Old Klang Road’s HitchHiker

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This incident happened quite sometime ago at Old Klang Road, a place where my friend, Kim, used to stay. Every night, Kim used to go out around Old Klang Road til wee hours in the morning with his friends using his dad’s car. He would sometimes even drive me and some of my friends around town to get a sip of the yummy tea tarik at the nearby hawker stall at Old Klang Road. That, was old news until he did not go out late night anymore. We were curious why he would not hang out with us anymore and found this out.

On one particular night, Kim was driving along Old Klang Road to fetch his friend at a bus stop nearby his house. He realized something was amiss when he stopped to get his friend into the car. He could feel the weight of his friend getting into the car, that was normal. What was weird was the feeling he thought when he could feel another lighter weight getting into his car. Things were a little dull when Kim went to pick up his second friend. The usual laughter and jokes were no longer there. It was also funny that his second friend who was the talkative one, did not speak a word. After the drinks at the mamak stall, he fetched all his friends back home.

While passing along the Old Klang Road alone, he could still feel pressence at the back of his car. It was a funny feeling you get when shiver runs down your spine. Kim kept looking to his rear mirror but could not see anything. Stopping red at a traffic light, again he could feel a light weight getting off from his car. It was like as if someone got out from the car. Surprisingly, the feeling of being stared at disappeared the same time.

You would probably guess that Kim would stop going out late night but no, he did not. The same feeling came back again the next night when he passed along the same roads. Each time, it was at the same traffic light and same bus stop when he felt the weight of the car shifting. After experiencing the same incident for 3 nights in a row only did he realized that perhaps he had an invisible hitchhiker sitting in his car all this time!

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8 Responses to “Old Klang Road’s HitchHiker”

  1. Kenny Ng Says:

    Which part of the Old Klang Road? I just staying there la. I everyday pass that road to work and come back home. I just want to know which part, can tell me?

  2. Boss Lepton Says:

    wah lau……… like that only izzit? i tot u wanna say his friends can see “it”

  3. mathy Says:

    yeah..i also expect something scary…hehehe like that only ah!!!!! funny funny

  4. ic3_que3n Says:

    kenny, dunno wor. i forgot to ask and i can’t now since i’ve lost touch with that friend of mine already!

    boss lepton, haha… not everytime can see “things” ma. I think out of the many stories I’ve heard, only less than 5% can see!

    mathy, wa! Like that also call funny! Its super scary one la…

  5. mott Says:

    aiya! how can you not know WHICH part of OKR????? I LIVE IN OUG WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to use that road EVERYDAY!!!!

    *sobs* then again, better not knowing la…

  6. Jacqueline Says:

    happened to me once but not in the car. years ago when i was little, it happened when i was riding my bike. it was as if someone jumped on the seat behind but there was actually no one.

  7. teng_nei_meh Says:

    wah.. Jacqueline, really happended to you?! so scary.. u can feeling it jumped on the seat, but can u feel when when it jumped off from your bike?

  8. weewee Says:

    wah.. Jacqueline… i used bike to going work for few year already… (got car but keep at home)
    but.. everytime i closed some places that i feel.. they” are there.. (11pm above mid nite after work)
    but.. no one sit my bike pun… hehe.. wish don’t la..
    until.. i move out stay my independent…
    the road side to my home… i know there have a case… kill and throw there..
    but.. i’m still didin’t face any.. as my stay condominium now also had heard some ppl said
    got something.. dunno where & which floor area…
    hmm…. but… there not much ppl stay also…
    i also dunno why? maybe far from road? or… really got something!!!

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