Silence is Golden

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It was late at night in the office when Jill realized she was the only one in the office. Used to working til wee hours of the night, she’s not disturbed with the idea of being alone although there were rumours flying around about the haunted office. After all, it was only half past 9.

Usually, she would put on her favourite mp3 musics and shut out the quietness of the office. However, on this particular night, since she’s all alone, why not just on the music through her computer’s speakers? Techo, being her favourite music, she played the music blasting the sound through the office, afterall she thought, there was no one around to complain about the noise she was making.

It was approximately about 5 minutes later when she suddenly realized that the lights on the other side of the office was turning on and off by itself. Shocked, she stopped her work to look if it was because there was some electricity problem. However, she realized the lights are still turning on and off by itself as if someone was controlling the switch.

Suddenly, she felt scared and decided to sop the music. Immediately, the funny lights stopped flickering.

She never knew what really happened but she was convinced that the other people from the other world must be warning her about the noise.

Footnote : The office is actually an open-door concept office where there are no rooms for the managers and the cubicles are very low. Low enough that you can see everyone across the hall. That was how she saw clearly that there was no one around and near the switches.

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4 Responses to “Silence is Golden”

  1. mad scientist Says:

    maybe the ghost was trying to make a disco light effect?

  2. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    i agreed with you mad scientist…

  3. Madmosielle Unknown Says:

    Meh. How can you not like techno music? Then again…..

  4. TheStoryReader Says:

    hahaha…. the comments made me laugh …
    god bless <3
    come on.. they also wanted 2 do clubbing ma…. haiyaaa

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