The Mysterious Breath

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You would have thought that a church would be the least unlikeliest place for something unexplainable to happen. Well, think twice!

It’s been 17 years since it happened. I was 16 years old back then. Interestingly enough, it occurred in what seemed to be the most unlikely of places, a church! I used to attend one of those teen church camps which would have usually lasted for 3 days or so. There were activites arranged leading up to the last day, where everyone of us would all have had different tasks assigned. As for me, I was responsible for controlling the light switches and has a set of cues to follow for the night events.

Well, the catch was this. I was supposed to do it from a small room behind the church which housed the circuitry. Also, it only accessible from outside the church. In order to get there, I had to exit the church, walk to the side of the building and into a long dark alleyway (dark at night, that is) flanked by the church and another building. A short staircase would then led up to a small verandah outside the room. The small room had only one door, and the opposite wall had windows looking out into the church stage so I can see what was happening.

Anyway, things didn’t go as planned. You know how it is with generation clashes. Some holier-than-thou prick in his mid-20s decided to take it upon himself to play with the switches as he saw fit without informing me (and people wonder why I have problems with authority figures!). Little did they know there was a very, VERY ANGRY person in that room then. ME! And then it happened.

A heavy kind of breathing. It didn’t hit me at first. I had thought the speaker was having some sort of breathing problems, since his speech was pretty much amplified thanks to the amplifiers around the hall. It continued for awhile, and when it didn’t go away, I went to the window and pricked my ear to the nearest speaker. Still, I couldn’t figure out the source of the breathing. It was puzzling. Since the speech was pretty loud, and I was really getting annoyed by the breathing, I decided to exit the room onto a small verandah outside. It was then I got creeped out.

Anyone knows that anytime you move further away from a noise source, the noise starts to fade out. Not this breathing! It stuck at the same level. And what was worse, this time it felt more like as if someone was next to me breathing heavily into my ear, but there was no one around. When the realization hit me that something was seriously out of place, I started to shake. I couldn’t move. Here was this heavy breathing next to me, and I had a million things bombarding my mind on what to do. By instinct, I mumbled a prayer, and it was only then the heavy breathing stopped. A sense of relief overwhelmed me, and I broke down on the spot.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard footsteps. I don’t know, but I think someone heard me wailing. A couple of my friends came over to the back room, and asked me what happened. I was in a pretty disturbed state then. They accompanied me off the place before I could explain what happened. I found out that my supernatural experience was only one of several that other people have reported happened in the church. Explanation-wise, I got the typical “Satanic forces attacking the church”. Me, I can only say it was not ordinary or normal, and certainly not a very nice experience.

Anyway, years later, I befriended a clairvoyant. One topic led to another, and we started talking about my above past experience. She told me a vision came to her of an old man who was very angry, but for what reason, she had no idea. As for me, I just think maybe he wanted to share his anger with, well, another angry person around the corner! Like attracts like, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to “The Mysterious Breath”

  1. spongebob Says:

    this is scary

  2. Sarah Says:

    Just curious, which church is that and where?

  3. Caroline Chong Says:

    You’ll be surprised that church is one of the most haunted locations that can occur although we always call it the house of the Lord (God). I’m a devoted Roman Catholic just like my mother, sometimes I accompany her to the church on Sunday or Friday night mass. I used to join the church bible teen club and stayed back as volunteer. I can sensed that children were playing, people were chatting, somebody was walking around when the church was empty for sweeping and cleaning. When I was getting older, Reverend Father Sebastian told me that actually the church is full of wandering and “homeless” spirits, but reverend father has his own way to handle these spirits which he claimed it was a bit difficult for us to comprehend (that’s why he never explain to me how he handle and entertain all these spirits). God bless all of you. Amen!

  4. Caroline Chong Says:

    P.S.: Father Sebastian claimed that God loves all of us even these lost spirits. He claimed that God loves claims no boundary and limitless to all kinds of lifeform. Or else Satan will be vanished by God a long long time ago.

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