Haunted House in Cheras

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Me and my colleague was baffled when we suddenly find it hard to contact an associate of ours. It was either Ann was on leave or she just didn’t attend to her call. We left her messages but she did not return any of them. It was actually quite puzzling as Ann wasn’t the kind of girl that would disappear without informing anyone. It was only a few weeks later that I found out from another colleague of mine that Ann was in the midst of moving to a new house because her old house was haunted. A few days later after that, I checked if she was okay and she related to me that she had recently rented a haunted house in Cheras.

Ann told me that she, her boyfriend and her other 2 housemates only managed to stay there for about one and a half months before they were too scared and moved out. Previously Ann and her boyfriend did not believe in ghosts and throughout the conversation, she kept on repeating to me that its really hard not to believe when faced with that sort of situation. I asked her when did she start to realize that there was something wrong with her house and she told me that it was only a few days after they moved in. You see, one of her housemate owns a Beagle dog and without fail, the Beagle would cry every night around 3 or 4 in the morning and the cries would wake her up. I prompt that Ann must be a really light sleeper but Ann insisted that she is quite a heavy sleeper and she also didn’t know why she would suddenly wake up around that time.

Throughout the whole one and a half months, there were hints (apart from the crying dog) that there was something wrong with the house. Her friend that lived nearby did mention he heard noises of doors opening and closing upstairs but they dismissed it off as he was halucinating. Then, her housemate did complain that she felt someone tickling her feet at night when she was trying to sleep but Ann reasoned out that she must have been dreaming. One particular incident that frightened her housemate too much was when she woke up in the morning with her hands inside her shirt instead of in the sleeves. She screamed and Ann still dismissed it as a bad dream that her housemate must have that she took her dreams as actions without even realizing it. After that, her housemate couldn’t sleep at night and would only sleep when the sun shows itself.

On one usual night, Ann woke up again at the sounds of the Beagle crying. As soon as she decided to fall asleep again, she heard someone laughing at the other end of her bed. She quickly looked at the end but saw no one and asked her boyfriend if he heard anything, but he just told her to sleep. It was only after when Ann and her friends decided that there is something very wrong with the house did her boyfriend admitted that he had heard someone laughing. He did not want to admit then for fear that Ann would be scared.

That morning as she prepared herself for work, her boyfriend experienced something sitting on him. He tried to shout and move but only could hear muffles of his own voice. When he did finally manage to free himself, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was a white shadow with short hair staring right at his face. He couldn’t make of the face features and the places where the eyes, nose and mouth were only black holes. As quickly as his brain registered the white shadow, it disappeared.

The last thing that convinced Ann that there were ghosts in the house was the day she helped her frightened housemate packed her clothes. Her housemate could not take it anymore and have decided to move back to her hometown for some time off. It happened when her housemate asked Annn to accompany her to the toilet. At that point, her housemate was too scared and Ann obliged. As Ann shut the toilet doors and locked it, they both suddenly heard an evil laughter coming from the room. They both screamed and ran for the doors. It was then that Ann’s housemate broke down and cried. They never got back to the house again after that.

One thing that made Ann really sure that her rented house was haunted was when she went to the temple to ask if her house was haunted. At the same time, her boyfriend’s cousin asked another temple which was on the other side of the city and amazingly as it sound, both the temple said the exact same thing. That the house was haunted with 2 ghosts. One female and one male. Both temple specifically mentioned that the male ghost was more aggressive and angry.

I asked her if she knew what happened to the house previously that it manage to attract 2 ghosts at the same time. Ann had no idea although she did ask her neighbors how was the previous tenants. It was only then she found out that prior to she and her friends moving there, the house was vacant for 3 months. Before that, the previous tenant was an elderly couple with 3 kids all aged twenties who stayed there for about 2 years before they moved out. The neighbors commented that they were quite weird as they shut all the windows and doors so tight that not anyone could peek inside the house. They also seldom came out sometimes after weeks.

Footnote : Ann is still terribly in shock as she did not dare going to toilets alone anymore. Recently when her company held a function in the hotel, she told me she didn’t even dare to walk into her hotel room alone in the bright daylight.

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11 Responses to “Haunted House in Cheras”

  1. pisang Says:

    is this the same house that purple-mushroom that she mention in G-files?

  2. byfallenangel Says:

    OOO creepy!

  3. ghost hunter77 Says:

    hey im intrested wit ur story,can u give me d address of d house?izzit a house or bunglow..i want to go there,can u plzz mail me the address at thrulady@hotmail.com..n anybody dat hv info for the haunted house around kl n m’sia..bunglow much more better..tq..i want to go there

  4. Icequeen Says:

    geezz… dunno wor as I not too familiar with Cheras but my friend told me her house was near the highway nearby Cheras Leisure Mall

  5. Icequeen Says:

    ghost hunter, i’ll check on the house add… but i dunno the one in wangsa maju cause my friend stayed there almost 10 yrs ago

  6. Akmal Says:

    lol. if you want ghosts just hang around in taman melawati. all over the place.

  7. g0thgh0st007 Says:

    w0w…. that is absolutely creepy…

  8. Purple-Mushroom Says:

    Hello.. the house that my family stayed does not have such fierce ghost. Something must have happened there. I wonder why the previous tenant can stay there for 2 years.

    Where is this place? Is someone going there for ghost hunting? Pls update us.

  9. raydenleo Says:

    any idea where is this house? Cheras which part wor so big?

  10. Nancyew251 Says:

    Gosh really creepy…I stay in a house which claimed to be haunted by my sisters-in-law and hubby here in Penang. They saw apparitions and my hubby saw a figure walking to her mom’s room but no one went into the room when he opened the door.

  11. Win_C Says:

    Hey .. I love to read more from your blog.. very interesting story, I even shared it with some of my friends.. especially the oneabout the apartment Ria in Genting.. Keep up your work dude…

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