Pangkor Island’s Nightmare

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This is a story courtesy from J

About ten years ago while I was studying in college, me and my friends, visited Pangkor Island during our school breaks. There was only the 5 of us -four girls and a guy (and boy, what a lucky guy he was named Z). Z came from Ipoh so he often invited us to go to Ipoh for a vacation. So me and the other three girls, Y, V and B, decided to pay him a visit while he was in Ipoh and planned to go visit Pangkor Island for one night after that. We went Pangkor Island on the 16th of August (the lunar calendar) and arrived early in the morning. After we have reached Pangkor Island, we rent a room that could fit eight people. It is a usual thing for me, that when I checked into a room, I always check the room and look out of the window to see what is out there. It was nothing much really, just bushes and a lot of thees. After we settled down, we took a long walk along the beach and stopped at an area where there a swing was located. Not far from that swing, there was a big rock adjacent from the beach. If you have been to Pangkor Island, you will know which rock I am talking about because there is only ONE rock there!!

So we chatted, swam and fooled around until dinner time. After dinner, we headed out to the beach again which was just in front of our vacation house. We brought along some Japanese lanterns, candles and started to decorating around since the next day was mooncake festival. After that, we play cards and V about that time decided to ask me to tell them some ghost stories. I hesitated to do so and just briefly told them one or two which are not so scary. Then Z suddenly said, “Do you gals know that this place has a real ghost story?” Right after he said that, the wind started to blow and most of our candles were blown off. We lit up the candles again, and Y and B said “Yes, yes, tell us about it!”.

Z said, “A couple years ago, I was told by a security guard (works there) that this a true story. Long long time ago, there was an Indian girl who got pregnant by her boyfriend and her boyfriend didn’t want to marry her so everyone in towne started to laughing at her, mocking her and spread lots of bad rumours about her.  She was very upset. One day, she sat on a rock which was the one we saw this morning (at this moment, the wind started to pick up its strength and blew even harder. Out of nowhere, there were a lot of dogs sitting next to us and started to barking), and tied herself to a heavy rock and started to cry. After a while, she jumped into the water and died drowing.” 

Suddenly, the wind again blew off all the candles with the dogs barking like crazy. Someting was not right, so I said, “Aiya, what kind of story is that? Not scary at all. Just stop it and play cards”. However, at that time, all of us looked at each other in the eyes and at that particular moment in silence agreed that the best option was to grab all our belongings and run back to our room. So I said again, “Aiya, so sleepy. Let’s go back and sleep”. Quickly, we all grab our belongings and start to run like crazy to our room.

In our room, Y,V and B wanted Z to continue his STORY!!!!!  Z said “A  guard told me that one summer time, something happened to his co-worker. As usual, he was patrolling the island at night time. Around 3am, he saw a woman walking on the beach with a child in front of her. He shouted and shouted to them advising them that it was very dangerous to walk on the beach at this time of the night. But there was no reply. So he decided to walk quickly so he could confront them from the front. When he was in front of them, what he saw was blood dripping down from the woman and her child’s face!!!! He faint instantly and fell sick for almost 2 months. The guard told Z that you will know when “they” are here if you hear someone singing.”

After Z finished his story, all of our goosebumps raised like crazy. However, we are still young at that time, so we continued playing cards til 3am. When we finally decided timeout, I laid down on the bed. After about 5 minutes later, I suddenly heard some music outside in the bushes, continuing, “ti ti tata…titi..tata” It sounded like rain but rain wouldn’t have sound like that. I thought to myself, is it read? Am I dreaming or am I going crazy? I was very certain that I was still awake but I didn’t dare to open my eyes or even move my finger. In my heart, I started to pray, “Please do not bother us, we don’t mean any harm here”. And then, I fell asleep.

The next morning, we packed and left the island. I did not tell the rest until we reached KL. I asked V since we took the same bus home and was the one sleeping next to me and the window.

J – “what time did you fell asleep last night?” 
V – “about 20 minutes after we switched off the light”
J – “why you so sure?”.
V – “I check my watch before I sleep”.
J – “So, did you hear any sound or music?”
V – “what sound? What music???”
Then V gave me a stranged face, she remembered Z’s story.
V – “so what happenned?”
J – “nothing. I hear a sound like music just outside our window sound like it was from the bushes”.
J-“then I pray and asked “THEM” not to disturb us, then I slept”.

I also check with the other three friends and they too did not hear anything. After this incident, I told my grandma. She told me that when you visited a place…DO NOT TELL ANY GHOST STORY ABOUT THE SAME PLACE. it is “pantang”. Thank GOD nothing is happened…..

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14 Responses to “Pangkor Island’s Nightmare”

  1. raydenleo Says:

    wow..this is super super super “not” scary at all..
    the sound that u’ve heard could be ur imagination le..

  2. J Says:

    Hi raydenleo,
    believe me. It is not my imagination. I can feel and heard the presence of “IT” when I at a “dirty” place. The incident at the beach is the most scary…not the sound that I heard.

  3. raydenleo Says:

    I admit that certain place are real dirty, and even worse, u can feel their presence and even their breath so really just like someone is standing behind u. But somehow, the sound that u’ve heard, could have been really natural?

  4. J Says:

    Hi raydenleo,
    yes…it is very hard to put in words…anyway, I’ll post a couple more story which also related to what I heard. Have you read previous posting “Voices at cementary”? same incident but more scary because “they” are talking to me…

  5. raydenleo Says:

    they know u are hearing??
    do post it man, i want to know more about it..

  6. J Says:

    The “Voices At Cemetery” is in FEB07 posting..I believed you have to search for it. I will post some after Christmas…quite busy with this season.

  7. J Says:

    raydenleo, um…check out page 10-11..I have posted before “personal ghost experience” in FEB07 and “Voices At Cemetary” in JAn07

  8. icequeen Says:

    Here’s the URL for your convenience :

  9. pisang Says:

    who is the first place want to hear about ghost story at the first place?

  10. J Says:

    Hi Pisang,
    “V” is the one who ask for ghost stories first. Then ‘Z’ tell us the real incident which happened in Pangkor island and all the three girls (except) me insisted ‘Z’ to continue his story when we are in our hotel room.

  11. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    Wah.. scary.. especially the part where the wind blows at the beach.. you guys are crazy to talk abt ghost stories at night and on the beach!

  12. aieyda anieys Says:

    hi there.. just to add things.. it reminds me.. when u mention about playing cards… ok went like this… i think it was 2 years ago.. we were playing cards at my frens back yard in bukit we were being very naughty…so all of us smoke a bit of pot.. 😛 but it we didnt go that far as it was not enough for 8 of us… so one of my fren started to tell bout ghost stories.. i said to shut i look at the watch its near 3 am… ( b4 that nite i watch emily rose) so they were laughing saying im a scardy cat…. but at that immediate time.. something was laughing with us also…

    all of us was shock & started to run towards the single leaf glass door.. luckily we didt smash the glass door… then i said : haaa gelak lah kuat2 lagi..kan ader benda lain gelak”… we kept quite untill dawn…. to my frens out there who is reading.. thats one of a hell xperience… so JANGAN GELAK KUAT2 lagi…

  13. Reen Says:

    aieyda anieys – HAHAHHAHAH! Tht’s damn funny….. My cousin lives there…. & they do play cards & laugh out loud… haha.. i shall warn them

    the story – Things usually happen at the beach wan la… but one thing is tht… dun talk bout the place being haunted while ur there… it IS very dangerous… especially beaches…..

  14. Rosalinda Says:

    That explains the female singing voice I was hearing on a few consequtive nights on Pangkor. It was a nice voice though, right? I thought I was going nuts. It was about one in the morning and all the local music had stopped by twelve and it continued for quite some time. but I couldnt understand the words. I could also not sleep at night although usually I have no problems and I was relaxed. I am a single woman who was in a similar predicament to the story you told of her but in another place. Freaky!

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