8th Floor at Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan

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Note : This is not really a horror story but more of a weird stuff that could have happen to you. Its still something puzzling for my friend until today.

My friend, James works in an office building on the 18th floor located at Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan for almost 6 months. Already since the day he joined the company, he has heard many rumours of the haunted 8th floor which happens to be unoccupied for many years. Everyday, he would take the elevators to work but nothing weird or mysterious happened. That was, until one particular night when he left for home at about 7pm on the month of the hungry ghost festival. As usual, he pressed the elevators button to the lobby for and the elevator started moving down towards the lobby level. Suddenly, the elevator stopped at the 8th floor and the doors opened. After a few seconds, it closed and proceed down to lobby. James did not suspect anything although he felt that it was a strange thing to happen since the whole floor was totally unoccupied. He dismissed it as a weird incident and thought nothing much of it.

Then came a day when he was having dinner with some of his colleagues and the topic came to the rumous of the 8th floor. It was then that his colleague related an incident similar to his. It was about 2am when Ram decided to leave for home. As like any other people, he got into the elevator and pressed to the parking lot located at the basement. However, the elevator stopped at the 8th floor and opened and shut its doors for a few seconds just like how James experienced. Ram felt really uncomfortable and that his guts feeling told him that something was not right. As the elevators opened its doors again at the basement level, Ram walked to the mamak stall nearby and sat there drinking. It was not until about 5am that he felt better and left for home.

Rumours has it that the 8th floor had a murder victim other stories has it that something bad happened. No one knows exactly wat had happened that the whole 8th floor was vacant for some few years but one thing’s for sure, not even the cleaners nor security guards dared to enter the 8th floor

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10 Responses to “8th Floor at Jalan Changkat Raja Chulan”

  1. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    Sometimes the lift to my apartment also open at level 3 when no one was there. But i think maybe someone from that level press the button up and down and then went down instead. I always dismiss this kind of weird happenings.

  2. pisang Says:

    what happen to 8th floor in that building?
    I think not only murders that coz the whole floor unoccupied

    may be the guards and the cleaners know the behind the true stories,

  3. icequeen Says:

    Purple, but the whole floor is totally unoccupied wor…

    pisang, no body knows… at least James didn’t manage to investigate, he happens to be a lousy investigator anyway. Perhaps you are right that the guards and cleaners knows the true story but no one is saying anything

  4. raydenleo Says:

    Let me guess, there must be some setting that the lift stop at level 8. Or simply say, malfunction..keke..

  5. kennhawk Says:

    Hey, my gf also experienced the same thing at one of a tower at Jln Changkat Raja Chulan. My gf work on 10th floor in this building.

    One night as usual she do overtime cos got a lot of jobs to settle until 10pm sumthing she decided to call it off because of too tired. So she packed all the thing, locked the office and got into lift like everyday she do.

    Let me mention here that the lift button which got floor numbering on it will be light up if we press. And my gf press G (ground floor) when after the lift started to move suddenly a button(forgot which floor number) light up and the lift stop at that floor and open up. She of cause scared to death on dat time and could see an office which was nobody there and quite dark. She just stood still on the corner of the lift and didnt dare to move an inch from there. After the lift closed and went to ground floor, she quickly jump out from the lift and started run like her life depend on it…

    Ya on that nite oso i met up with my gf and she tell me everthing about what she encountered, it really make me feel creepy on the spot….

  6. _butt Says:

    have you guys thought, that when the lift opens at 8th floor and closes, that ‘thing’ is ‘inside’ the lift with you?

  7. raydenleo Says:

    No way dude…the more u think the more scarier it would be…
    I rather make myself think that this is malfuction…kekeke..

  8. dayrelled Says:

    i agree with butt…..that ‘things’ is inside with u in the lift… woa…u are so brave….why don’t u start a conversation with the ‘things’ he….he…he….

  9. Angel Says:

    I used to work in a building which they said is haunted.
    Not 8th floor though, because that was supposed to be the floor occupied by an engineering college where I worked briefly waiting for my STPM results.

    It was the 4th – 7th floor. It was supposed to be that the lifts would not stop at either of these floors because the owner of these floors had built internal stairs to connect the floors rather than letting the staff use the elevators at individual floors. In fact the management had even built brick walls to block the entire area, so if the lift door would open, it would open to a brick wall instead.

    Seems like one of the student was going back late one day, and went down the lift alone. It stopped at the 7th floor and the door opened, surprisingly to a room rather than a brick wall. Freakish.

    And one of the girls who used to work there said that when she went to toilet, once she saw a gigantic, furry black creature crouching but at the ceiling rather than on the ground. This kind of black creature with red eyes are called “yakkha”, actually most found at cemetery areas for they feast on dead bodies. Could it be development that forced them to get out of their usual dwellings? But not all yakkhas are bad, bear this in mind.

  10. ray Says:

    in my case was a building near to telekom @ jalan raja chulan..
    one morning approx 6am-6:30am.. i was working the early shift and the elevator stopped at level 20 (or 21,cant remember clearly), open and it was pitch black at the corridor, thinking it maybe another lift arrives and whoever pressed the lift button was gone, i closed the door.

    and then it stopped and open again on the next floor, same thing, pitch black and nobody is there, i felt kinda weird but still did not think about the supernatural way of explanations and then close the lift door n it went all the way to my office at level 25..

    i’m still not sure if this is related but just feels kinda weird..colleagues of mine believes it is related tho.. just sharing..

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