My daughter’s Sight

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Author’s Note : I got this from a close friend who’s colleague just recently confessed that she has strong suspicion that her daughter (age 2 yrs old) can see ghosts.

Ever heard of rumors / beliefs that young kids do have the 3rd sight but as they grow older this “gift” disappears? Well, I’ve always heard about it but do not really actually believe in it. Even til this day if you asked me, I would just tell you that I suspect my daughter could see ghosts. I don’t really know if she was just playing around or trying to frighten me but how could a 3 year old kid know anything about ghosts when she is just learning her basic language skills?It all dawned to me when there was this one evening about 7pm. My husband was driving the car and I was sitting on the driver’s passenger sit. I was holding my girl and we were passing by this lonely road. There wasn’t much cars at that time and the sun was just about setting.

Suddenly, my daughter who is just learning to speak called out “che che” (meaning sister in cantonese) and pointed behind. Of course, my first reaction was to turn behind the passenger seat. I could not see anyone and so did my husband who glanced from the rear view mirror. So we just shrugged it off as our daughter practicing her language skills. Then suddenly, again she called our “che che” and pointed towards the passenger sit behind me. This time, I turned her to focus in front and told her there was no “che che”.

The second time happened when I was at my MIL’s place. My daughter was playing by herself at one corner of the house facing the main door when we adults were just nearby the dining area. Just as my MIL wanted to pick her up, my daughter pointed outside towards the door (while my MIL’s back was facing the front door) and called out “gor gor” (meaning brother in cantonese). Surprised, both me and my MIL glanced out but could not see anyone whilst my daughter kept on calling “gor gor”.

And recently, we were both in the car and driving along a highway when my daughter suddenly cried “ga ga” over and over again. You might think that there’s nothing special about this word but I noticed when the tv show’s something scary or deemed horror to my daughter, she would cry “ga ga”. Perhaps this is the baby language for scared?

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6 Responses to “My daughter’s Sight”

  1. yu Says:

    maybe she just liked lady gaga and cannot make out if she is a man or a woman, that’s why she called out cheche and gorgor.

  2. Mea Says:

    Well, I hv this ability when I was a child but I can’t see them clearly…just can feel their presence.
    It’s getting worse when I reached 15 coz I can feel them n hear them.
    I don’t even want to went out from my room till my dad n his frenz help me n recover me from that prob.
    Now, I’m 17 n normal 17 girl ^^
    But still, I learn that they are exist….

  3. zerobyte Says:

    @yu, that was a very funny comment LOL!!

  4. NakCerita Says:

    I personally think they can see “it”. Once had to handle a job that requires me to travel constantly. Thanks to the company policy, I get single hotel room everytime i travel (no need to share). I coomunicate with the family using a webcam when i’m away. One day i was speaking (actually baby-talking) to my daughter (she’s around 3 years old) and she pointed out that why is my friend in the background looks ugly (kawan baba kat belakang tu muka dia hitam). From that day onwards, i only do a voice call. FYI, its a resort in sungai petani kedah.

  5. barreneye Says:

    Nakcerita – dude ! that is scarry !!

  6. solstice Says:

    The incident related by NakCerita is awful. It makes you wonder what unseen things are around you at any time!

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