Ghostly Head from Port Dickson

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This story is contributed by NaviN08 ReD DeviL

This incident happened 2 years ago in December 2008 at Port Dickson. My uncles and aunties went for a holiday in Port Dickson and fortunately, my family did not attend for some reason

The first few days at the Port Dickson resort, everything was fine. But weird incidents started happening while everyone was packing up and preparing for check out in the morning. The eldest girl (my cousin has 2 children, girls both at the ages of 3 and 2 years old) started crying for no reason and insisted that she was neither hungry nor sleepy. My cousin’s wife immediately felt something was wrong in the room but decided to keep quiet and did not mention this to anyone. Everyone tried to soothe the crying girl but she just kept on crying. Even ice creams and toys were used to pacify her but it was no use. The girl just cried, stopped for a while then continued crying. The whole drama went on until while traveling back, she finally fell asleep in the car on the way back home. As for the younger girl, she had seemed fine all the time.

Back home, both the girls went back to their own house. The eldest would be with her parents whereas the younger girl is staying with her aunt. That night, the eldest daughter was sleeping in her own room when around 1am, she started crying. Her mother quickly went to check up on her daughter and upon opening the room door, she was shocked to see tow headless white thing drifting in the air. She could not see the faces as both had some sort of tudung or bandanna covering their head and her daughter was sitting in between both of the headless ghost. Suddenly one of the ghosts saw the mother. The mother was so shocked that she was frozen in fear and could not even move a muscle to switch on the room lights. She tried opening her mouth to scream but it was useless and finally when she came around from the shock, the 2 ghosts disappeared. She quickly carried her daughter and went to the prayer room. The little girl continued sleeping her grandmother’s room instead of her own, that night.

The very next day, the mother had fever. Although nothing unusual had happened again, she decided to call her sister in law to check up on her younger daughter. While chatting, she brought up the incident to her sister and law and to her surprise, the same thing had happened to them as well! She froze and fell down after looking at the thing and immediately after saying some prayers, it left as abruptly as it came

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11 Responses to “Ghostly Head from Port Dickson”

  1. FaxSmoulder Says:

    sleepy hollow of the modern era!

  2. pisang Says:

    it could be the “orang bunian”
    when “they” like the kids no matter who they (the children) are “they” wants them(the children)

    what happen next?

  3. Rina Says:

    Mean just saw the head? without it body? so it is not headless rite? @_@ *confuse*

  4. Nuf Nuf Says:

    yeah, if those things were headless, y were they wearing tudung? if headless, of course no faces!

  5. Lynn Goh Says:

    i wonder whether the kids remember the incident.

  6. john91 Says:

    i agree with nuf nuf…if they were wearing tudung/bandana…they cant possibly be headless..hmmm…

  7. Navinesh Says:

    hey ppl.. it was my relative met this incident.. actually there were no face.. 🙂

  8. Sheila Mona Says:

    hmmmm ~
    its quite terrifying !
    creeps me out !

  9. Soon Says:

    hmm.. a bit confusing.. so it was faceless not headless 🙂

  10. Navinesh Says:

    yaa.. faceless..

  11. barreneye Says:

    ..a pretty bad day

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