Spooky Experience in Genting Highland’s Hotel

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Autho’rs Note : This is one spooky experience that one would definately not want to have in one of Genting Highland’s Hotel.

A group of girlfriends were thinking of going for a fun vacation and chose Genting Highland as their destination. What they couldn’t expect was to experience something that they would never forget, at least, for sometime near future. Upon arriving at Genting Highland, they checked into the hotel and were given 2 connecting rooms. They had lots of fun riding on the outdoor and indoor theme park and as the day turned into night, most of them were already feeling washed out.

However, most of them wanted to try their luck at the roulette table and headed off to the casino nearby. Both Scarlet & Piglet were the only 2 girls left of the group that decided they needed the rest. So Scarlet & Piglet headed off to their room. After cleaning up themselves, Scarlet & Piglet both slept in separate rooms. The door that stands in between the room was opened wide so that each of them could hear the other party if something were to go wrong. Yeah right that was. Not even 5 minutes later, Piglet was already in a very deep sleep leaving poor Scarlet still wide awake.

After some time, Scarlet could feel herself dozing off. Then suddenly, she head a knock on the door. Thinking that her friends were back from the casino, she sat up and looked around the room. Then, the sound of the door knocking came again. Scarlet who was very certain that the knock had came from the wardrobe located just beside the conjoined door began to feel very scared. She called out to Piglet but Piglet who was already fast asleep did not reply. Scarlet dared not walk to the other side of the room for she feared walking past the cupboard and decided to call her friends to quickly come back instead. In a jiffy, her friends all reached the room and asked her what was the commotion about and Scarlet related the incident to them. As soon as Scarlet finished her story, the knocking sound came again. This time, all the girls screamed in fear. That, woke up Piglet.

Piglet came from the other side of the room feeling irratated and asked if they could keep it low. The girls quickly explained to Piglet about the knocking but Piglet was not convinced. Piglet assured the rest that it was probably the sound coming from outside the windows and opened the windows to check if there was anything hanging outside. Nothing.

The rest of the girls insisted that the sound came from the wardrobe and Piglet decided to open the wardrobe to prove her case. There was nothing but clothes hanging inside the wardrobe. Piglet explained that nothing would be making this weird noises and as she closed the wardrobe door, the sound of the knock immediately came back. That instant, everyone ran out of the room.

The very next morning, the girls requested for a new room and was granted one.

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8 Responses to “Spooky Experience in Genting Highland’s Hotel”

  1. pisang Says:

    surely rule no.1 knock the door and ring the door bell.
    and this is very scary encounter that I ever read about genting…….

  2. Jonath Lee Says:

    agree with Pisang, knock “their’s” door first before they knock yours.

  3. Rina L Says:

    Jonath ur comment creep me out! >.<
    I will definitely knock next time.

  4. fabulous_assasin Says:

    They must be high on drugs or something………………this is crap

  5. Reen Says:

    HAhaha… fabulous… it’s not crap… genting’s like that.. it’s a fact…

    But seriously….knock their door first?????

  6. Danish Says:

    i had the same expirience too

  7. Tourist Says:

    hahahaha which hotel is that??
    I think on Dec want to go there and booking the 2 connection rooms…
    Which hotel that they go??

  8. unsightly Says:

    These girls with weird names such as Scarlet & Piglet must have freaked themselves out before going to Genting. Otherwise, why would they called themselves with such names. Shld change their names to voluptuous & seductress instead.

    Back to ghost thingy, if there really was a ghost, wouldn’t it be better to show itself than just knock inside the wardrobe. Afterall, its more fun to scare a bunch of girls in the open than hiding in a wardrobe. Best to also wait for time that they have taken out the clothes & then scare them naked. Free show for everyone to see.

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