A TAR College, Kampar ghost story

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Author’s Note : This story happened not really at TAR College in Kampar but to this particular TAR College student whom was a friend that told the story to me.

My friend, Min studied at TAR College in Kampar and this happened to her not longed after she studied there. You see, she stays in a rented house along with a few other course mates and throughout her stay there, nothing really happened. In fact, no one even complained about the existence of ghosts or any sort. I guess its what the call a case of really bad luck.

It happened during the Hungry Ghost Festival month which also happened to be Min’s examination week. Usually, she and her other housemates would study til late at night but not on that very unfortunate night.

The house looked like the typical “student renting this house” deco where long and unkept grasses at the front of the house just right after the main gate would  be left unattended and  study tables, computers and books along with chairs would occupy the whole living and dining room.  Min’s study table was located, if I’m not mistaken, the 3rd table just right after the sliding door where you could see the house front yard.

That night when Min was studying, she was alone and all the others have gone to bed. It was already past midnight when she suddenly heard noises of the shuffling grasses in front of the house just before the sliding door. Min thought that it was perhaps a stray cat as they always left the main gate unlocked. So she thought nothing of it. Suddenly, she heard a woman’s voice saying, “So late still studying?”.  Min stopped short of what she was doing and wondered where the voice came from. The funny thing was that her housemates where all fast asleep and there was no one downstairs except for herself as she turned around to take a look if anyone was trying to scare her.

Then minute later, she heard the same voice asking, “You alone?”. At that point, she could not help but to think that the voice came from inside of her. When she heard the voice, it seemed like she did not hear with her ears but with her heart. Immediately, she packed up, left all her books and quickly ran to bed. Nothing happened after that although she did share the story with the rest of the housemates. I guess its just someone passing

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14 Responses to “A TAR College, Kampar ghost story”

  1. pisang Says:

    to my opinion that thing want use that place……..
    that’s why that ‘thing’ did not disturb your friend…….

    or may be to tell your friend to get enough sleep because of exam week….

  2. Arveent Says:

    probably that thing wanna make sure that she goes to sleep in her bed and not the table.

  3. Fab_assasin Says:

    Come on…this is made up for sure!! She herself had doubts that it could all in the mind thingy….seems interesting but unbelievable

  4. Fab_assasin Says:

    Lol…..she must have been dreaming

  5. _butt Says:

    it’s a sign that she should have gone to bed to rest…

  6. jimbo Says:

    maybe she was smoking meth to say up studying then ad a bad trip and started hearing things?

  7. peggy Says:

    i belif this story. i had almost the same experience too. i heard them not wif my ears but wif my heart LOUD n CLEAR.

  8. Suzie UN Says:

    I also believe this story. I had a schoolmate who cried to sleep one night because she heard someone calling her name over and over again from the cassette tape/walkman that she was listening to via earphones. She was in her hostel at that time.

    Another guy I know was working late at his office one night and heard people talking from what he thought was the mamak restaurant four stories below. After a while, he swore the sound (of people talking) sounded like it was just next to his ears.

  9. Lynn Goh Says:

    Suzie, thanks and boy, this is creepy.

  10. Mea Says:

    Hey, I’ve heard this story bfore from my fren.

    But I think what’s my fren’s sister encountered was scary than this o.0

  11. Ic3Que3n Says:

    Mea, care to share ur fren’s story?

  12. anonymous Says:

    A distant friend of a friend heard single distinct (soft but audible) voice greeting “Hello” upon checking in at a inn in pulau jerejak. This friend too was alone in the room and had just turned on tv set. Other visitors hv either felt or seen uneasy things there. Anybody able to verify this with truthful testimony?

  13. Mr.CleaR Says:

    I believe in this story becoz my fren had experienced it before…One day,after we ‘yum cha’,we all r going bk to our homes…one of my fren went upstairs alone…suddenly he heard a loud screaming voices but he dunno whr was it from and who was screaming…and he immediately went upstairs.But then,he ask his mother about it,her mother said that she couldn’t hear.

  14. axe3345 Says:

    Hi my name is Alex. I’m a utar student. Living in Westlake under Danish house. I had encountered something weird. One morning around 4am, I couldn’t get to sleep. I took a walk at Beijing house opposite the lake and the garden. That time i was alone. I heard a lady voice singing old Chinese Opera. The voice coming from the garden where the gate was locked and no body will be in there. I was so terrified and i walk fast looking forward. the voice followed me from behind. The voice volume remain the same. I was so terrified and don’t wish to turn back. after i left the garden zone, the voice disappear.

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