The Pulau Redang Flower Girl

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This story is contributed by spookymulder

This happen to a colleague of mine that went to Pulau Redang about 2 years ago. Do you know the beach along the popular Laguna Resort ? Well, this incident happened along that beach. My friend went there with a group of friends for holiday. One night during the stay at the holiday (I’m not too sure what time it was), he and his group of friends sat down on the beach and formed a circle. Having a bit of adventurous feeling, they decided to tell ghost stories. Not a very wise thing to do, I might say very wise.

So they started telling each other stories after stories, each one sharing their own personal experiences. Out of a sudden, my friend realized that he could smell a very nice fragrant. A flower of some sort. It was a really pleasant smell. Just as he was thinking, he suddenly saw a girl, wet with very messy hair dressed in white seated across him in the circle. Thinking that it was probably one of his friend’s fried, he did not bother much and continued listening to the others.

After a few moments have passed, he noticed the fragrant smell was actually coming from the girl. Feeling a little strange, he asked his friend beside him if they knew the girl. All of them told him that they did not know her and some even replied “What girl?!”. Then it dawned to him that some of his friends could not see her. Everyone started feeling scared and decided to call it the night. Keeping their calm, they slowly disbanded the circle and walked off quick. Some that saw the girl, turned back but the girl had already disappeared.

After walking back to the resort of some time, they decided to ask about the girl to a lifeguard stationed nearby. To no one’s surprise, the lifeguard told them that a girl drowned in that beach, in that exact area they sat on few years back.

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3 Responses to “The Pulau Redang Flower Girl”

  1. pisang Says:

    I think that ghostly girl want to hear a ghost story
    want share her last experience of life

  2. hardcoreghost Says:

    if the person doesnt die naturally they will be around the place where they died ….but till when i dunno…someone know ?

  3. Aunty Says:

    They will only be able to “leave” when their time is up. So if they are supposed to die naturally at 80 yrs old, and they die unnaturally at 25, then they are in this same dimension until they are 80 yrs old. Same with suicide cases.

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