Tips to spot a Haunted House

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Just imagine the sudden windfall you have when you just bought your dream home for an extraordinary price. Too good to be true? It probably is. Perhaps it was the influence of horror movies or books that always gives us the benefit of the doubt that when you buy a reasonably fantastic house for an unreasonably cheap price, its probably “occupied”. So how do we spot a haunted house? Here are some basic guidelines and tips to spot your future house and analyse if its a haunted house or not.

  • Pets
  • Be attuned to your pets. They not only function as your best friend when you are feeling lonely but the often provide the first clue that there is some ghostly presence in the house. For example, dogs would howl or growl or even seem withdraw to something in particular.

  • Ambience
  • Ghosts are often said to create a sense of coldness wherever they go. Many experienced ghost-hunters take thermometers so they can measure differences in temperature between one part of a building and another. If a creepy coldness seems to occur in your house from time to time, particularly if its only happening to one specific part of the house, and any heating equipment you have installed does not manage to keep the cold out, it may just a lurking ghost.

  • Electrical issues
  • Ghosts are often said to interfere with electrical equipment. Batteries depleting unusually quickly, for example, is something often experienced by dedicated ghost hunters. But then again, it could just be your electrical equipment getting old.

  • Moving / Disappearing objects
  • Objects moving around on their own could also be a sign of a haunted house. Some ghosts are mischievous and like to play around with objects they used regularly in life. Of course, if you actually see the object flying through the air, that would be a different case! But if you notice objects being in a new position, it may be a pointer to a paranormal problem. Of course, there could be a change where you may have moved it yourself and forgotten all about it, or someone else in your family may have moved it. If it happens once of twice, there’s probably nothing to get excited about, but if the problem of misplaced objects persists, it might well be a sign of a haunting.

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    3 Responses to “Tips to spot a Haunted House”

    1. Scareydude Says:

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    2. Purple-Mushroom Says:

      I used to stay in a house which is haunted when i was young. My dad has birds. Those birds chirped very loudly everyday and seems like they are very scared. My Dad and Mum sensed something is wrong as the hallway to the kitchen is always very gloomy and cold. My Mum always gets goose bumps when she walks along the corridor. My Dad’s business went really bad when we stayed there. My Mum had weird dreams and my brother, who was a little always fall sick. We finally moved away and things went back to normal after that.

    3. Angel Says:

      Hi, got interested with all the ghost stories you have here, although the postings seems so long ago, I thought I’d just key in my thoughts here.

      Very often, when we watch horror movies at home or late at night, there are lingering spirits watching together with us. Most of the time we are not sensitive to it, especially because we’re mostly concentrating too much on the movie, or that we feel comfortable being at home.

      Yes, if there are spiritual presence, it can be felt. You might just be feeling warm, and yet suddenly without the wind blowing, you feel your goose pimples rising.

      Things shifted are also a common note, but by then it means you already lived in there. By right, every house would have something living in there, it’s just a matter of whether it’s the unbothered spirit or a bothered spirit. An un-bothered spirit will not disturb you when you occupy the house. But the bothered one will feel that you have invaded the territory, hence all the disturbances to let you feel its presence.

      While most people will ask for some master to come capture the spirit, in another practice, you can always ask a Siamese, Burmese or Sri Lankan monk home for “Dana”. This has to be done before noon, prepare dishes for them to serve as their lunch, have them say some Dhamma and do recitals before feasting. Do this until one day you will feel a sudden freshness at home, as if it has become exceptionally spacious, and you know that the unhappy spirit have been appeased and released for new birth elsewhere. This will be the best way because we do not want to be so cruel as to get rid of them in ways that hurt them. We do not wish to be treated this way either, right?

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