Sightings at during a Mamak Session

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What was supposed to be happy gathering turned out a horror when my friend freaked out. You see, all these while, my friend, Sue always has a gift that some called it a curse. She was extraordinarily gifted with the power of a 3rd eye. However, Sue claims that the 3rd eye does not always work and sometimes when she realized that she saw something that others did not see, she would be scared and it would be followed with a high fever for at least a week.

One incident that remained in my mind was one gathering with our ex-colleagues during a mamak session in Petaling Jaya. We were all having fun joking and sue appeared relaxed as well until approximately about 11pm she seemed to withdraw from every conversation and joke. One of my friend sitting next to her asked if she was feeling well but all she ever replied was a nod. At one point, all of us started to notice the funny changes in her. She seemed pretty distracted and kept on looking at a certain direction. Everyone of us was really concerned and since some of us knew about her gift, we immediately knew what was happening.

After a while, she started to cry. All of us were really shocked and asked her what had happened and she just kept on saying leave me alone. At that point, everyone at the mamak stall was shocked and staring at sue wondering what was wrong with her. We kept on asking her what happened but she was already starting to be at a state of hysteria Suddenly, she started to grab the car keys that was on the table and ran towards my friend’s car. As she reached the car, she quickly got in the driver’s seat and locked herself in. Me and my friends were really shocked and worried and tried to persuade her to unlock the car doors and let us in. She refused and kept on crying and covering herself in a fetal position.

After what seemed like eternity, she finally unlocked the car doors and asked my friend to drive her back home. She was still crying. Me and my other friends followed her back home and upon reaching her house, she immediately ran indoors, into her bedroom and locked herself in. we kept calling out for her but we could only hear sobs. Co-incidently, her parents were not at home (they were out of town) and one of sue’s best friend called her parents to tell them the news. Her parents agreed to rush back home and meanwhile some of us decided to stay with her til her parents were back. It was not until about 2am only did her parents reached home. They thanked us for everything and we headed back home. The next day when I went over to visit sue, she was having high fever and was really weak.

On another gathering about a month after the incident only did we asked sue what had happened the other night. She said that at the mamak stall everything was all right until a old lady approached and kept on talking to her. She realized immediately that the old lady was a ghost after none of us seemed to react to this uninvited guest. She tried to ignore the old lady but the old lady was standing next to her talking to her. She was very scared and thought of running into the car to lock herself away from the old lady but even when all of us surrounded the car she could still see the old lady staring at her talking. It was after a while that she thought of returning home. Perhaps the old lady would not follow her then. When she reached home, she was so scared that she locked herself in the bedroom. it seemed the old lady did not follow her back as she could not see her anymore. still in a state of shock, she did not dare to open the doors although we were crying out to her as she was afraid of the old lady waiting outside her bedroom. When she looked out of her bedroom window, she could see the old lady waiting for her outside of her house. Apparently the old lady could not enter the house for there was a shrine facing the main doorway to her house.

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4 Responses to “Sightings at during a Mamak Session”

  1. zewt Says:


    maybe the old lady wanted something urgently?

  2. kelvin Says:

    i’ve seen a scary lady like this b4 in old town petaling jaya…

  3. night shade Says:

    u seen 1 at petaling where

  4. Aunty Says:

    What was the old lady actually saying though???

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