Disturbing Ghost

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My friend once related incidents of strange happenings at her office. She was one of those “crazy” workers that any company would be delighted to hire because of her dedication. She would usually spend so much time in the office that it was really a common thing to see her still hard at work at 12am in the morning.

She first experienced her paranormal hauntings in the office when she stayed back late for the first time. It was really late and she was all alone. Her cubicle was situated just beside the walkway and her laptop was facing directly at the path. It was suddenly she heard someone “psst” just in front of her. Looking up, she was surprised to see no one. Freaked out pretty much, she packed up and left.

Of course, my friend was a gutsy lady so scaring her seriously does not deter her from staying late. For the following nights, she would hear her other colleague’s extension phones ringing, she would hear the printers printing although she was sure no one was around at that time to print anything. Sometimes, she would even hear her own phone extension ringing and she would pick it up, only to hear “tut tut tut tut” sounds. Usually, by the time the ghost starts disturbing her, she would pack up and quickly run out.

Overtime, she would asks her company’s security guard to accompany her while she work everytime sometime is amiss. At that time, she was so scared that even when she needs to visit the toilet she would ask the security guard to stand outside the toilet!

Now, maybe because she is used to the paranormal activities that happen at night, she’s not afraid anymore. When the paranormal activities started happening, like phone ringing, “woi!” sounds, “psst” sounds, she would just shout back asking the ghost not to disturb her. She also does not need any security guards to accompany her in the office anymore.

I guess the only thing now she’s afaird of are the humans because of the snatch theives cases around her work place area.

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8 Responses to “Disturbing Ghost”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Your friend really smart, I was afraid of the sound before too, slowly I feel numb already.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Haha, yea. we all also tell her she super brave

  3. andam Says:

    oh man, I see this story is old but I need to comment on it. I would’ve said this was just a bunch of lies if I wouldn’t have I’ve experienced the same thing.

    just the other day, woke up and heared a LOUD psst just beside my bed. it was so clear and close to me I thought my mother was in my room and I haven’t noticed her coming in. I literaly jumped out of bed from the scare (not only the sound but the surprise of hearing it when I was sleepy and relaxed). some would say it’s just because just I woke up but I was perfectly conscious.

    this reminded me of two years ago when, sitting in my room again at the working desk and I heared the exact same noise coming from behind me, 2 times. I got pretty scared back then too but I then thought I was just imagining it. now I’m beginning to think it’s something else.. if it’s really something from another world, do you think it could harm me? 🙁

  4. pligg.com Says:

    Disturbing Ghost – Spooky Corner…

    Disturbing Ghost – Spooky Corner…

  5. night shade Says:

    tat would freak me out but now i get used to all scary story or sounds

  6. eksk Says:

    lol.. your friend don’t want other rivals to work late.. so make up story lar.. less competition for promotion 🙂

  7. doll Says:

    andam:- you just can’t say this story is bunch of lies.. even my self working at Port klang (Current office) , even all my collouge

  8. doll Says:

    pls ignore my previous comment

    my colleague have experiences paranormal activities at my office at port klang , he have stayed back until 12midnight … to finish his work.
    He saw 1 white cloudy thing stood behind off him and 1 black cloudy shadow stood in front of our office entrance … seriously guys… he never freak out..it seems he just get up from seat and went to the toilet do his bizness, wash his face comeback and finish his work … he switch off the pc and went back home and the next day he came to office, during lunch hrs then oni he shared the story with us…. really spooked the s*** of us …
    From then onward , we won’t stay back sharp 5pm we all punch out and the colleague which experienced the presences also got transferred at HQ(Subang)… Creepyyyyyyyyy……….

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