Incident at Malacca Hotel

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My colleague recently came back from her holidays at Malacca and had a scare when she decided to stay at Century Mahkota Hotel. Century Mahkota Hotel, Malacca is currently located just behind Mahkota Parade shopping center. When she choose the hotel together with her husband, she thought it was the strategic location and affordable prices that got her interested but somehow did she not know that something eerie was lurking.

On the day she and her husband checked into Century Mahkota Hotel, Malacca they were pretty tired after the 2 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur. As soon as they arrived to Malacca, they took a quick lunch and proceeded to the hotel for some rest before heading for their pre-arranged agenda for the day. When they checked into the hotel room apartment, my friend’s husband decided to turn on the tap in the bathroom just to get the water running but to his horror, instead of clear water, he saw stinking dark brownish water. Noticing something amiss, he alert his wife and they decided to call the reception to get an answer for this “bad” service.

When the receptionist picked up the call, the husband explained the situation and demanded an answer why the water was unclean. The receptionist then asked the husband to hold on for a while. After several seconds, the receptionist came back online and told him, “Oh, I’m sorry sir but it seems that we have mistakenly placed you in the wrong apartment. The apartment room that you are currently staying has very long been vacant therefore causing the stinking dark brownish water since no one has been staying there for quiet some time.”

Do you think what I’m thinking?

The couple packed up their belongings and ran out of the room as fast as they could.

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17 Responses to “Incident at Malacca Hotel”

  1. Reg Says:

    Nothing spooky about that… Mud and oil get clogged in water pipes if no water flows through for a while, just leave the tap running for a while and the water will become clear again. If your friend flushed the toilet she would have seen the same dirty water flowing out as well.

    However… since the apartment has been vacant for a while, maybe it was also ‘dirty’ in other ways… a narrow escape for your friend perhaps?

  2. pisang Says:

    that was really poor maintainance in that hotel…..

  3. suanie Says:

    heh apparently a famosa resort in melaka also the same.

  4. ic3_que3n Says:

    reg, i totally agree! But when they told her the apartment was vacant.. wrong apartment… hm.. our mind starts to wonder don’t they

    pisang, its a really old hotel already

    suanie, got another story for me?

  5. Kenny Ng Says:

    Well… the pipe must be rusty, I don’t feel any wrong. Anyway… just prevent it.

  6. lance166 Says:

    watch too much “Darkwater” movie =P

  7. azroy Says:

    Hi,i had experience in mahkota and farmosa hotel.
    very eerie when i entered makhkota parade apartment but the place is very relaxing for holiday.
    as for formosa,my mom and dad had encounterd the sound of people crying after midnight.very scary sound was heard at the undevelope building facing the hotel.If you are lucky you can see ghost there.

    i too was disturb by a sound of bell at my door hotel…keep ringiin at my door around 2am in the morning.when i leep from the window glass,there was no one ..i quickly took my blanket i cover my body and prey that the thing will go.The Bell keep ringing untul 5am in the morning.


  8. aieyda anieys Says:

    hurmm hotel horror… all hotel i believe would have a story…. i got one..well not an interesting story… just an info… im a interior architect…right now im on a task…refurbish a resort in Cherating..well known resort.. beautiful beach & rooms.. so when we have to do mock up rooms… i was not allowed to enter 3 units of suites of the hotel By the owner himself..

    He said it was permanently close & thats y he took off those 3 units refurbish cost from the budget. I ask y..he just was not meant to be guests rooms & nothing they can let it be.. so i didnt ask for more… one of it..suite 320…… u can see from outside..the balcony is horrible …the timber floor is broken.. really look scary… so i didnt do any site inspection at that suite tower… still have those same feeling & goosebumps.. and i have to go there tomorrow again!! yikes!!!

  9. BimmerMan Says:

    Aiyohh, poor maintenance only mahhhhh. Like that also want to classify as spooky stories meh?

  10. Dominic Says:

    Mahkota hotel looks good in the day but eerie at night especially if you are facing the jetty.Saw sumthing on top of a tree when I was there….

  11. Big Cow Says:

    i have a friend who owns an apt in Century Mahkota as a holiday home. And each time we go to Melaka, we will stay in that apt. and everytime we go there, we have to let the water run for about 30mins just like in the story. I believe it’s just mud and dirt lor… nothing spooky 😀

  12. Deryk Says:

    Its an old property..thus its normal for the pipes to be like that..truth be told that its spooky thats for sure but I think what this couple experienced is just a case of bad maintenance..

  13. Jalan-Jalan Carik Pasal Says:

    Was on a company trip awhile back in Ipoh, didnt bothered to get a reservation since we all thought it will be a day trip but how wrong we were, the due diligence exercise took us longer than we thought.

    Not wanting to leave the work undone, our group..3 ladies n 1 guy, which is me, decided to find a hotel to stay overnight..unfortunately, most hotels were fully booked since it is a school holiday but alas, we got 2 rooms at Heritage Hotel Ipoh

    Drive swiftly after our dinner and being the only male, i am alone in my room while the 3 ladies in an adjacent room. Shower n Isya’ prayer and off to bed since i am way way tired

    Not entire;y sure what time it was but i was awoken perhaps a few hours after i dozed off by a very low murmur/snore of someone sleeping next to my bed! Wasnt particular suspicious, i tried to turn my back but i cant..i can blink, move my fingers but i cant move. The sounds getting louder and louder making it like a giggling sound of of a small girl.

    The back of my body were touch by something hairy and the giggling turned into a audible laughter, i visibly felt that a pair of eyes were looking at me at the whole time

    Powerless, i tried to move my body while muttering all sort of Quranic verses that i can muster…felt like an eternity but the moment i can move my hands, i quickly turn around and saw …nothing!

    Nuff said, i was out like a flash next morning eager to finish work and get back to KL ASAP

    After a few months, discussed this with some of my close friends, i concluded that perhaps i was too tired and my mind were playing tricks on me

    Though it is not an incident i want to go through again.

  14. Freddy Says:

    when you are in Melaka try to stay in Palace Hotel,Jln Munshi Abdullah..Level 4 and 5…amazing experience

  15. Tony88 Says:

    The scary story for hotel?try hotel in genting….there have 1 hotel which not enough lift button for the floor exp(10floor if u count at outside but only 9 floor available even at the reception.for normal time calculation there are 2-3 sec for each floor but for that floor are 4-5sec coz it will auto jump to upper floor without stop…why?think bout it.

  16. Tony88 Says:

    Try summit hotel…few floor which have people walking cross by your room again and again and ring your door bell at mid nite and when you wake up to open the door there are empty……for dynasty hotel at sentul?more scary…that one not hear or other people story..true story wooooa go and try your self book 11floor service suite….if can bring alone friend..try it(not sure which room)forget d.won’t make u disappointed…all live like magic.

  17. Mango Says:

    I agree with what Pisang said

    Sincerely from your fruit family 🙂

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