Grandma’s tale of horror story

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My great grandma passed away at the age of 96 years old. That, was about 5 – 6 years ago. By now, if she was still alive, she would be celebrating her 100th ++ birthday. I remember back then when I was still young, I used to be a very mischevious kid always curious to know more about ghosts. But because it was a very “pantang” (taboo) thing to talk about in our culture, she never told me a single story. Instead, she would cast a angry look to scare me into keeping quiet. It never really work because I always ask her again the next time. Its funny thinking back that I’ve always loved to hear ghost stories.

It was not until one day she finally gave up. She told me that old ladies or perhaps old people had the ability to see ghosts. It was something she realized when she reached her 60 something year old. At that time, being young, I was horrified and swore not to reach 60, just in case. She only managed to share with me 2 stories, one which I forgot and didn’t understand due to the language barrier she and I shared (she spoke cantonese and at that time, I could only understand very little of it) and the other, well, this was what she experienced.

It was one of her visits to Genting Highlands with her friends that she stayed in one of the hotels there. It was late, so she decided to take some rest whereas her other roommate decided to continue gambling at the casino. As she was sleeping, she soon was awaken by someone calling out to her. She opened her eye and saw a old grandfather at the foot of her bed holding a cup of tea or at least, she though it was tea because of the chinese teacup. The old grandfather kept calling her “Ah lui, Ah lui, (little girl, little girl) come drink this cup of tea”. As he kept repeating these words, he came closer to her.

By then, the old grandfather was so near that he could have forced the tea into my great grandma’s mouth. Scared, my great grandma pushed the cup away from her and in the process, causing the cup to drop from the old grandfather’s hand. To her horror, she could see the water turning into ashes as it flew into the air. As sudden as it happened, everything disappeared and was gone in a blink of the eye.

Back then, I totally believed into my great grandma’s story, but now, it seemed she was more to scaring me than entertaining me!

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11 Responses to “Grandma’s tale of horror story”

  1. smchan Says:

    hi ! how are you? remember when i said i would like to share some stories with you? i have some experience myself at Genting Highland and PD which i would luv to share. will e-mail u asap.

  2. ic3 Que3n Says:

    hi! sure I remember you! I’m definately looking forward to your stories! Send soon ya!

  3. Kenny Ng Says:

    Very similar like a movie. Anyway, Genting really a spooky place.

  4. ic3 Que3n Says:

    Haha.. I used to get really freaked out with this story back when i was a kid

  5. koowo Says:

    very good!

  6. watermelon Says:

    never go to anywhere alone at night…always have frens with you all the time…go bath oso find someone to go with you…eeeeeery….

  7. Min Chen Says:

    Nabei Chee Bye

  8. demon zombie Says:

    it dosen’t sound very scaryin fact this is scay read this on one hot summer day a little girl came out to play only people looking at her where ever she went but she thought that she would go to her friends house her friends name was zoey so as she ran the poeple came running after her when she turned around after hearing footsteps they had turned into zombies blood dripping from there mouths as they limpily ran she panicked as she knew what would happen if she stopped but as she woke up in sweat her mother greeted her but as she closed her eyes she knew she had made a very big mistake but as she lye there dead as her mother fed on the girl when the little girls last thought was “what happenend to everybody” but her answer may never befound or will it? hope you liked it cause theres a number two comming out soon so watch out!! never know what might happen!! mwa ha ha ha

  9. Lynn Goh Says:

    huh, your sentences doesn’t have full stops in between, what happened to it? eaten by zombies?
    such a lame make up story.

  10. night shade Says:

    u know your story really creeps me out like a scaredy cat i feel like my spine turned to a ice i could’nt sleep for 2 days and i kept thinking that my grandparents told me too.

  11. Aaron Says:

    Very Interesting…

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