Hotel in Guangzhou, China haunted

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Author’s Note : This is a story told by my colleague who’s boyfriend, Jim, went to stay in a haunted hotel in Guangzhou but never stumbled upon anything unusual.

My boyfriend, Jim, always needed to travel up to Guangzhou, China for business purposes along with some ladies in the same department. Each time they would stay in the same hotel and co-incidentally, each time my boyfriend would stay in the same room. Jim had been traveling and staying in the hotel for some 2 years but nothing unusual happened.

About 2 trips ago, Jim had to bring along an additional male colleague, Fred,  who happened to be his first time travelling to Guangzhou. Since Fred’s mum happened to work in the temple, she gave Fred a charm for protection and safe journey. Upon arriving at Guangzhou’s hotel, Jim as usual was checked into the same room as the previous times together with Fred in the same room.  The girls on the other hand was staying at the next door.

As soon as Jim and Fred reached their hotel room, they unpacked and got ready for work. To Jim’s surprise, Fred took out his 8 feet by  8 feet length charm and laid it on his bed. Jim asked Fred about it but Fred just explained that it was for protection purposes and did not divulge further. That night after work, both continued their work on their laptops and typed away in silence. It was about 7pm when the light suddenly flickered. Fred started to panic and asked Jim to get the room service to check out the lights but room services could not find out why the lights in the room were flickering.

All along, the lights flickered like the fireflies for sometimes and it happened on and off. As sudden as it started, it stopped. Jim and Fred ignored and continue working until around supper time. Everyone was a little hungry and decided to head off for some supper. The girls and guys had a quick supper and head back to the hotel. However, Jim and the girls thought about a quick beer session at the bar and off they went. Fred was pretty tired and told everyone else he would head back to the hotel room first.

After about an hour, Jim and the girls came back, they were shock to find Fred sitting at the corridor waiting for them. It was not until that Jim had came back that Fred was willing to take a quick shower and went to bed. Jim didn’t query much about his colleague’s peculiar behaviour.

On the way back at the airplane, Jim asked Fred what was the whole trip about only did Fred told Jim and the rest of his colleagues that he had the third eye. As soon as they opened the hotel room door, Fred could see someone staring back at him in the hotel but he tired to ignore it. The thing disappeared as they entered the room but came back when the lights flickered. He could see a black shadow flying across the room into the wall of the next room. That was when one of the girls exclaimed that approximately around that time she could feel a sudden drop of temperature in their room (which happened to be next door).

That night when Jim and the girls went for some drinking session, Fred forgot about the ghost in the room but as soon as he reached the hotel door, he feared that the ghost would be there, thought a better of it, and decided to wait for Jim at the corridor instead. That night when Fred tried to sleep but found it hard as he could feel the ghost sitting on the corner of the room staring at the both of them as they fall fast asleep.

Jim, on the other hand, did not feel a thing. All these while, when he was staying at that hotel room, he was being watched. Imagine that! What I think you probably couldn’t imagine is the fact that after this incident, my boyfriend continued to stay in that hotel room (his recent trip was just a few weeks ago) despite Fred’s advice

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7 Responses to “Hotel in Guangzhou, China haunted”

  1. Lynn Goh Says:

    Perhaps Jim’s thinking is that he didn’t kacau the ghost and nothing seems to happen to him, he just pretend nothing happens loh.

    Or Jim believe ghosts do not exist.

  2. pisang Says:

    may be fred bring that charm out……..
    and fred forgot no.1 rule when he entered that hotel…..
    or all forgot it……

  3. suanie Says:

    some ppl feel it more than others mah
    i mean if it’s me, i wouldn’t have known, unless a friend like fred tells me that there’s something…

  4. icequeen Says:

    lynn, Jim does believe in these stuff… i guess guys dun scare as easily as girls?

    pisang, ahahaha… tat’s a possibility!

    suanie, i agree, some ppl are just more sensitive to these stuff

  5. jason Says:

    your boyfriend has been sleeping with his female colleagues all along…

  6. unsightly Says:

    Agree with Jason. Something fishy here.

    1stly, the story doesn’t say whether the girls are staying in the same or a separate room from the guys.

    2ndly, “quick beer session at the bar” which lasted an hour!

    3rdly, why were the girls with Jim when they reached the “guys” room. Shouldn’t they be heading back to their room?

    4thly, what happened in btw the time they saw Fred sitting at the corridor & the time Fred had his shower?

    5thly, weren’t they supposed to be working? why sleep thereafter?

    6htly, does one have to bring a 8 ft by 8ft charm to ward away evil spirits?

    The story simply has too many missing information. While Jason is not saying anything, I am guessing that Jim & Fred are having fun time in Guangzhou of all places. If you want to have fun, do it far away from home base & in a city well known for such activities. No wonder, Jim is returning for more fun. Who wouldn’t since wife is already freaked out from the story & won;’t be joining?

  7. cara Says:

    Whats the name and address of the hotel?

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