The Tired Ghost

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This story is contributed by Funkfuzio

This incident happened in my house in Kuantan a few years back. You see, my house is located nearby a hospital’s mortuary and also near a chinese funeral parlour. That one unfortunate night, I went to bed as usual. It happened while I was about to doze off. Suddenly, I could feel something in my room. I cound feel the temperature of my room dropped and my room felt chilly at that time.

As it was late and I was tired,  I didn’t think much of anything and continued  with my sleep. I guess it was around 3am when I felt it got onto my bed.  Out of a sudden, I could feel the left side of my single bed sinking down as if someone was slowly sitting on the side of my bed. You know, the feeling when someone sits next to you on the bed and the mattress would be pressed down? I was really scared by then. The ghost then started to lying down beside me. I could feel the whole left side of center of my mattress bed had became sunken. At that point, I was already super scared but could not help feeling curious at the same time.

I then slowly turned my head to the left and slowly opened my eyes. Luckily for me, I saw no one was there. Still curious, I slowly moved by hand towards the left of the bed and used my sense of touch to feel if it was just my active imagination. The touch of the bed told me that it was indeed real. The bed had really sunken down. I immediately decided to use my other sense, my sight. I slowly glanced down on the sunken mattress to reconfirm what I had just touched. To my astonishment, the mattress was indeed sunken and as a matter of fact, the length of an adult! Chills ran down my spine as I felt more fear coming. I slowly turned my head back around and shifted my body to face the right side of the bed. Naturally, I couldn’t sleep. I could still feel its presence lying right next to me.

For the next one and a half hours, I stayed in that same position, fearing that any movement might disturb the ghosts. After a while, the ghost slowly got up and sat on the side of my bed again. I felt the mattress rising and moments later, I felt the ghost leaving the bed. However, I did not felt even a slight relieve as I could still feel its presence in the room. After about 5 minutes or so, I felt my room returned back to normal. The chilly temperature was no longer there. It was then that I was able to continue with my sleep.

Until today, I still wondered why did it choose to sleep next to me. Perhaps he/she was tired?

this incident happened in my house in kuantan a few years back. you see, my house is near the hospital’s mortuary and also near the chinese funeral parlour. one night, i went to bed. i was about to doze off when i can feel something in my room and it felt chilly. i didn’t think much but to continue with my sleep as it was kinda late. i think it was around 3am when i got onto my bed. then out of a sudden, i can feel the left side of my single bed sinking as if someone was slowly sitting on the bed side. you know the feeling when someone sits next to you on the bed. i was really scared. then the thing started to lie down. i can feel the sunken mattress in the center of the bed became the whole left side of my bed. i was super scared and curious at the same time. i slowly turned my head to the left and saw no one was there. then i moved my hand slowly to the left to feel the bed. it felt sunken. and then i slowly looked on the mattress and it was really sunken! about the length of an adult. i got so scared i slowly turned my head back and shifted my body to face the right side of my bed. i couldn’t sleep. i can still feel the presence of the “thing” still lying next to me. i stayed in that position for almost 1 and half hour until it slowly got up and sat on the side of my bed. i can feel the mattress rising. and after a while, i felt it leaving the bed. but i can still feel its presence in the room. then after 5 minutes later or so, i can feel my room has turned back to my normal room. the chills has gone. only then i was able to continue my sleep. i still wonder why did it lie down next to me. probably he/she was tired?

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12 Responses to “The Tired Ghost”

  1. calcilis Says:

    ghost r ppl who has pass away!!
    he got no body
    so how can he get tire!!??

  2. nathan Says:

    ghost sitting on a bed and make a sunken shape?

    dude,i tot ghost has no mass……no mass,no weight,how to sunk ur bed?

    perhaps someone in ur house has sleep walk?

  3. funkfuzio Says:

    well, ghost do not have a physical brain too.. how can they be angry? some things u cannot explain thru science.

  4. pisang Says:

    I think that is not ghost mah…………
    but Its a black and white or its “tua apek”
    your house is near hospital’s mortuary ..
    just wait to catch stubborn spirit that can’t accept dead…..

  5. funkfuzio Says:

    nathan : if someone was sleepwalking and slept next to me, i would have seen him/her nex to me when i turned my head over to look at wat was beside me. alot of things the laws of science and physics cannot give an accurate answer. how do u explain ancient prophecies or predictions that came true with science? how do u explain the chinese medium possessed by some god and hacking his own body with a cleaver and nothing happen to his skin?

    pisang: u mean the “bull head horse face”?

  6. pisang Says:

    yes that what i mean…..

  7. funkfuzio Says:

    pisang: i tot bull head horse face is 2 different things? and they only come together. my bed cannot fit both of them ler..

  8. Soon Says:

    i think he/she just passed by.. your bed must be too comfortable so he/she decided to take a rest. :p

  9. Reslity Junkie Says:

    I have personally encountered this experience many times before. I storm up awake from my sleeping position finding nothing in return (which I am glad-full).

  10. unsightly Says:

    Germs & ladies, I wrote a similar story in one of my comments to the other shared ghost stories. It happened in SG. If u have time, pls find the story & enjoy yrself. Btw, is funkfuzio a lady? If so, the ghost must be of the opposite sex & just wants to sleep beside a physical lady (don’t care if pretty / ugly/ fat / thin lady) for the last time or had other ulterior motive but cannot perform bcoz no mass.

  11. janice Says:

    hey..don know if this is true..but found it scary….did u stil thr?…
    wat did the ghost wan frm u?…
    how can the ghost be tired?.as they have no weight n they r dead…r u imaginaing things?….
    ur hse is nearthe hsp it wasnt strange…

  12. funkfuzio Says:

    Reslity Junkie : so it seems like i’m not the only one!

    unsightly: i’m a guy.. prolly the ghost is a lady ghost? or perhaps a male ghost? i don’t know really..

    janice: of coz its true.. i personally encountered it myself. and yes.. i’m still living in that same house but in a different room now. i have no idea wat the ghost wants from me. have u heard of people saying “letih nak mampus”? prolly the ghost overworked himself and died tired?

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