Standard & Chartered Malaysia Building haunted?

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Author’s Note : This story is told by my friend who happens to be working in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building. Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building happens to be located in the city center.

My friend works in Standard & Chartered Malaysia’s building for quite some time already. Every day, he would have to stay back to finish his long pending work. All these times, nothing happened. Unfortunately, nothing happening last time does not mean that it would not happen in future. Afterall, nothing is impossible, right?

That very unfortunate night, he was working together with his colleague at around 8pm. The whole floor was just the both of them and each were busy typing away their reports that needed to be submitted first thing in the morning. The night was clear and there wasn’t a single drop of rain. The only noises heard at that moment were the sounds of keyboard’s buttons. That was when it happened. My friendĀ  suddenly heard a very loud knock coming from the window across his work station. His reflexes immediately caused him to turn towards the direction of the sound. When his eyes registered that there was no one there, he immediately turned to look at his colleague sitting next to him who was also at the very same moment looking right back at him. His colleague shrugged his shoulders and then that instant, both continued their work. Perhaps it was just the bird or something?

Then it happened again. This time, the knock came louder and it was clear to my friend that the knock was coming from that same window and from the outside. It was as if someone was trying to get it! Immediately, my friend suggested to his colleague, “Let’s just call it off a night” and his colleague nodded with agreement and off they went, scared to their wits.

The funny thing was after that incident, nothing similar happened again. Wonder why.

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6 Responses to “Standard & Chartered Malaysia Building haunted?”

  1. lame Says:

    it might be some people throwing stones, yada yada yada. which floor? but still.. this story is not spooky at all but lame.

  2. Lynn Goh Says:

    Lame, I think not if the floor is on 14th floor !

    I usually am the last person who leaves the office. By the time I left the office, sometimes, it’s 6.30pm, 7pm or at times 7.15pm.
    There are several times, although not often, when I work alone (the sky is not even dark yet). I was typing away, suddenly I could hear tapping sound from outside. In a way, I am not scared because there are blinds covering the windows, so I can’t see them.. Mind you, I work on 14th floor and our windows are facing the seaside. Most of the time, i would say to myself, it’s the leaking pipe on the roof.

    And then, this happened last year, as usual, I was typing away and i could hear running footsteps very loud, it came on and off.
    Until one point I can’t take it, i quickly left the office.

    4 days ago, I was staying back (it was almost 6.30pm), I could hear keyboard sound and then, sound of someone turning the pages (newspaper).
    I looked up across the partitions, nothing. I thought my colleague was still around. Needless to say, I guess I am so used to all these, I just keep on doing my work until I finished and left. I think I am more scared of the human hiding near the staircase or toilet than a harmless ghost.

    I still stay back once a while.

  3. raydenleo Says:

    Let’s called it a COINCIDENT

  4. Benjamin Says:

    tapping noises on the windows of high story buildings have simple explanations. it’s actually very common at night.

    the footsteps, keyboard sound and newspaper sounds are genuinely creepy tho.

  5. Chasty Says:

    I am working here in Manila, Philippines at STANDARD CHARTERED Building as well. We had a creepy experience at the elevator.

  6. Chasty Says:

    The creepy thing in the elevator that we experienced was during Lunch Break (at night around 3-4am). We are from a night shift. We are suppose to go down to the ground floor when suddenly the elevator went upstairs (no one pressed any button), so the elevator is continuously moving up. One of my colleague decided to press 9th floor to stop it so we can press ground floor. This happened earlier this morning around 3-4am. Suddenly, the elevator opened at the 7th floor! No one was there, it was so dark, no one pressed the 7th floor button. We are not that scared until we found out about this blog a while ago———

    ————->After transferring to my current employer and working sa Oledan Square building (Standard Chartered-branded structure), may napapansin ako minsan. I think about thrice na na nage-elevator ako, the darn lift opens sa 7th floor pero wala namang tao. I noticed that even before I heard of the chizmax about this supposed kiddie ghost…

    found in this address…

    please read the whole story…(

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