Yong Peng Highway’s own ghost

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My friend Adam was driving back from Johor one night after completing his duties. He was heading back to Kuala Lumpur. They say never travel alone at night but Adam doesn’t really care. Adam was really looking forward to his home sweet home although it was late at night and figured out that he could stand the 4-5 hours trip.

As Adam was passing by Yong Peng highway, he suddenly felt his car slightly heavier than usual. Immediately, he thought, “Oh God, please don’t let me car breakdown at this hour, I could be stuck here for some hours”. Adam continued to drive on but at a slower speed. Its not intentionally as he felt that no matter how much pressure he was putting on the gas pedal, the car just would not go any faster than usual. After about an hour passed, Adam felt a little strange. He noticed that the already very little cars along the highway would not overtake his car  and if they do, they would passed by really quickly. He also noticed that the cars behind him were acting strangely by flashing at him. Adam ignored the signs and continued the long journey home.

As Adam reached the Seremban tol, Adam suddenly felt his car seat behind lighter again and accidently glimpse at what looked like a small kid getting off his car. The tol attendent asked Adam if he felt anything strange and Adam told the tol attendent of the weird incident that started when he passed by the Yong Peng Highway. The tol attendent told him that a ghost in a form of a small child was jumping behind his car seat and just got off the car as he stop at the tol which resulted to his car getting heavier. However, the tol attendent asked him not to be afraid as this was a very common incident and that the kid meant no harm.

Adam, however, disagreed.  Instead of driving right back home, Adam headed to his friend’s place for a night instead for fear the kid might follow him back home. Adam didn’t tell the story to his friend until the next day which his friend gave him a good scolding for bringing bad luck to his home. After that, Adam dared not to drive long distance late night anymore.

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5 Responses to “Yong Peng Highway’s own ghost”

  1. pisang Says:

    a common urban legend along highway tale……
    some are much more scary than this wan……
    I will post to you this will make your bone losing from your joint

  2. Ic3Que3n Says:

    wah, just hearing this one already spookys me out!

  3. Akmal Says:

    the stories of things “hitching” a ride are pretty common i suppose. someone tumpang me and my cousin while we were going back in the wee morning. we were passing by the route where the cemetery was. this was in taman melawati. our car was turning right towards the club at about 40 km/h when they started hitching our ride. the tires screeched and it felt something heavy has tagged on the car’s tail. stopped by a couple of metres in front, said some prayers, and 10 mins later it was no longer there. i could still remember it well lol =P

  4. Breakdown Says:

    Would a Kid hitching a ride bring so much weight to the car? Why everyone noticed the kid, but not Adam? Anyway, to be able to reach the destination safely is most importance. At least the car did not breakdown middle of the night.

  5. Keith Says:

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