Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur

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This eerily spooked out story is contributed by Karl

I’ve had many ghost experiences in my life. Though, I still consider myself lucky to have not seen anything first hand, my friends and fellow housemates, on the other hand, were not so lucky.

This was during our college years back in 2003, we had just moved into a condominium unit situated in the hilly areas of Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. The house was the lower most unit of the rows and there was an easy access to the swimming pool. The surrounding area around the swimming pool was heavily dense with trees, plants and bushes or better known as secondary forest.

There were 8 of us living in that unit alone and most of us shared rooms. For the first few days since moving in the condominium in Wangsa Maju, only four of us had moved into the house as the rest were yet to arrive back from their hometowns. Nothing much occured or spooked us out except for the fact that doors opened by themselves even though there wasn’t any wind. That incident did creeped us out but we tried to be logical about it and thought maybe the ground wasn’t level seeing that we were living on a hillside.

Things started to get creepy as the weeks and months passed by. My personal experience was pretty creepy. Not being able to sleep one night, I sat outside watching television and playing a guitar in the dim light of the living room. Most of my friends were fast asleep by then as it was 3am and some of them had to go about their business the next morning. I took the decision to sleep outside seeing that my room was pretty stuffy and humid. My two other roommates were fast asleep inside the room I shared with them. I took my pillow and blanket out, arranged the guitar and leaned it against the side of the sofa that I was sleeping on. All of sudden while I was staring blankly, I heard the guitar strings make a sound. I thought it could be a lizard that dropped down, but the strings we’re playing like as if somebody was plucking them. It went on for a minute or so before I took off and slept in my own room, not even looking behind. That, was only the beginning.

The second incident happened to a visiting friend of mine during a house party we had a month after that. My room was empty and everyone else was outside the pool area. I was meanwhile pretty busy mingling around the swimming pool quite far off from the house. After a while, I went to my room to cool down for a bit and when I opened the door I realized my friend was there. The look on his face was pure shock. He looked pale. For a long moment he did not even utter a word and as I made my way in, he just kept staring at me. I asked him what was wrong and he just replied asking me to go out with him. He did not tell me anything for the next few days until I asked again. Apparently he was inside reading magazines with the intention of cooling himself off as well and when he entered the room he looked into the corner (where my bed was) and saw a figure under my blanket, which he immediately thought it was me. He told me he thought I had too much drinks and was probably sleeping it off and he didn’t mind accompanying me. In any case, that was what he thought until the time I entered my room. Who was that figure on my bed?

Nothing particularly interesting happened for a few months after that until one day my room mate who is also my classmate when to class with me looking pale. I asked him what was wrong. He told me not to be spooked out and told me that he woke up in the middle of yesterday night all of a sudden, and looked around the room and as he turned to my direction he saw a huge shadow at the foot of my bed. He had tried to scream to wake everyone up in the room but he said he was not able to utter a single scream and it lasted for quite awhile before he could physically get up.

The last incident that happened was when another friend of mine stayed over in my room. The foot of the bed that he slept on was directly facing the toilet and you could see the bathroom sink and mirror. He related to us that early in the morning around 5am he woke up suddenly and sat up, and to his horror, saw a reflection of an old lady staring at him in the mirror.
Curious, we decided to ask the security guards there about our little apartment, if they had experienced or had any information about anything at all. They weren’t surprised. They said since it was an old and hilly area the place is bound to be dirty. We found out that a few doors down from us, a man had committed suicide half a year ago before we moved in. No one has rented that particular unit or the surrounding unit, including the one we were staying in. All they advised us was not to walk alone at night, as it can get surprisingly dark even with the corridors lighted up.

There were other friends living in units nearby, a bunch of girls to be particular, who had even worse experiences compared to ours. Although I wasn’t around when it happened, one of them was possessed that particular night. And another time, one of them was alone at home in the dark when she heard noises all around. She called for help and luckily us guys we’re just a walk away. On the phone she was crying and telling us she felt she wasn’t alone at home and she couldn’t even see outside the window as it was so dark even though the sun had just set.

We didn’t stick around for long to renew our tenement, both us guys and girls. Frankly we had enough it, as much as we had many fond memories we never forget those incidents and still talk about it till this day.

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23 Responses to “Haunted Apartment in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    gosh..that’s creepy man…
    no religious guy or girl among ur group there?

  2. Karl Says:

    It is creepy. Well not all of us are extremely religious or anything. Quite the opposite in fact, you know how college kids are, clubbing and all that. We somehow came to the conclusion that these ‘things’ are attracted to us seeing we keep alot of liquor bottles and all.

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    I heard a lot cases from apartments in wangsa maju before, my friend’s house also one of it. It’s really creepy.

  4. aieyda anieys Says:

    hurmm good u realize that..but nways one of my fren got to rent a cheap condo in the middle of damansara..near ikea.. we were surprise it was only RM500..so witout saying anything.. she rented the hs… well she says usually when she cooks..she can feel sumone is looking at the window…but she didnt really pay attention..it was lucky b4 she moved in..her father sets prayer ( usually for muslim to do when we move to a new hs)..so nothing bad..just hearing things..knocking at the door.. thigs like dat..

    so at the last nite ..she wanted to move out as her practical period was over..its time to go back college… i helped her out & spent a night with her..but i slept at the second room. the only room with a ceiling fan.. nothing funny..( i think so..i was too tired..) sumtimes i felt sumthing pulling my leg..but i totally ignored coz i was too tired moving stuff..

    so the next day time to move out.. as i waited her in the car..when she entered the car she look so pale… i ask her y…
    just a short answer… ” i got to know.. y the house i rent was so cheap..the guard just told me….a chinese guy.. hang himself in the room u slept in last nite…… at the fan!!! bcoz he was running away from the Ah longs” i screamed like no body business!!! luckily… nothing bad happen..

    then she said…. ” patutlah when the chinese agent brought me to the house he doesnt wan to g oin.. he stayed outside!!!… *yikes*

  5. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    This is creepy!!! Geez….goose bumps over me now.

  6. wanting to know Says:

    eh!!!creepy man but in tmn melati got haunted house not???

  7. ghost hunter77 Says:

    its sound fun..do u guys hv any house or bunglow dat haunted..i love 2 explore..i u guys have..pls mail me at thrulady@hotmail.com

  8. esha Says:

    hey werz tat freeky apartmnt ha??i wil realy like 2 c ya…

  9. Monica Says:

    Ok, that’s really creepy. I’m surprised that I have not experienced one like that before. I guess I’m lucky. I’ve only read and heard stories! But I couln’t believe that the shopping complex near my house which is Phoenix Plaza is haunted cause I’ve been there once, I felt a little too weird of the emptyness and darkness in there, sometimes I wonder why would people want to rent shops there till now eventhough it’s already bankrupt. OOO, almost forget, for those who are staying around there, I would advise you not to go into the parking lot in there cause it’s really dark and scary!!!

  10. sears-parts Says:

    I read a few of your other entires.where can i subscribe to your blog?

  11. Nicklee Says:

    ghost hunter77 – go to Bkt Tunku at night! u will definitely feel eerie and a chilly sensation along certain stretches of road. i went there with my frens once for ghosthunting…everything can seem normal, then when u reach certain stretches of road…everyone will feel cold. it is unexplainable the feeling that u get…it is like ur bulu will all suddenly stand on its own. once u get off that stretch…u will feel fine again! it is weird!

    another place, go to Highland Towers! been there last year…nothing much we saw. but, a fren of ours who claims to have the gift of seeing those things…suddenly grabbed us all and pulled us back to the car. he said that he saw those things approaching us. thus, he wanted us to leave immediately as those things are not ‘normal’ spirits. they are like evil spirits and demons! :S

    there is also an adandoned hse on Jalan Tebrau (Ukay Heights) that is claimed to be haunted and dirty! i stay near there and never entered the premises as the entrance is all covered with thick bushes and all. so not so easy to get in. however, the look of the place does spook u and my frens who likes ghosthunting…somehow dare not enter this place.

  12. Noerru Says:

    Lol Nicklee, those bad things chase you, you still asking people to go to Highland Towers. :p

  13. john91 Says:

    went to both of that places nicklee…never got a chance to enter highland tower,.the bushes were to thick.but managed to enter an abandoned house just beside the entrance of the highland tower..saw sum figures in the upper window..but nothing serious though

    went to a couple of houses at bukit tunku..didnt catch anything at all..but ur rite bout the eerie feeling surrouunding that place..the roads were small..fit enuf for just one car..,.. but seriously the houses there..walauwey…..

  14. Karl Says:

    apartment is called Sri Ledang. If you can find it. Good luck. Not as creepy looking at it from the outside.

  15. zerobyte Says:

    @Karl, hey thanks for the name info – i have considered Sri Ledang as a candidate for a SOHO! scratched that off the list though! lol

  16. EAH Says:

    OMG, Sri Ledang is near Sri Kinabalu right ? I have a house at Sri Kinabalu ! Creepy much !

  17. Karl Says:

    @EAH, the girls that i mentioned in my story stayed at Sri Kinabalu.

  18. Martyn Says:

    Hey Nicklee. Can you tell me more about that house on jalan tebrau. I live near it as well, i dont exactly know which on it is. Is the house burnt down?…all black, and does it have a separate driveway.

  19. GIrlsHighSchoolz Says:

    Y not try to go to SK Convent Bukit Nanas for a trip..Is a very big school in 1 buiding including 2 primary school and 1 high school..you will see 1 of the block called ” Nazarel” and it’s very creepy.The school is just next to the Hutan Simpanan Bukit Nanas in the center of Kuala Lumpur..If you ask any student in the school there are some stories for you.

  20. Aoichan Says:

    I’m still studying in SK convent 2 bukit Nanas.. But there’s nothing creepy and scary in the school, but I’ve never heard of Nazarel block anywhere I know there is a cemetery near there

  21. Mike Says:

    My friend stayed at Waizuri, Wgsa Maju before..also haunted.

  22. rott Says:

    dude is this serious in sri ledang ?? coz im gonna rent the house on there at level ground floor? this would be scary to left my wife alone in the house~

  23. melissa Says:

    Hi karl,
    I’m gonna rent a house over there and i will move in this April. Please… really need ur help… can u tell me which unit?.. after i read your story …i can’t imagine what gonna happen to me… if…. the unit u talk about is place that im gonna stay…..waalllaaaa .. pheew …. what make me scared is … the house im gonna rent is the lower unit… …

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