Sg Besi Highway’s Child

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This is a story told by a friend of mine who loves to listen to horror stories on a local radio station. This incident happened at the Sg Besi Highway which was back then (a few years back, that is) was not so conjested as how it is now. It is about a lady who always used Sg Besi Highway as one of the roads for her to travel back and forth from work. Here’s how it goes…

I used to work until very late at night everytime. Because I fear more of humans than of ghosts, I would speed as fast as possible so I could reach home in the most minimal time with less worries of what would have happened on the road. You know, those stories you hear of people trailing your car or “accidently” crash into your car only to get your attention. At one rate, I finally did get caught by the traffic police at the Sg Besi Highway. They stopped me and told me that they have taken pictures of me speeding along the highway which somehow would cause me a fine. I obliged but only with the proof that I was really speeding.

A few weeks passed and finally the police contacted me. They told me that I could get the pictures that they have taken at the police station and told me to drop by that very evening. Curious with the commotion, I went. To my surprise, I was questioned by the police officer who was the driver behind my car and pointed to me a photograph of a little girl smiling at the camera sitting on the driver’s seat, the very seat that I was sitting on at that time. Nevertheless, I was fined and given a good warning about putting a child on my lap while I was driving. It never occured to me that something was wrong because I was very sure that there was probably something wrong with the camera at that time.

After that photograph incident, I continued to speed back home. However, this time, things were slightly different. Each time I passed by the Sg Besi Highway, I would see a child waiting by the road side. It never occured to me that she was the supernatural sort because I was so preoccupied with getting back home. One day, curiosity got a better hold of me. I slowed down my car to see the little girl and to my shock, she was the same girl that I saw on the photograph a few weeks ago at the police station. Goosebumps ran through my spine as I hit the pedal and passed the smiling little girl.

The next day, the same girl was standing by the road side. This time, she waved for me. Fearing for her safety, I stopped just to check. I got out of my car and walked closer towards her. As she got out from the bushes, I could see her frozen smile and only did I realize that perhaps there was something really wrong with her. Then all of a sudden, she pointed towards another direction. I looked at the direction she was pointing at and at that time, a car crashed into a stalled lorry. When I looked back at the little girl, she disappeared. It seemed to me that she might have saved my life for if it was not because she stopped me, I would have probably been the one who would have crashed into the stalled lorry.

However, things were never the same for me again. I’ve always felt that I was being followed and I could see the little girl from the corners of my eye. When I turned to look clearly, there was no one there. This went on until the day I gave birth to my baby girl. I did seek for help from a medium before which told me this girl was looking after me and for that, she was following me around hoping to get back something in return. Perhaps it was a second chance to life.

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13 Responses to “Sg Besi Highway’s Child”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    This lady is really brave enough to face the little girl. Again… I wonder which stretch of the Sg Besi Highway in this story? I would be happy if more specify on the location.

  2. ic3_que3n Says:

    I also not too sure because this story teller is a little blur when I asked for more specific locations. But he did mention that it was somewhere near the NPE highway

  3. misha Says:

    Damn i have become scared..what about the new smart tunnel?

  4. evie Says:

    Oh.. my ..god…. he can’t be serious bout the birth thingy can he? she reincarnate as his daughter?

  5. MostHunted Says: ok..dont worry guys..there was nothing to be affaird! Because this highway of the ghost girl wasnt a evil ghost!
    and now, this ghost has been reborn to become “the girl tat writing this post” daughter

  6. vick Says:

    hi everyone..does anyone here knows about the abandoned poliklinik in cheras..??

  7. watermelon Says:

    the little girl jus wan a second chance dats all…

  8. kate Says:

    scary story…if i were u,must be fainted 4 a long time..haha

  9. darren Says:

    vick Says:

    March 13th, 2008 at 3:44 am
    hi everyone..does anyone here knows about the abandoned poliklinik in cheras..??

    im interested too??? anyone??

  10. Lance Says:

    hei dude of all.. can add my msn? so i can share with u all my ghost stories? i have alot of ghost stories… lolx…
    why every1 is looking for policlinic in cheras?
    wan to know more? add my msn… i where issit 🙂 i went there b4…

  11. Navinesh Says:

    the lady is very lucky.. the born girl is like a gold mine to her family.. she should be thankful to god.. haha..even the lady had a second chance of life because of the small girl.. 😀

  12. Navinesh Says: friends dad.. driving home to after work around 1.00 am.. while he was driving in the left lane on the road.. he was a bit drunk.. he saw a man waving likely he needs help.. he slowed down and stop.. the man’s shirt was covered with blood.. he told my friend’s dad that he met an accident.. his family needs help.. he was sweaty and tired.. he sat infront.. So, frens dad drove straight to the accident area.. which was few kilometers ahead.. blue red siren lights were everywhere in that accident area.. friend’s dad halt the car and rushed out quickly to the scene.. so do the man met the accident.. there was car crushed wira.. i dont really remeber what caused the accident. . then he saw a man in a black bag.. that man had the same face as the guy sitting beside him.. he got shocked and turned behind.. the man dissapeared.. he was no where.. he was dead and his soul wanted to save his family.. his wife and baby were saved.. the blood stains was still in his car.. fren’s dad was sitting with a ghost that moment.. haha..

  13. mango Says:

    I have similar experience like this lady did, accept that mine happened at my workplace when we moved to a new office building few years back. I always get goosebump whenever i went to this toilet where only a few staff use it because its too far to walk from the office and it has one toilet cubicle only. I used to hear the toilet door closed by itself when i was in the cubicle. at first i thought it was just in my mind. but when it happens everytime, nuff said. I never used the toilet anymore. Until the day i was pregnant at that time, and used the toilet again (i was scared but i need to use it so much) and to my surprise, that thing used to happen to me, didn’t happen. and never did up till now. Sometimes i wonder whether the spirit has reincarnated or because my baby’s soul was protecting me that time…

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