Hotels in Malacca haunted?

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Recently, Melon, his girlfriend, Cream, Sunny Boy & Jane went for holidays at Malacca. After some thought of the many array of choices of hotels in Malacca, they decided at a posh hotel which would be an easy access to the town center by walking distance. Equatorial Hotel was their choice of option. After checking into their own individual rooms at this hotel in Malacca, Melon & Cream with luck got a room with balcony whereas Sunny Boy & Jane had a room without a balcony.

Throughout Melon & Cream’s stay at Equatorial Hotel, Cream did not hear or see anything wrong although it was often she felt that the room sometimes creeped her. As for Sunny Boy & Jane, they enjoyed their holiday so much that they extended their stay there.

It was not until after Sunny Boy & Jane came back to Kuala Lumpur that Sunny Boy related an incident to Melon. According to Sunny Boy, Jane was sleeping soundly when in the middle of the night someone whistled “Pwwwweeet pweet!”. Shocked, Jane quickly bolted sitting straight up. With her eyes wide open, she could not see anyone and thought perhaps she was imagining things. Luckily for her, she never heard the sound again. Luckily for them, that was their last night at Equatorial Hotel.

As for Melon, he shared with me that something strange happened to him on one of the 2 nights that he and Cream where staying in Malacca that something strange happened to him. It was one of those nights that Melon woke up in the middle of the night to release himself. Still very blur, Melon staggered into the bathroom. The toilet bowl was situated just right beside the entrance of the bathroom. The mirror was just facing the bathroom door whereas the bath tub was located behind the bathroom doors. Standing in front of the toilet bowl, Melon could see himself very clearly at the mirror. Just through the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a dark shadow very quickly passing by just outside the bathroom. The shadow, he described was very small and short. Somehow, it looked like a drawf or a child. Though Melon knew what he saw, he still had a benefit of doubt of what he saw the other night.

However, given another choice, Melon & Cream definately would not want to stay at Equatorial Hotel, Malacca another time

** The names of the people in this story has been changed to protect privacy

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9 Responses to “Hotels in Malacca haunted?”

  1. noor hidayat Says:

    I stayed in Equatorial Melaka a couple of times… so far so good. Place feels ok. Maybe it’s just that room that they stayed. XD

  2. Kenny Ng Says:

    I believe every hotels does have ‘it’, try follow the rules…
    1. knock the door before 1st enter the room
    2. place your shoe 1 upside down (ying and yang)
    3. never switch off the toilet light
    4. let the tv on all the time, you can switch off the sound and sleep.

    I used to go Mellaca for holiday with friends and we stayed in Audy Hotel, it seems clean and I never encounter anything weird before.

  3. ic3 Que3n Says:

    noor, lucky you!

    kenny, thanks for the tip. but why all the rules? i know the 1st one is to warn ‘it’ that we are enering but the rest….

  4. timid Says:

    hi my school is bringing me to the hotel for a learning trip… *gulp* is the story real?

  5. juana Says:

    juz been there to stay for the night recently for a holiday …

    hmm, nutin strange happened n actually its was pleasant really …
    (by the way, i was on the 11th floor, 2nd last rm to the right)

    maybe that one particular rm is haunted, who knows…

  6. blackmetal666 Says:

    that must be toyol i think…..or orang minyak…..kill it and eat it yearghhhhhh
    black metal rulesssss

  7. night shade Says:

    no the small shadow must be the ghost of the little child becoze i heard that it was haunted from the past the little child was killed in the construction

  8. four_Season Says:

    What is the level of that haunted room ? I think providing more informaton will be more important to us. thanks a lot


    i need more info cuz i think i might be staying there soon!im so scared right now

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