A master’s own ghost story

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This story is contributed by SLLChing

My sister knows told me this story of a friend of hers who happens to work as a part time Feng Shui master. Although master works full time as an auditor and had to travel to many places at times for his job, he enjoyed a lucrative income from giving advices to people who seek for them from him. Apart from giving feng shui advice, you know how it is, sometimes feng shui masters have an acute six sense that perhaps came together with the training and teachings about the art of feng shui. This is an incident that happened to him while he was away at work in Sarawak

It was not the first time master had travelled to Sarawak for work related purposes. As soon as master reached his destination, he checked into his hotel. This time was slightly different, though. As it was the peak season for travelling, his favourite hotel was fully booked and he had to check into one poorly maintained hotel. It didn’t matter to master as he thought it was just for one night only.

As soon as master reached the hotel and checked in, master quickly located the room and unpack his belongings. The funny thing he noticed upon walking into the room was hearing his room radio turned on. It was playing some sort of oldies and master thought for the first time that perhaps someone had forgotten to switch it off upon checking out from the room. After unpacking, master left the hotel to complete his duties.

Around evening, master reached his hotel room, tired for the day’s work. Immediately, the radio started singing the same tune. Master thought that it was pretty funny as he remembered switching off the radio before leaving the room. However, he dismissed it and decided to head down the hotel restaurant for dinner after his shower

After dinner, master decided to head back to his room for a good night sleep. Taking the shorter route (his hotel room happens to be located at another elevator which is seldom used by the public), pressed the elevator buttons to his room floor. As soon as the door was shut, he suddenly realized that he was listening to some music which was playing at the elevator background. As he listened more closely, he realized as well that it was the exact same song that was playing in his room everytime he walked into it. Feeling goosebumps, he shouted at whatever it was to stop disturbing him and that he was only here for the night. Immediately, the music stopped.

That night, master did not hear another single lyrics coming from his room radio. When he woke up the next morning feeling fresh, he realized the day’s newspapers lying right next to his bed.

Funny thing that master never realized why in the world would the day’s newspaper be lying next to his bed when I believe majority would have received their newspapers at the slip of the hotel room door entrance or hanging at their hotel room door knob. It was not only when master related his whole story again to his friends that he realized something amiss. Who in the world would put the newspaper next to his bed?

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7 Responses to “A master’s own ghost story”

  1. Gette Says:

    Maybe the ghost was trying to apologise for bothering him by bringing in the papers!

    I am kinda curious to know which hotel this is, being from Sarawak.

  2. pisang Says:

    i don’t know if that “thing” was disturbing or trying to tell something to that feng shui master…..

    may be that hotel need feng shui advise.

  3. icequeen Says:

    ahahahaha… good one good one

  4. Angel Says:

    or maybe, from the sounds of it, the ghost was just trying to be hospitable.
    playing a tune to welcome the master, playing a tune to entertain him in the elevator, and bringing in the newspaper, it’s almost a 5-star hotel service, only thing is that our ghost here didn’t know that master may not like the type of music selected for him.

  5. shinigami Says:

    should play jay chou songs…

  6. SpookyMulder Says:

    the comments cracks me up more than the story itself! good job guys LOL !

  7. unsightly Says:

    A feng shui master who has acute sixth sense but can’t sense anything (despite the ghost trying to communicate with him several times) until hearing the same music at the elevator, must be one hell of famous FS master (full of shit master). Some more, must hear closely in an enclosed elevator in order to tell that its a same music. He must have lost all other senses in the process of gaining the 6th sense.

    I agree with Angel, the ghost is just being hospitable. Not all ghost are bad. If this ghost wanted to be naughty, it would have just showed itself to the senseless FS master rather than play oldies to that ungrateful bummer. Some more, not polite at all, must shout. Is that really necessary? he is afterall alone in the elevator. Surely, the ghost is not as deaf or senseless as he is.

    Btw, did the senseless master bother to check the date of the newspaper, it may have been from the past & perhaps, could give some clue to the origins of the ghost? Why even bother asking, being senseless, he must have just used it to wipe his behind.

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