Can you hear me?

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Foreword : This story is told to me by a colleague of mine, Alice

This is a story of how my cousin brother communicated with us after he died at a young age of 23 years old. He was just back for the holidays from the States so it was a very usual thing that he hangs out til late at night with his buddy and long time girlfriend as soon as he touched down to Malaysia.

It was a tragedy the way he died. I heard that it was because on that unfortunate night, after dinner, he had a long list of night plans with his buddies and girlfriend. After a sumptuous dinner at home, he head on to the movies. Already at dinner, he ate til his stomach could not fill because he missed all the delicious home cooked food that he used to enjoy before this. At the movies, he went on taking popcorn and junks of snacks. After movies, I heard, that he went on to mamak-ing (a term used for hanging out and eating at a local Indian-malay stall by the roadside for supper in Malaysia).

It wasn’t until 2am when he got back home with his girlfriend with a full stomach. The girlfriend followed him home to his bedroom because it was already too late at night. Anyway, she slept on his bed while he slept on a mattress on the floor.

In the morning, his girlfriend found my cousin not breathing. Doctor diagnosed his condition as somewhat suffocation due to a very bloated stomach because he practically stuffed himself the night before. Everyone in my family was devastated especially my aunt, his mother because they were so close and he was their only son.

Time passed on and it was the 7th day he left us. Chinese believed that on the 7th day that the deceased died, he was allowed to visit his earth family for the last time. On that night itself, my cousin sister (his older sister) was lonely and asked me to stay overnight with her. A non-believer in ghosts, I agreed. That night all of us were asked by my aunt to go to our rooms and retire early. As I walked towards my cousin sister’s room (which is just only next door), I noticed my aunt switch on the lights in my cousin brother’s room.

At night, my cousin & me couldn’t sleep since it was still early about 8pm, so we chatted til late. While we were chatting, I was lying on the mattress on the floor where else she slept next to me on her own bed. Because we couldn’t turn on the light (for fear of my aunt and uncle would scold us), we chatted in the dark. As the night grew, we felt tired and decided to sleep.

That was when it happened. Right when we decided to sleep, suddenly, the radio turned on. Shocked, I sat right up and looked at my cousin sister and asked why she turned on the radio. The looked on her face when she turned to look at me from the radio immediately told me that she was just wondering that herself too. Then she told me that she didn’t turn on the radio. I looked at her with my eyes narrowed, “Are you sure? Come on!” My cousin sister insisted that she did not touch the radio nor did she had any remote control for the radio.

Then I shrugged and told her perhaps it was the timer turned it on and tried to go back to bed. She shooked her head vigoursly telling me her timer was not working. On cue, we looked at the radio as the dailer for the volumed auto turned itself louder and louder. This time, we were so scared that my cousin jumped out of her bed and slept with me. We tried our best to sleep with the radio blasting loud too scared to move and switch the radio off.

The next morning, my aunt asked us why we were such havoc that night and we explained to her what happened. Turned out that after she asked the monks at the temple that she was not supposed to have turned on the lights my cousin’s bedroom. Because he could not “return” to his bedroom, he had to turn to his sister’s bedroom instead. The act of turning on the radio was just his tease and gesture telling his family he’s back home.

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2 Responses to “Can you hear me?”

  1. janice Says:

    wow..tht sure is scary…
    the aunt shldnt have turn on the lights frm her sons room..when her son returns,he could not go back to his own room so he enter his sister room n turn on the radio….

  2. TheStoryReader Says:

    okay.. this is somehow funny and scary :p
    they actually slept with that radio which is almost going 2 blast… hehe

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