Ghostly encounter in Hotel Langkawi

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This is a courtesy from Lee

Although an atheist, I do believe in the supernatural existence of spirits and ghosts. This recent encounter happened to me 2 months ago while holidaying in Kondo Istana, Langkawi. This is very very very real, right from the start to the end.

In Langkawi, 2 months ago, I met this young chap who’s family is quite well off. Let’s call him Boy. He invited me, my girlfriend and another girl to Langkawi with all expense paid by him. I believe this is something not to be missed by anyone definitely. Fast-forward to on the day of the trip, we docked on Langkawi’s jetty at around 12pm. Right off the jetty, we got to a duty free liquor and checked into Kondo Istana in Kuah which is owned by Boy’s family. We got a room on the 4th floor and immediately ordered 8 plates of lamb chop from the cafeteria. By the time the 2 bottles of liquor were empty, it was already 7pm. Well, as expected the unit was in a thorough mess and Boy suggested we shift to another unit.

Since we didn’t really unpack yet as it was just a unit to drink have fun upon arrival, we just took all our stuff and went up to the highest 13th floor which housed penthouse units. We entered and as soon as we stepped into the unit, my girlfriend felt uncomfortable as she’s pretty sensitive to these things. Although such, not a word about what she felt was expressed as she didn’t want to spoil the mood of the holiday.

Let me explain the layout of the penthouse. There are 2 levels where the living room,dining room, kitchen and a room was located on the lower floor. On the first floor, there’s the family den, a toilet and 3 other rooms. The master bedroom was taken by me and my girlfriend whereas Boy and the other girl shared another as the girl is scared of staying alone. The other extra room was left vacant. As we were all up on the 2nd floor unpacking, my girlfriend was thirsty and went down to the lower floor to make a call for room service for a few bottles of mineral water. As she was making the call, she felt someone staring at her from behind so she turned and she saw a squarish shadow. She thought it was her own but as soon as she had that thought the shadow glided and vanished. She felt goosebumps and immediately hanged up the call and rushed up to us. She didn’t tell us what just happened though.

We chilled and chatted till it was about 2 to 3am and decided to call it a night. Boy and the other girl adjourned to their room while me and my girlfriend took our bath. After bathing we realized we forgot to bring our toothpaste and so my girlfriend decided to ask it from the other girl. She went out from our room and she heard people chatting downstairs, so she went down thinking both Boy and the girl were downstairs talking. Halfway down the staircase, she realized the conversation were in a foreign tongue. She peeped and didn’t see anyone in the living room. Up she rushed again, and she found out Boy and the girl were already in their room dozing off. She managed to wake the girl up and to get the toothpaste and come back to me pretending nothing happened. Before sleeping, me and my girlfriend had heard knocks on our balcony sliding door. She seemed a little freaked out so I opened it and checked. What I saw was a bird nest on top of the balcony so i just told her it should be the birds. I would like to stress to fellow readers that only my girlfriend was aware of what was happening around, the rest of us were unaware of anything sinister.

On the second day, we went out shopping and such. We brought back seafood for dinner and quite handful of beers and a bottle of liquor. We played some drinking games till late. Boy suddenly said he wanted to bath so he went to our master bedroom’s toilet as the other one did not have a heater. While he was bathing upstairs, me, my girlfriend and the other girl continued chatting in the living room. Suddenly we heard him shouted for us. We presume he forgot to bring his towel or shampoo in the toilet so we just ignored his call. As it was getting late, we too, decided to continue our chat in our room. Suddenly, Boy came out of the toilet and started scolding the other girl telling her not to play these kind of tricks on him. We were bewildered and asked him what had happened. He said he heard knocks on his toilet door while we were downstairs and he saw a black shadow behind the shower curtain. It then dawned upon my girlfriend that what she suspected all along was true and so she blurted out what happened the night before. The black shadow and the knocks. That certainly brought out the spooks out of us so Boy and the girl decided to sleep in our room as we had a king-sized bed.

At that time both the girls were really terrified. I kept comforting my girlfriend that it was nothing. About 3am, the knocks started on the toilet door. All of us were on the bed and we looked at each other. It wasn’t like people knocking on the door. It was like as if there was someone on the other side of the toilet door holding on the knob and shaking the door a couple of times. I honestly believed it was the wind. The three of them were spooked. So I got up and opened the toilet door to prove nothing was there. The atmosphere calmed down a little, but we decided that it was best to change room the next day. As we speak the room door started to knock instead! It was totally uncalled for!!! First it was the toilet door and now its our room’s door? We tried ignoring it but the knocks came every 5 minutes or so.

As the girls were close to tears, one by one..we could actually hear all the doors outside knocking. And the best part was that our room’s door knob started to turn. But that whatever it was outside did not dare open our door. We started to hear footsteps outside too! It sounded like slippers walking on sticky floor *PRAAAP* PRAAAP* PRAAAAP*. Well, that was the last straw. I told them, “okay, let’s get out of here!”. We quickly packed our bags and stormed out from that fateful penthouse unit, sitting at the lobby of the apartment till the sun rises.

Honestly when I was there I wasn’t scared at all. I was just amused at what was happening. But as I’m writing this, goosebumps fletched from my skin. Who knows what would have happened if we didn’t leave that night. We enquired the staff about that particular room but they were not aware if it was haunted, citing the penthouse units weren’t popular. As such it was left unoccupied for a long time.

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15 Responses to “Ghostly encounter in Hotel Langkawi”

  1. pisang Says:

    it sound like in the movie………

    but it really give me a goosebump

  2. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    SO Scary!!!! Your gf should have told you guys that she sensed something wrong in the first place! Why still continue to stay there???

  3. Lee Says:

    she wasn’t so sure either in the beginning ..she thought she was imagining stuff too..and me on the other hand kept assuring her its nothing thats why. haha.

  4. GhostHunter Says:

    Hello,i just wanted to descover something…ok this means that i must explain…
    When i was born…i was a normal kid…like all of us…
    but…when i grew up a little…kind of 3 years…i had some supranatural things…u won’t belive it but…its tottaly true…my parents seen…my family seen…i did move up…no one or nothing was under that plate…when my grandma was eating her breakfast,i did look concentrately at her plate of breakfast…and i did…move it…and it dropped off the table…it break off…and broke up in 5 parts…i grew up to 10 years…and i did suddenly wake up in a morning…after i dreamed all that happend at 3 years of my life…and all to 4 years…i didn’t know what was it but in joke i told mom…mom look i dreamed last night that at 3 ….->and mom started crying…she told me all…that i did…at 14 years in my school…i was doing people to cry just by looking at them and i did say in my mind…”i wish that mikey-my enemy…to go to hospital and broke up his head…and he did…he just slept off the stairs and he did broke his head…he gone hospital and…this is completely true…sometimes at my window i see white faced persons calling me”young one” “the recruit” “new one”….

  5. Reg Says:

    GhostHunter, that’s interesting… we hear of people like that sometimes, but we never actually know what happens to them or what they go through. Keep us updated of your situation, ok?

  6. CuteY Says:

    Hi Lee….

    actually for the first time i looking for the location of Kondo Istana Hotel , Langkawi website because i want to noe where d location is..
    I juz viewed yr story “ghost encounter in Kondo Istana”..but i didnt read bcoz i dun want to noe n i dun want to read the strory coz i pretty sensitived to these things…so i dunno the whole story happen on you…

    i went to this place on August 2008, i stayed in 4th floor..n alone…because my fren rented another hotel in town…For the first time..i entered the room, i can felt an enviromental….i felt uncomfortable, weird..n a bit strange…i tot it was juz my feeling…but i was pretending gonna bhappen…

    there are 3 room…i stayed in master bedroom…

    an hour later suddenly water came out from the pipe ….so i tot maybe other person on upper level using the water…???

    the nite has come…i didnt tell my fren bout this…when we go out for dinner…but i really uncomfortable wen i hav to go back to my hotel…n i a bit shocked y my door was opened in d morning..i?///…but i t tot’ i was exactly sure that i close the door wen i wanted to go to the bed…;???

    for the second day, after had shopping..i back to hotel…n slept coz a bit tired …around 3pm…suddenly i heard someone knocking the i woke up n open the door…but no one outside???….then i back to sleep…then a few minutes later the same knock came out from the toilet outside frm my bedroom…tuk,tuk, tuk..again n again…n i cant sleep anymore..n goosebumps fletched from my skin…

    then i packed my bags n called l my fren to take me out…

    then i story to my fren all these things to him..he seems wont to believe my story but he willing to help me to get me another hotel..

    after i back from d holiday…i surfed yr website…n find out yr story almost same with wat i hav been thru..wat a coincidence?!!!..

  7. BKL Says:

    Guess what? I’m going to have our company trip to Langkawi, and best thing is, we are going to stay in this place, Kondo Istana! WOW!

  8. raydenleo Says:

    Well, hope that u can come back in one piece and tell us the story..haha..

  9. zues Says:

    thank God i found this page earlier….jz about to booked Kondo Istana for family vacation.

  10. top100 Says:

    > thank God i found this page earlier….jz about to booked Kondo Istana for family vacation.

    Agree! I don’t want to spoil my holiday in Langkawi with my girl friend.

  11. Reen Says:

    >GhostHunter>Wah…. i think i heard of those people before… i wish i could do that… =P “Get straight A’s….. Get straight A’s….”

    >story> this is one of the very few stories in the web that gives me the creeps… & i’m alone in the house right now.. & my house is big & empty…

  12. Rina Says:

    But I thought the hotel own by Boy’s family, then why need to stay at Lobby all nite? @.@

  13. TkY Says:

    I sense a hoax for what GhostHunter said, check his link by his name, that website is not even working and if u see the url,

  14. night shade Says:

    i am a ghost hunter im a novice one i complete my biginer hunt want me to help just go to facebook to add me and then say wat wrong to your house and i will come

  15. Damacai Says:

    haha….nice story….well..I think it was scary..did you not switch on all the lights and shout loudly to see if “anyone” responded?

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