Grandma’s Ghost Vision

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Author’s Note :  We were out having some drinks at a local mamak store. It was a hot and humid night to start off with and after a few gulps of drinks, we were all talking all sorts of topics that you can imagine. One one topic in particular, had me feeling cold all over despite the humid weather. One of my friend, June was talking about her family, one in particular, her grandmother in law also known as her husband’s father’s mother. She, at that point of time was almost close to 100 years old.

You know, my GIL (Grandmother In Law) sometimes scares me. Sometimes, I really pity my MIL because she would always get scolded by GIL who happens to be her daughter in law. There would be times when we were all at the living room when she suddenly would scold my MIL and tell her off for being rude for not inviting people into their home. We would all stare out into the car porch to see who was coming to visit but to our eyes, we could see no one. My GIL would go on and on about letting people standing outside our house calling my MIL a rude woman. That was just one of those moments.

On another occasion, my GIL would suddenly scold my MIL for not serving tea to our guest sitting in our living room. My MIL stared at the empty sofa and could see no one although my GIL would keep on telling her off about her manners and how she treats our guests. That was already enough for me to feel chilly all over.

Then there was another time when I caught my GIL crying all by herself. When I asked her what was wrong, she pointed at the dining table, telling me that she saw her husband (who had already passed away many years ago) visiting her and taking his dinner on that table at that very moment. I turned to look at the direction of the dining table, half expected that I might probably “bump” into my late GFIL, but could not see a soul there. My GIL continued crying until a few hours later.

One incident that really scared me was one afternoon when I was accompanying my GIL at her room. Her room had a window to the house courtyard and a chair happened to be located just outside the window. That afternoon, I could see my GIL’s mood was really grouchy and she kept on grumbling to herself. Out of curiosity, I asked her if anyting was amiss. My GIL replied grumpily, ” I keep on telling her to leave but she’s just sitting out there the whole morning!”. At that same time, she was pointing towards the chair that was situated just outside her window. I asked her who was that but GIL just replied, “How should I know? I keep on asking her to leave, but she just sat there not leaving at all and I don’t like it”. I was curious at the moment because the whole family knew that my GIL can sometimes see things that we could not see and most of the time, it was our relatives visiting her. So I asked her how the lady looked like. My GIL replied “She’s not pretty at all! She has her long hair covering her face and she is wearing a red dress”. At that point, her words sent shivers down my spine.

Author’s Note : You see what I mean by the chilly night now?

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8 Responses to “Grandma’s Ghost Vision”

  1. teng_nei_meh Says:

    all these stories are really scary!! especially the last incident….
    but dont know whether it is because this grandma is too old and perhaps it is juz her mind’s eye.

  2. icequeen Says:

    teng_nei_meh, apparently they say that if u are near ur death rite, u can see spirits too so maybe she’s very old that’s why….

  3. raydenleo Says:

    I call that SENILE

  4. Benjamin Says:

    sorry dudes, but this isn’t really scary. sounds more like she’s going senile and needs medication. not everything has to be ghosty you know, there are normal explanations for many things.

  5. Jasmine wws Says:

    ops,gal, is my Grandmother in law lar!!!! yeah, Benjamin, I am pretty sure that what my grandmother in law said is just unbelievable. For sure nothing to do with the medication. She is just so well and good. I strongly agreed that what icequeen were saying, old ppl can see the spirits one… believe it or not, up to you!

  6. pisang Says:

    same experience with my grandma.
    No, not in my house she was in my aunt house.
    you senile?
    her memory is better than yours.

  7. Mohan Says:

    Pisang , i agree with u bro , sometimes old folk has other vision looking at things we cant see , but sometimes it could senile ….not every event that occur could be as true , u know sometimes these old ppl think alot and lead to depression …so imagination of the living and death become a question mark they begain to sences things that we cant see its not ghost sometimes but it could their sences of prob there are suffering …. medical has proven , brain can only work till we are 85 , more then that it depends on the human abilitys….

  8. TM Says:

    I truly feel the creeps! My grandmother used to do the same things too, she would suddenly point at the door and said she could see my late uncle or relatives standing there and staring at her, where we could not see a single soul of course. And she would asks me questions like “who is that standing there?” and started pointing somewhere around the house. Gosh she was really freaking me out. Those happened for a few months before she passed away. I love you Ah Mah.

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