tell you the truth, I’m the kind that’s pretty particular about the cleanliness of a toilet and since the toilet was the sitting kind, I thought the better of it and decided to step on the toilet bowl instead.

As soon I as put my right leg on the toilet bowl, I heard someone to my right shouting “Ooi!”. The voice was deep and sounded much like a man’s voice. I was quickly stunned and stopped short putting my left right back on the ground. But since I was already on a super urge to go toilet I didn’t care. This time, I climbed onto the toilet bowl and release myself. In the middle of business, again I heard someone to my right shouting “Ooi!” only this time it was louder and clearer. Goosebumps on the back of my hair raised and I quickly finished my business. At that point of time, I thought that it could be someone at the guys toilet but common sense told me that was impossible since it was still very early in the morning (approximately 4am).

As I ran towards my sister’s car, I glanced behind to take a peek hoping that it was really someone but there was no one at the guys toilet and it toilet was still vacant. In the car, I asked my sister if anyone went to toilet besides me but both she and her friend confirmed that there wasn’t a soul to be seen. Only me. Now, I can only wonder if my action of stepping on the toilet bowl offended them.

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12 Responses to “Sri Aman Damansara’s Haunted Toilet”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Maybe the thing warn not to step on the toilet bowl instead of sitting?

  2. evie Says:

    LOL Kenny, must be a janitor ghost then… LOL

  3. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    He must be one of the cleaner who has died.. and scolding you for stepping on his toilet bowl!! Very difficult to clean one, you know!!

  4. ic3_que3n Says:

    kenny, evie, purple mushroom : I actually kind of suggested to my friend also that it must be the cleaner because no one would wanna ooi you in the early morning except to protect themselves from doing more job! 😛

  5. pisang Says:

    yeah.. agree with kenny,evie and purple mushroom coment….
    may be you should sit and say sorry…..

  6. Laonianq Says:

    Maybe it’s the toilet bowl ghost? Cause you step on it then it shouted because it’s very pain?

  7. dayrelled Says:

    i agree also with kenny,evie,purple mushroom (wau an interesting name) and you also pisang….. maybe u should go there and say sorry to the ghost

  8. Setan Says:

    My mom used to tell us to asked for permission when we are doing business at the localised area. Clasped your hand and say ‘forgive me for disturbing I need to pee, shit or etc’. You could have offended the spirit, lucky you didn’t fall sick.

  9. EYMZ Says:

    haha.. i have a stories, my own experienced since i’ve worked in Dewan Philharmonic orchestra at KLCC. (just part time as usher). well. the toilet in MPC is very nice, clean and tidy, a luxury toilet. Most of people who enter in Dewan Philharmonic is VIP, from malaysia n also guest from others country like Japan, mexico, Hong Kong, German and etc. Because they like to see performance or concert in Dewan Philharmonic Orchestra such as, classic musical, pianist,violist from the import musician (professional one laa )around the world . well, i wanna tell you about the toilet.. erm.. sesapa yang pernah kerja kat situ, memang kena usik kat toilet. macam-macam la kitorang pernah kena.. kena simbah air, dengar bunyi orang mintak tolong like this ” help…help… help me….” well, aku rasa bunyi tu datang nye dari mangsa time nak buat KLCC dulu kot.. manala tahu kan, berapa ramai yang mati masa nak wat KLCC tue.. cerita ni, orang atasan la yang bagi tahu kat aku. kalau kat dalam guest room ( VIP room) plak, biasa la kitorang kena setting dulu sebelum performance start. well, guest room memang besar. n setiap bilik hanya seorang usher sahaja yang kena jaga. nak dijadikan cerita, kitorang selalu nampak bayang atau kelibat seorang lelaki yang memakai sut. just nampak dari pandangan belakang lelaki tu sahaja. well, kalaulihat dari belakang, memang nampak dia nie macam handsome, tinggi,…erm kitorang selalu nampak dia dok kat atas sofa. bila kitorang datang dekat sikit, bayangan tu terus hilang.. well, aku still tertanya-tanya siapa bayangan lelaki tersebut. aku rasa mesti ada tak kena dengan tempat tue.. mistery man…….!!!

  10. Ace Says:

    Is it true that Dewan Philharmonic Orchestra is haunted when nobody in the building got phantom music being played?

  11. LoveSpell Says:

    I agree with Setan.

  12. janice Says:

    y must u tand on the bowl instead of sitting?….if u wan to use the toilet,u shld clasp ur hnds say sorry for disturbing…then use them..after u r done,say sorry again then leave..
    maybe its the ghost janitor or something else tht died thr…he must hate it when u stand on the toilet bowl…
    arent u scared?

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