Another ghostly encounter by Master

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Author’s Note : Remember wrote a story about a Feng Shui Master before? Well, this is the same guy and its this story is contributed by SLLChing

You know Feng Shui masters get invited to visit new houses to “spot” what is good and how to maximise the elements of Feng Shui? Well, you see, this FSM (Feng Shui Master) was invited by his friend to visit their newly bought house to get some advise on the placement and renovation one day and FSM happily agreed as this was once of his good friends.

Upon arriving at the said house, FSM’s friend inserted the key into the main door of their house but found some difficulty getting the door to budge. FSM’s friend turned the key over and over again and after sometime, the door finally gave way. Everyone, including FSM’s friend’s wife commented that this was weird as the door lock seems to fit but the door just seemed heavy all the time. As soon as the FSM stepped into the house, FSM said nothing and continued  placing his compass around looking for the Feng Shui spots.

FSM’s friend and his wife seemed pretty excited and walked around the house planning for their renovation and furniture. Suddenly, FSM’s friend asked his wife if she could smell something musky. His wife replied no and they continued going around leaving FSM alone at the ground floor while they explore the upper level rooms. FSM noticed the floorboards at one corner of the floor in the living room cracked in an unusual way but still did not comment. Then as FSM’s friend and his wife came down, his friend asked him again if he could smell something weird. FSM just merely replied to his friend to leave as he has already completed his viewing of the house. Puzzled, his friend and wife left together with FSM. It was not until they reached outside the perimeter of the house did FSM tell his friend that his house is not suitable to be occupied and that it is advisable not to stay there.

FSM later seeked advice from sifu about the house and his sifu told him that the first sign that the house was not suitable to be occupied is the difficulty of opening the main door. Although the keys did in fact manage to unlock the door, but the door not budging shows sign that the spirit occupying the house does not want any unwanted visitors. The second sign was the fact that the floorboards of at the living room was cracked in an unusual way. This shows the spirit is in fact very fierce to the extend that the flooring can be cracked. The last sign was the mention of a weird smell which the FSM did actually smell but did not admit to his friend. The weird smell was in fact the smell of decaying coffin. A sign that the spirit wants to ensure that his unwanted visitors to know

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5 Responses to “Another ghostly encounter by Master”

  1. Pisang Says:

    Are you sure boh? May be it’s was a big yellow guy at there.

  2. DanSiowGui Says:

    Pisang, do you mean “bigi” advertisement? haha

  3. pisang Says:

    yeah…. that’s I mean

  4. SpookyMulder Says:

    sure boh..yaloh..
    1.maybe FSM not familiar with the lock that’s why take few times to open ma
    2.floor cracked normal ma,mayb the owner drop something hard on the floor? FSM so scared to ask them and simply assume is fierce ghost…tsk tsk
    3.and the smell mayb is the fren farted la (u will never able to smell ur own fart) – so thats why the fren say cant smell anything ma… LOL

  5. Dia Corton Says:

    thanks for the new cool post.

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