A Short Story – Lover’s Black Magic

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It is said that there was a newly wed couple that was happily married in my hometown. During honeymoon, both had decided to travel somewhere romantic and chose a beach as their travel destination. After the honeymoon, things started changing. More specifically, the wife was no longer a happy woman.

At first it began with a minor sick, then after that, she started vomiting very badly. She had vomited so often in just a few days that her husband had no choice but to send her to the hospital. The doctors however could not detect what went wrong with her and the family members decided to get some second opinion with the witch doctors. Many they seek stood beside the husband and told him that his wife stands no chance of survival as the curse was too strong and unfamiliar with this curse.

Then, one family member suggested a famous witch doctor that might help and they quickly called upon him. Luckily enough, the doctor immediately informed them not to disturb him during the healing process and took out a small bag and started rubbing at the lady’s stomach. When the bag grew bigger, the doctor stopped and chanted a few prayers. He then stared at the husband and told him that he knew the curse was planted on his beautiful wife by him who was always jealous if she might cheat on him.

The doctor then told him that the other witch doctor that had planted the curse had made a mistake on the formula and the curse went wrong. Luckily for the husband, he had found him and the doctor manage to cure his wife.

Thereafter, when the wife woke up, she could no longer recognize her husband

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    woah…………guess it serves him right in a way…

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