The 25th Floor

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Author’s Note :  We were out for lunch one day when a friend of mine, James, told me that he used to work in the hotel industry. So being curious and all, I asked him if it’s true that some rumored that every hotel has at least one ghostly resident or a haunted room. James told me that although he could not confirm my statement but so far, he do know that the one he used to worked in had a haunted floor and this is how the story goes

I used to work in a very old hotel down at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur about approximately 10 yrs ago. Back then this hotel was owned by a man who believed in supernatural powers. From feng shui to ghostly existence, well at least, that was what the rumor had been back then. I was still young from my college years and of course, being innocent and all, I believed them. How could you not believe when a whole entire 25th floor was closed to public? Not even we staff were allowed to go to that floor as it was entirely shut off. Naturally, the staffs gossiped that the 25th floor was shut down due to the strong existence of supernatural beings or ghosts that disturbed hotel guests. The disturbance was quite drastic that the management had decided to close down the whole floor instead. As time passed, the floor was used to hold old furniture or unwanted assets that needed to be thrown away.

Although I was there just for only a short period of time, I did not encounter anything weird or unexplainable during my tenure there. The reason being was that the priest had “locked” all the ghost entities at the 25th floor to play and could not get out. Staff that had gone to that floor to move unwanted things there did claim weird happenings but none had been too significant to be taken note.

Things started to change right after I left. The owner had passed on his business to his son who had a modern thinking and did not believe in Gods and ghosts so he opened up the 25th floor despite his father’s objection. From that day on, my ex colleagues said it was as if all hell had broken loose. Strange things started happening and they got more and more frequent. In the beginning, one staff could hear strange noises at the corridors. Another staff experienced weird things while cleaning the bathroom of a hotel room alone and could sense shadows passing by the toilet door while she was cleaning the bath tub although it was clear that she was the only one in the room. One waiter was delivering breakfast to a hotel guests and was bending down his body to clean up the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner when out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone’s foot. But when he immediately turned to get a closer look, there was no one to be seen.

Even guests started complaining of noises from the room upstairs when nobody was occupying the upper floor. Some guests complain of being disturbed while sleeping in the middle of the night and the most frequent complain was children running and stomping their feet along the corridor in the middle of the night.

I’m not too sure what happened next as most of my ex colleagues had resigned after the change of management. But until today, the hotel still stands tall there.

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5 Responses to “The 25th Floor”

  1. Nameless Says:

    Dynasty Hotel?

  2. Bellman Says:

    this has the same story as crown princess hotel in jalan ampang

    i had worked there for 1 year before but i cope with the place since situation demands it

    i remembered the ghost of a chinese bride,the flying ghost outside the window and also the forsaken 15th floor (or was it 16th floor) cant quite remember been so long.

    and not to mention the child ghost in the princess suite

  3. unsightly Says:

    Guess our unworldy friends love to stay in hotels as well & can have a ball time as well. Good for them.

  4. felicious Says:

    Dynasty Hotel gave me a spooky feeling when I stayed there last time. Perhaps due to the environment.

  5. Hihi Says:

    I trainer of dynasty hotel . Now I wo der why the fucking restauramt manager always give trainer go 25 floor the executive restaurant there . Fuck man . He the always racist ppl one . Fuck u .

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