Short Stories about Genting Highland

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Author’s Note : Here are two short ghost stories that I’ve heard from 2 different sources in Genting

Short Ghost Story #1
We were on a short vacation at Genting when a very unfortunate incident happened to my wife. We were staying at Highlands tower in a rented apartment with some of our close friends on that holiday. It happened during the evening when our friends were still at the casino gambling and after a tiresome day, both of us decided to head back to the apartment to get some rest before dinner. My wife had proceeded to the bathroom while I lazed at the couch watching tv. It was not some 1 hour plus minus (its normal that she takes long showers) that my wife stormed out of the bathroom looking flustered and annoyed.

I looked at her puzzled while she scolds me for being ignorant. When I asked why, she told me that she had been screaming her lungs out for the past 15 minutes to me that the door had been stuck. I told her that I had heard nothing at all although the bathroom was just nearby and even my tv volume wasn’t turned on loud. I could have heard her immediately. My wife then looked at me frightened that she had indeed been locked inside the bathroom the past 15 minutes. She had kept on banging against the door, kept turning the door knobs and kept screaming for me but no one had come to her rescue. It was not until she decided to calm down for another 1 minute or so then the door suddenly opened itself.

Fearing the worst, we immediately ran downstairs and waited for the others. Nothing much happened again after that, but that bathroom incident was just enough to conclude my wife’s decision to never stay in that apartment again

Short Ghost Story #2
My friend, Adam, was on a business trip a few years back. The location was at Genting Highlands. I forgot where Adam’s accommodation was but that was his last visit there. Adam swore he would never ever be staying over for the night even if he had too Adam had a long day that day for the meeting lasted the whole day and by the end of the day, he was so tired that he headed back to his apartment alone.

That night, Adam slept like a baby. In the morning when he woke up, Adam was shocked when he realizes that he had found himself sleeping in the middle of the living room floor! Surely he had been pretty tired yesterday, but he was not drunk. Until today, Adam still insists that he tucked himself to bed that night and had not passed out on the floor. Something or someone had quietly moved him to the living room which was some feet away from his bedroom while he was fast asleep. But how could anyone had moved him without him waking up? The question still remains a question

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9 Responses to “Short Stories about Genting Highland”

  1. aidi-safuan Says:

    wahh…so scary.

  2. thiagu Says:

    stop creating stories about genting..its a wonderful place to spend time with your loved long as we stay away from troubles…nothing can harm us….

  3. try2help Says:

    thiagu…. this is not creating stories or wat…. sorry if i annoyed u… one enconter is enogh for anyone who insist to believe that something like that does happen sometimes… me myself have been after these otherworld things for two years plus… creating much trouble to myself and some of the creatures… just dun be too relaxed when u are in vacation to GH…believe me… i’ve been there before…fierce thing their got there…

  4. Navinesh Says:

    genting is really not a nice place at night..yeah worst feirce things.. ur right.. i wonder how would smone feel if u got stucked alone with “those” in a cabel car..

  5. Jo Marie Says:

    Reminds me of my mum’s story bout a house at dato keramat road in penang. my mum rented a room there when she was a young lady and there are cases of people renting a room there that got dragged to the living room in the midddle of night and waking up dumfounded as to why they didn’t wake up on their own beds…

  6. Navinesh Says:

    adam sleepwalked?

  7. bulu-bulu Hantu bulu Says:

    thiagu is scare!..that why he say like that..try to stay there and experience yourself..after that you can post your comment here..for who had never encounter..thats what they say..for who have encounter this “things” all know how it feel.. :[

  8. Reality Junkie Says:

    Genting is a nice place but also homes for the living dead.
    My experience a very unpleasing trip myself which left my family thinking twice to even stay there for a day.

  9. Jinggly Says:

    I have been there quite a lot of times myself. Genting is like a second home to me.. Haven’t encounter any of those supernatural events.. Stayed at every apartment and haven’t seen at least one. But hotel room is the most spooky one where the most normal encounter is someone banging or knocking your door while your are asleep and will wake up and to find nobody is at outside..

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